The Day-Of Airfare Hack: How To Get The Cheapest Flight Price!

Are you tired of trying to find the best airfare deals for your next travel adventure? Do you want to hack the airline industry to save money each time you take a flight? If so, this post is for you! The Day-of Airfare Hack: How to Get the Cheapest Flight Price will show you how to get the lowest fares for your next flight in three easy steps.​

Step one of the Day-of Airfare Hack is to always search for flights the day of.​ Surprisingly, many people don’t realize that airlines lower prices on the day of a flight to fill in the empty seats.​ Like a “super-last-minute” deal, the day of flight search offers the lowest prices available to get those last few seats filled.​ This is due to airlines working hard to fill their planes for maximum efficiency and yield.​

Step two provides an even more significant hack when finding the best airfare prices.​ To get the lowest airfare prices, use an army of computers and search each airline separately to find the best price.​ This is known as the “Multi-City Search Technique”.​ This technique involves searching on each airline’s website or using a search engine that allows you to search multiple carriers in one flight search swoop.​ Doing so helps you take advantage of the lowest fares each airline has to offer.​

Step three of the Day-of Airfare Hack is to fly off-peak.​ As you might suspect, timing is everything.​ Flying during less popular days and times could result in a big difference in the price of your ticket.​ Not only that, flying off peak also makes for a much more comfortable flight.​

Overnight Flights for Cheaper Prices

Overnight flights are becoming increasingly popular among budget travelers as they provide cheaper prices and extra time to get to a destination.​ Overnight flights are great because they’re usually cheaper than their daytime counterparts.​ Airlines often lower prices for overnight flights in order to compete with train and bus routes.​

Cheapest Flight Price
There’s also the bonus of saving time traveling since you can sleep on the plane and arrive at your destination with little to no jet lag.​ Plus, since fewer people book overnight flights you rarely have to worry about being stuck in the middle seat on an overnight flight.​

Last-Minute Flights

If you often find yourself booking flights with short notice, there are strategies you can use to save money.​ Last-minute flights are often cheaper than those booked months in advance because carriers are more likely to fill all empty seats with lower prices.​ If you need to book a flight last minute, check Airfarewatchdog’s ‘TOP 20’ Flight Deals page.​ This page lists up-to-date specials worth grabbing when you want to book at the last minute.​

Red-eye Flights

For most people, red-eye flights conjure up tired eyes and exhaustion however, they can be a great way to save time and money.​ Instead of staying in a hotel for a layover, you can travel overnight and arrive at your destination early in the morning.​ Red-eye flights are often cheaper than those with similar times of the day and take less time away from work, family and other activities.​

Staying Flexible

Staying flexible when booking flights is often key to getting the best deals.​ Small changes to your travel dates, times and airports can make a big difference in your airfare price.​ Some airlines even offer rewards for booking flexible flights which can help you save even more money.​ When searching for flights, consider all of your options and be willing to adjust your travel dates, times and airports to get the best deal available.​


Q: Is there any risk associated with the Day-of Airfare Hack?

A: No.​ Whenever you book a flight, the airline has to give you a full refund if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of your purchase.​ However, flights purchased within 14 days of the flight departure date are exempt from this rule.​ The Day-of Airfare Hack is a great way to get the lowest prices for your flights, and there is no risk or downside to trying the hack.​

Q: Is the Day-of Airfare Hack available for international flights?

A: Yes.​ The Day-of Airfare Hack works anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a computer or mobile device.​ Whether you’re booking a domestic flight within the US or an international flight, the Day-of Airfare Hack can help save you money.​

Q: Are there any other tricks I can use to save money on airfare?

A: Yes! One of the best tricks is to sign up for airline rewards programs.​ Each airline has their own rewards program which gives you access to discounts, free flights, and other perks.​ Additionally, creating a “price alert” on a major search engine like Kayak or Skyscanner is a great way to be notified when prices drop for a flight you’re interested in.​