Why It May Be Cheaper To Wait Till The Last Minute For Your Flight: Insights From Reddit

Travelling on a budget? You may be surprised to learn that, according to several Reddit posters, you may be able to save on flight costs by waiting until the last minute.​ Whether you’re searching for cheap domestic flights or international flights, waiting it out seems to be the way to go.​ Below, we explore the practical benefits of waiting till the last minute for your flight.​

Early Bookings Aren’t Always Cheaper

Consumers have been taught to book flights as early as possible to enjoy discounted prices.​ After all, it makes sense for airlines to offer attractive prices when there is still plenty of capacity to fill.​ However, according to several Reddit posters, this may not always be the case.​ Sometimes, booking a flight at the last minute can be much cheaper than booking in advance.​

When to Book Late

When the airlines have filled the majority of their available seats, they can offer substantial discounts for last-minute bookings.​ Travellers who have the luxury of being flexible are able to take advantage of these last-minute deals and make considerable savings.​ For those who do not have the flexibility, it may not be worth the risk.​

The Rebooking Scenario

If you are someone who cannot or does not want to be flexible with their travel dates, there may be another way to save.​ According to several Reddit posters, you can consider rebooking a flight as soon as you book it.​ While there may be fees associated with this practice, the cost might be less than what the airlines would otherwise charge for a change of flight.​

Perusing Different Airlines

Flexibility also applies to the airline.​ Instead of just choosing the same airline for all your flights, it pays to browse different airlines.​ According to a few Reddit posters, different airlines may offer varying discounts for the same route, so you may be able to save by shopping around.​


Do I need to be flexible with the dates in order to get a discounted flight?

No, you don’t always need to be flexible with your dates.​ But being flexible with dates or times of flight is most likely to get you a cheaper deal, as carriers are looking to fill up all their seats.​ The more flexible you are, the more likely you are to get a discounted price.​

Last Minute Flights
Also, you reduce the chances of booking an expensive last-minute flight.​

Can I save money by booking through different airlines?

Yes.​ It pays to compare prices across different airlines for the same route, as airlines may offer different discounts.​ It’s sensible to scout around to see which airline can offer the best price for the route you’re attempting to travel.​

The Uber or Other Ride Sharing Apps

In addition to the savings that travelers can make by booking late and shopping around, Reddit posters have noted that they can also save by using Uber or other ride-sharing apps.​ According to a few posters, cab fare to the airport can be reduced if the traveller opts for a ride-sharing app.​ Furthermore, travelers who are willing to use UberPool can make additional savings on their ride.​

Blackout Dates & Seasonality

Another consideration is the blackout dates that some airlines implement.​ These dates denote the busiest periods when all flights are priced higher and discounts are hard to come by.​ If you plan to book late, make sure you avoid such dates.​ In addition, seasonality may also affect the prices.​ During peak season, booking late may not be beneficial, so it is important to consider the timing of your trip when booking your flight.​

Are Any Additional Benefits?

Aside from discounted prices, booking late also means that you have more options to choose from at the last minute.​ You will be able to compare different airlines and times and choose the one that suits you best.​ Furthermore, there are often seat upgrade deals offered by some airlines that may not be available when the flight is fully booked and regular bookings are closed.​

Will I Get A Refund?

Yes, some last minute ticket deals come with the option of a refund, provided you cancel a certain time before the flight.​ Some airlines even offer 24-hour flexible tickets, giving you the option to change or cancel your flight in the event of an emergency at any time before take-off.​ However, it is important to check for such provisions before booking your ticket.​

What Kind of Flexibility Do I Have in Terms of Number of Stops?

Airlines that offer last minute ticket deals may provide flexibility with the number of stops.​ You may have the opportunity to plan a multi-stop journey at discounted prices, or take advantage of layovers with shorter waiting times.​ It is essential to check the details of such offers beforehand so that you can select the best one for you.​