Which Is Cheaper: One Way Or Round Trip Flights? Let’s Find Out!

For many travelers, saving money when booking flights is essential.​ With prices rising and so many different options available, it can be confusing to learn which type of flight is actually cheaper – one-way or round-trip? Let’s dig in and find out.​

First of all, let’s talk in detail about round-trip flights.​ These types of flights involve travelling to and from a destination, usually with a stop in between.​ Although round-trip flights usually cost more than one-way flights, they can still be more economical when you are travelling to multiple places.​ Often you will find that connecting flights are cheaper than booking separate one-way flights to each destination.​

On the other hand, one-way flights can be a money-saving option for those that only need to go one-way.​ For instance, if you are moving to a new city and don’t plan to return, a one-way flight will likely be your best option.​ It may cost a little bit more than a round-trip, but there are usually discounted one-way flight options available.​

Furthermore, when booking one-way flights, you should take into consideration the possibility of extra fees.​ Some airlines can charge extra for one-way tickets, so it is good to be aware of this when booking.​

Now that we have outlined the differences between one-way and round-trip flights, let’s look at a few ways to help save money no matter which type of flight you decide to book.​ Airlines such as Southwest and JetBlue often offer discounted flights when booking more than one ticket at a time.​ Additionally, look for special deals and discounts that may be offered at different times throughout the year.​l

Round-Trip Flights: Pros And Cons

Round-Trip flights have their benefits but come with certain cons as well.​ On the plus side, round-trip flights are more convenient and secure compared to one-way flights, as you do not have to worry about having to set up a return flight.​

One Way vs Round Trip Flights
Additionally, you can often find more affordable round-trip flights for destinations that are farther away.​

On the other hand, round trips can be more costly than one-way flights, especially if you plan to travel to multiple destinations as it would require you to purchase multiple one-way flights.​ Furthermore, if your plans change and you decide to stay at a certain destination longer, you will have to purchase a new ticket or face the hassle and potential costs of changing your return ticket.​

One-Way Flights: Pros And Cons

One-Way flights are a great way to save money, but come with certain drawbacks.​ On the plus side, one-way flights are the best money-saving option when planning to travel to just one destination.​ Additionally, if you are on a tight budget, you may be able to find cheaper single-flight deals than if you had to purchase multiple round-trip flights.​

However, there are some downsides to flying one-way.​ As mentioned earlier, some airlines may charge extra fees for one-way tickets.​ Additionally, one-way flights may be more limited when it comes to seating options and flight times, and when changing your flight during the journey you may be subject to additional costs.​

When To Book Which Flight

The best way to determine which flight type is cheaper is to compare prices.​ Before booking, check prices for both one-way and round-trip flights for the same destination, and weigh the pros and cons before booking.​ For instance, if you are travelling to multiple destinations, a round-trip itinerary may be more cost-effective than booking multiple one-way flights.​

At the same time, if you are relocating and do not expect to fly back to your current location, one-way flights will likely be your best option.​ Moreover, if it’s last minute and you need to buy a ticket for the same day, one-way tickets are more likely to have available seating than round-trip.​

Overall, it is important to compare prices and take all factors into consideration before booking your flight.​ Every situation is different, so it’s important to do your research and figure out which flight type is more suitable and budget-friendly for you.​


Are round-trip flights more expensive?

In most cases, round-trip flights are typically more expensive than one-way flights.​

How do I find the best deals on flights?

To get the best deals on one-way and round-trip flights, look for specials and discounts offered throughout the year.​ You should also compare prices between the different airlines to find the best deals.​

Which type of flight is best for short trips?

One-way flights are typically the cheapest type of flight for short trips, as they come with fewer restrictions and are easier to book last minute.​