Secrets To Fly First Class On A Budget: How To Book Cheap First Class Flights

Are you looking for the opportunity to experience first-class travel on a budget? Then you are in the right place; here’s the secret to fly first class on a budget.​ With a little bit of research and dedication, you can find amazing deals for your flight online.​ All it takes is some patience, perseverance, and proactivity.​ With these tips and tricks, you can easily secure a cheap first-class flight without hurting your wallet.​

The first step is to join airline loyalty programs.​ These programs enable you to earn points for each flight you take with the airline.​ The points you earned can be redeemed for first-class flight tickets down the line.​ Moreover, remember to sign up for promotional emails; you may get alerted for exclusive deals if you have subscribed to them from the airline.​

The most important step is to book your flights in advance.​ Prices are more likely to drop if you book well ahead of time.​ Airlines release their flight schedules at least 6 to 8 months in advance, so keep an eye out for the best deals and act quickly when you find them.​ Try to find a flight between peak travel seasons like mid-September to late October for domestic flights and February to early May for international routes.​ That way, you can book cheaper flights as compared to flights during peak times.​

Another good strategy is to be flexible with your destination.​ When it comes to international flights, it’s always a great idea to have multiple destination options in order to find the best deal there is.​ If you’re travelling domestically, the same applies.​ Or, you can also use the multi-city option in which you can create your own itinerary to secure discount flights.​

Another way to secure discount first class flights is to do your research over multiple websites.​ Compare different airlines in different destinations and check if you can find a better deal.​ If you don’t find any better deal for your travel dates, you can always check back in a few days to catch any last-minute discounts that may be available.​

At the same time, try to avoid opening multiple bookings as it confuses the system and thus might end up in more expensive fares.​ Finally, when in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask for deals and discounts.​ Some airlines offer complimentary upgrades when you ask at ticket counters, so it doesn’t hurt to take a chance.​

Book Cheap First Class Flights Early

When it comes to booking cheap first-class flights, the key is to start early.​ Try to book your flight a minimum of 2 months in advance for international flights and 2 weeks to 1 month in advance for domestic flights.​ As the departure time of your flight approaches nearer, the fare automatically rises.​

Doing your research is also very important.​ The more you look, the more you find, so make sure you compare prices across multiple sites to find the best deal.​ Some websites like Skyscanner specialize in scanning flights on all dates and making sure its customers are getting the best options in terms of flights and prices.​ This helps in getting dirt-cheap deals.​

It is also a good idea to set price alerts for your return flight especially when the ticket prices are high.​ Airlines can run out of promotional fares as soon as they become active, so you need to act fast if you spot one.​

Finally, you can also consider using additional reward points.​ For instance, American Express and Citibank credit cards often offer points that can be converted into airline mileages.​ You can leverage this opportunity to fly first class at a discounted price.​

Capitalize On Bonus Points

Bonus points and loyalty programs bring the opportunity to fly first class without shelling out a ton of money.​ Joining airline loyalty programs helps you earn miles that can be redeemed to book amazing flights.​ It’s important to be aware of these programs to get the most out of them.​

Moreover, Vedantu suggests that for international flights, you should check out airline alliances like Star Alliance, SkyTeam, and Oneworld for amazing flight deals.​ The concept of the alliance is that airlines come together and allow each other to offer better services for their respective customers.​

Having an American Express credit card can also help in making traveling cheaper.​ Most credit cards offer great bonus miles when you swipe them for qualifying purchases.​

First Class Flights
These miles usually come with a certain bonus rate at the time of redemption.​ This helps in getting an amazing deal on your flight booking.​

Vedantu also suggests that you use points in peculiar ways as well.​ For example, you can use the 30,000 bonus points you get from your American Express card to book an amazing flight and then use the cashback from the same card for some other purpose.​ Flexibility leads to a hassle-free experience.​

Using discount vouchers and loyalty programs of different airlines can also help you get an exclusive discount on your first-class flight tickets.​ Simply search the internet for deals and discounts and take up whatever suits you best.​

Using Credit Cards For Maximum Benefits

Using credit cards is an effective way to earn reward points which can be later converted into airline mileages.​ Beside discounts and loyalty programs, you can also use cards to book first class flights.​ Most cards offer bonuses when you spend a certain amount within a certain time.​

For example, American Express credit cards offer bonus miles when you spend a specific amount within the first 3 months of getting the card.​ This way, you can easily enjoy budget-friendly flight offers.​ Bank of America also offers neat customer perks such as 20% cashback on the purchase of 120,000 points from an airline.​

Moreover, another great way to take advantage of your credit card is to use it to buy your flight ticket.​ Since most of the credit cards offer warranties and insurances on flight tickets, it’s always better to buy your ticket with the card to get maximum coverage in case of an emergency.​

It’s important to use the right card for the right purpose.​ A good card should offer a reasonable APR, not charge you for overseas transactions, and never assess a hidden fee.​ Be sure to read the terms and conditions before applying or hopping onto any card.​

Other Ways To Save Money

The best part about booking first-class flights is that you can save a lot of money if you do it right.​ There are various ways to save money.​ One such way is to use the last seat booking option.​ This option can be found in the advanced settings of the airline’s website.​ With this, you can find last-minute deals and save a lot of money.​

Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the buddy system.​ If you know somebody who works in the airline industry, you can easily get great discounts on first class, or even a free upgrade.​ It’s a great idea to let people know if you are an employee of the airline and make sure your buddy knows the same.​

Moreover, you should also be aware of the refundable fees.​ Airlines often charge hefty refundable fees for their flights.​ To avoid being charged, always read the fine print before making your selection.​ Most airlines also offer last-minute upgrades for a great price.​

Sometimes, it’s better to embrace the uncertainty and take a chance.​ You never know what awaits you on the other side.​ Keep your eyes open to get great discounts, and you can easily fly first class without breaking the bank.​


  • Q: How to book cheap first-class flights?
  • A: You can book cheap first-class flights by joining airline loyalty programs, signing up for promotional emails, booking in advance, comparing prices across multiple sites, setting price alerts, leveraging additional reward points, taking advantage of bonus points, and using credit cards for maximum benefits.​

  • Q: What is the buddy system?
  • A: The buddy system is a way to take advantage of discounts and free upgrades when you have a friend in the airline industry.​ By telling your friend you work for the airline, you can get great discounts and free upgrades.​

  • Q: What is the last seat booking option?
  • A: The last seat booking option is a method of finding last-minute deals on flights.​ This option can be found in the advanced settings of the airline’s website.​ With this, you can find amazing offers and save a lot of money while booking your flight.​

  • Q: How to avoid extra fees?
  • A: To avoid extra fees, always read the fine print before making your selection and check if the airline has any refundable fees.​ Moreover, taking advantage of last-minute upgrades offered by airlines can help you save money as well.​