The 7 Best Tips For Booking Cheap International Flights


Travelling abroad is one of the most exciting things you can experience in life.​ But apart from the thrill, there’s one aspect of planning international trips that we never look forward to – booking international flights.​ If not done properly, travel plans can be a financial disaster.​ Here we have put together the 7 best tips for booking cheap international flights to make your travel experience more comfortable as well as pocket friendly.​

Look out for Flight Deals & Promotional Codes

Once you’ve decided on a destination, register with a few airlines and travel websites.​ You’ll be sent emails that you have to be on the watch for – they may contain exclusive promotional codes for international flights.​ Make sure to do this before you buy tickets, as they can easily save you up to 20-30%!

Don’t Stick to Business Hours

To get the best flight deals, you need to shop outside of normal business hours.​ Use a friendly booking agency such as Expedia or Skycanner and search at different times, such as 3 a.​m.​, 5 p.​m.​, and midnight.​ This way you’ll be sure to get the cheapest international flight tickets.​

Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

If you can be flexible about the dates and times that you travel, you’ll find amazing flight and hotel deals that you wouldn’t come across when booked in advance.​ Flexible travel dates are essential when you’re looking for the cheapest international flight.​ Dates are a major determinant factor when it comes to the cost of flights and you should play with them to get a great deal.​

Be Specific but Also Flexible

Once you’ve locked down your budget, be sure to be specific about your travel dates (if you have to).​ But at the same time have a little bit of flexibility.​ For instance, you can use the flight search tool on booking websites to find cheaper international flights in a particular window, which often opens up more options.​ Once you lock the cheapest flight ticket, using the exact dates, the cost might go up if you wait too long.​

Try Different Airlines

If you’re travelling to a smaller destination, try a few different airlines.​ Often, different airlines fly from different countries, and they have different prices and availability.​ So compare all the airlines that fly to your destination and pick the most pocket friendly option.​

Avoid Booking on Fridays

Research suggests that booking international flights on Tuesdays offers huge savings.​ As far as Fridays are concerned, avoid making your bookings on this day as the cost of flight tickets tend to go up due to the spike in demand.​

Know the AMA

Always look for the airline’s Advance Purchase Minimum (APM).​ Most of the international flights have an APM, which is the minimum amount of time that you must book a flight before the departure date for the lowest rate.​

cheap international flights
This varies from airline to airline, and also from route to route.​ So make sure to keep an eye on the APM factor when you plan your trips.​

Research Multiple Airlines for Your Trip

Sometimes you’re able to score cheaper international flights by looking across multiple airlines.​ You can look at the different routes these airlines offer and tailor them to fit your needs.​ You can also check the prices of flight tickets offered by the various airlines which fly to your desired destination and pick the one that offers the best deal.​

Look For Seasonal Discounts

Most airlines and travel booking portals offer lucrative discounts during off-peak season.​ That’s a golden opportunity for you to book cheap international flights.​ Do your research and keep an eye out for any seasonal discounts and promotional offers to slash the prices of your flight tickets significantly.​

Look For Package Deals

Some portals offer package deals for international travel, which includes hotel stays and flights.​ Keep an eye out for package deals and take advantage of them to save some serious cash.​ These deals can save you up to 25% compared to booking them both independently.​


Q1.​ What is the best time to book international flights?

The best time to book international flights depends on various factors such as your destination and the airlines you will be travelling with.​ Most airlines offer discounts in the off-peak season, so be on the lookout for any discounts or packages available.​

Q2.​ How can I get cheap international flight tickets?

There are several ways to get cheap international flight tickets.​ Firstly, it is important to look out for promotional codes that many airlines offer.​ You should also be flexible with your travel dates, compare different airlines and routes, avoid booking on Fridays, and look for seasonal discounts and package deals.​

Q3.​ What is the Advance Purchase Minimum?

The Advance Purchase Minimum (APM) is the minimum amount of time a flight must be booked ahead of the departure date in order to qualify for the lowest rate.​ This rule varies from airline to airline and from route to route.​