The Best Time To Book Flights To Vegas For Cheaper Prices


Landing the best flight deal has always been a tedious challenge for travelers.​ Most travelers know the average cost of flying to Las Vegas, but many miss out on searching for the best time to book flights for cheaper prices.​ In this blog post, we’ll cover how to time travel perfectly to get the best deals on flights to the Entertainment Capital of the World.​

The most important thing to look out for when trying to book cheap flights is the season.​ For instance, if you’re trying to take a trip to Vegas from October until April, you’ll usually be able to find the cheapest rates.​ Not to mention you’ll avoid the dreaded summer heat and the oftentimes overcrowded hotels.​ Additionally, you’ll be able to slightly avoid the usually crowded tourist season.​

The next tip is to focus on the days of the week you are booking your flight for.​ Saturdays and Sundays tend to be the most expensive days for airlines, so booking for Monday through Thursday is more likely to land you a more reasonably priced ticket.​ Not to mention that studying the fare calendar on sites like Expedia.​com can be extremely beneficial as airfare prices tend to fluctuate by the hour.​

For those looking to save the most money possible, be sure to select to “see the earliest flight” for your trip.​ By selecting this option, you’ll often get the best prices out there on the market.​ Also, early morning flights tend to be far cheaper than those during the day.​

To really get the most return for your dollar be sure to also look into flight bundles and bundles that come with hotels.​ Even if the total cost of this package is more than the flight itself, it oftentimes works out to be cheaper than booking the two separately.​ Furthermore, make sure to also look into the promotions available as most search engines offer discounts for their email subscribers.​

Finally, it helps to book flights in advance and stay open to the airports you’d mostly likely be willing to use.​ This can save you a lot of money in the long run as it is not only more flexible but necessary if you are looking to save money.​

The Vacation Aspect

Booking flights to Las Vegas can also seem overwhelming because of the sheer amount of amazing attractions that the city offers.​ From the jeroboams of nightclubs and the city’s famous all-you-can-eat buffets to the beautiful gardens and rich cultural heritage, there is something to suit everyone’s fancy.​ It helps to plan the vacation ahead of time by deciding what attractions one wants to see and what types of activities they would like to do.​ This way, when the flights are booked, these activities and attractions can easily be priced and added into the trip budget.​

Additionally, it pays to shop around.​ Spreading the vacation itinerary from multiple companies can help for a few reasons.​ Usually they can flag special promotions, bundle together hotel deals with attractions, and provide discounts or special offers with other companies that one may not have found otherwise.​

The last thing to consider is to take the time to create an itinerary.​ Even if it’s a general overview, an itinerary can help keep a traveler organized while in Vegas and provide an idea of where they should go and how long they should stay for.​ It also allows for a bit of flexibility when it comes to the length of your stay in Vegas.​

Using Miles and Credit Cards

Using rewards and credit card points can also be a great way to get discounted flights.​ Many airlines reward customers for their loyalty, and there are also many websites that help people map out the best ways to use their miles and points to fly to Vegas.​ Many credit cards offer discounts on airfare, as do certain websites that bundle flight and hotel packages together.​ Ultimately, it pays to shop around and know all the options that are out there in terms of using miles and points to get discounted flights.​

Furthermore, research pays off – seeking out promotions and special tickets can save the traveler a lot of money.​ Airlines and travel agents usually advertise their best deals and offers on their websites, so it pays off to take the time to go through all the options.​

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Don’t forget to compare prices online and look for deals that don’t just offer discounts on flights but also include other things like hotel stays.​

Another helpful tip is to sign up for newsletters from airlines and travel agents.​ This is a great way to keep track of the latest deals and promotions as well as any flight discounts associated with certain credit cards.​ Lastly, it helps to take advantage of mobile applications that can notify the traveler of any new deals or promotions as soon as they come out.​

The Cost of Living

Before heading out to Las Vegas, it’s important to know the overall cost of living in the city.​ This is definitely something that you need to consider if you plan to extend your stay.​ Living in Las Vegas can be expensive, though there are many ways to save money while living in the city.​

The first tip is to research the different neighborhoods in the city.​ Some areas may be significantly more expensive than others, and factors like location and distance from attractions will play a part in the cost of living in certain neighborhoods.​ Additionally, find a home’s proximity to shopping and dining places, public transportation, and access to entertainment venues can help the traveler secure a better deal on housing.​

Also, it helps to find a roommate.​ This can significantly reduce the cost of rent and utilities.​ Having a roommate can also make it easier to find a place to stay as most landlords prefer to have two people occupying a unit.​ Moreover, consider all the amenities the unit may have before renting it.​ Check for items like Wi-Fi access, a washer and dryer, parking, and a pool or gym.​

When living in Vegas, it’s also cheaper and more convenient to walk, bike or use public transportation instead of always renting a car.​ It may be necessary to rent a car if the traveler has to go out of town, but using public transportation is usually the cheaper option.​ These methods can save the traveler a good amount on car rental and gas expenses.​

The Fun Stuff

Exploring the city of Las Vegas is always a great experience, no matter what time of year you are traveling.​ With an endless supply of shops, restaurants, shows and attractions, there’s something for everyone.​ From live music and theater performances to dinners out and nightlife, Vegas has everything a person needs to have a great time.​

The Strip is one of the most popular places to go to have fun in the city.​ With more than 20,000 lodging rooms, restaurants, bars, and clubs, the Strip is always bustling with tourists looking to experience all that Vegas has to offer.​ There’s also plenty of shopping, casinos, and iconic landmarks to visit, making the Strip a one-stop shop for all kinds of entertainment.​

One great way to get a feel for the city is to take a tour.​ Whether it’s a bus tour, walking tour or even a helicopter tour, these experiences are very informative and can help the visitor get a better sense of the city.​ There are also plenty of free activities to take advantage of in Vegas, such as visiting art galleries and museums, walking the Strip, or visiting the city’s parks.​

The city also has a rich nightlife with over 100 nightclubs and bars to choose from, including some of the most prestigious and well known venues in the world.​ So if it’s high energy and dancing that one is after, Vegas has plenty of places to explore.​ And if it’s some music and drinks by the pool and relaxation, Vegas has plenty of resort pools available to cool off in.​


Q1.​ What are the best months to book flights to Las Vegas?

The best time to book flights to Las Vegas is from October to April, as prices tend to be cheaper during this time.​

Q2.​ How can I save money on airfare?

To save money on airfare, consider booking for Monday through Thursday, look for flight and hotel bundles, and look for flight deals offered by airlines and travel agents.​

Q3.​ Are there any free activities to do in Las Vegas?

Yes, there are plenty of free activities to do in Las Vegas, such as visiting art galleries and museums, walking the Strip, or visiting the city’s parks.​