Take Flight: Finding The Best Deals On Cheap Flights With These Top Websites!

Flying to your dream destination just got cheaper with these top websites that promise you great deals on your next cheap flight.​ Have you ever found yourself pining for a summer getaway in the city or a weekend of fun and adventure abroad? The first step to planning that dream trip is to find the best flights that won’t break the bank.​ While scouring the web for fares, there is an overwhelming array of tickets and reservations from airlines, both budget and full service, that can make choosing one a rather perplexing choice.​

The good news is, a few websites offer help to sift through the airfares.​ With these websites, you can zero in on the best price and the best flight for your needs.​ You could book through a budget airline website for a cost effective option or through a full-service airline for a luxurious flight.​ No matter what your choice, these top websites provide crucial information that can come in handy on your next inexpensive flight.​

To start the search, check out Kiwi.​com.​ It aggregates the fares from hundreds of airlines, both budget and big names, to provide you with the best options.​ It is also known for a unique tool called ‘Virtual Interlining’ that finds the cheapest flights even when there are no direct connections between origin and destination.​ What’s more, you can set up price alerts and get notified when a flight becomes available for your price range.​

Next in the list is Expedia – the king of all travel sites.​ Expedia is a great place to shop around for flights, and while it does not specialize in budget flights, it still offers good deals on them when they come up.​ It is also constantly adding exclusive discounts and special offers to its range of fares.​ Keep an eye out for the ‘Last Minute Deals’ tab as well as other unique promotions offered at different times of the year.​

Following closely is Skyscanner, which specializes in finding the best deals on budget flights.​ It is especially good at searching multi-city flights and has even created a market for discounts on the more unusual routes.​ The ‘everywhere’ search is unique and allows you to be flexible in choices.​ What’s more, Skyscanner lets you compare prices from multiple airlines so you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal possible.​

The Airfarewatchdog is another site to consider as they are known for their scrupulous tracking of the best deals to be found anywhere online.​ As an added bonus, you can sign up for price alerts via email.​ Over the years, this site has consistently offered discounts on flights even when the other websites have failed to do so, so be sure to sign up for their notifications for all the latest news on cheap flights.​

The last website to be included is Travelzoo.​ Although not known for offering flight tickets, this site keeps track of exclusive deals, promotions and bundles related to flights as well.​ While the offers are usually exclusive, they are well worth a look, especially when it comes to last minute or ‘flash’ sales.​ Keep an eye on the home page for the latest deals or use the ‘Deals Finder’ search to filter out destinations.​

Savings on Big Airlines Deals

In addition to finding great deals with budget airlines, it is also possible to get discounts on regular fares as well.​ Many airlines offer regular discounts that can be easily found online.​ United Airlines, for instance, has a ‘Deals and Offers’ page that lists all the current promotions and discounts.​

Cheap Flights
The offers available depend on the season and details like origin, destination and flight class, among others, so make sure that you keep an eye out for the ones that suit you best.​

Delta Air Lines also has a ‘hot fares’ section that lists discounts on all the flights operated by the airline.​ Similarly, American Airlines also has a dedicated page for discounts so make sure you seek it out when checking for fares.​ Be on the lookout for special ‘member rates’ which can provide extra savings for those who are signed up to loyalty programs.​ Damage airlines also run last minute discounts, which can be found on their official websites.​

It is also possible to save even more by signing up for newsletters from the airlines.​ All major carriers have email updates for those who have subscribed and many of these include exclusive offers that are not published anywhere else.​ So get the inside scoop and sign up to these newsletters for the best deals.​

Finally, if all else fails, try searching on the airline’s social media accounts.​ Many airlines post exclusive offers and discounts only to their followers, so it pays to follow their accounts.​ Twitter and Facebook are especially helpful for this, as they are updated frequently with news and deals, many of which you can’t find anywhere else.​

Hotels And Car Rentals

Once you have your flight booked, the next step is to sort out the other logistics like hotels and car rentals.​ Thankfully, there are many ways to get great deals on these too.​ The websites mentioned above can also help you sort out hotels and car rentals that are either near the airport or your destination.​ Alternatively, you can use Expedia, which offers both flights and hotels packages.​

Another great way to find the best hotels and car rentals is to use ‘ Google Hotel Finder’ and ‘Kayak Car Rental’.​ Both of these special search engines let you search nearby airports, hotels and car rentals for the best deals.​ For added convenience, you can book right from the search results page to save even more on your next venture.​

It is also worth considering the offers of loyalty programs.​ Many hotel chains offer discounts and special rates for loyalty members, so make sure you check out what’s available before you book.​ Similarly, there are hundreds of car rental companies that offer special rates and memberships, so pick out the ones that fit your needs and offer you the most savings.​

Finally, check out Groupon to see what offers you can find.​ It is home to a wealth of special offers like discounted hotel rooms, car rentals and even airport transfers.​ A good place to start is to look for ‘Flash Deals’ on the homepage and keep an eye out for special offers in your area.​


Q.​ What are some good websites to look for cheap flights?

A.​ Kiwi.​com, Expedia, Skyscanner and Airfare Watchdog are some of the best websites for finding the best deals on cheap flights.​

Q.​ Where can I find discounts on regular airline fares?

A.​ Many airlines offer regular discounts that can be easily found online.​ United Airlines, Delta Airlines and American Airlines have dedicated pages for discounts on their websites.​ It is also possible to get special discounts by signing up for the airline’s newsletters and following their social media accounts.​

Q.​ Where can I find discounts on hotels and car rentals?

A.​ You can use the websites mentioned above to find discounts on hotels and car rentals, or use Google Hotel Finder and Kayak Car Rental to search for the best deals.​ Loyalty programs and Groupon are also great sources for discounts.​