Score Cheap Flights: Simple Tips To Get The Best Deals Using Google


Booking cheap flight tickets online can be confusing if you don’t understand the tricks to get the best deal.​ With Google, you don’t have to be an expert to score a great flight deal.​ Here are the tips to make you a master at finding an affordable flight with cheap airfare.​

1.​ Use the Incognito Mode

Google offers private browsing which allows you to book a flight in incognito mode.​ This way, Google won’t track your search criteria for better pricing.​

2.​ Give It a Trial Period

It’s hard to find the perfect deal for you, so don’t be in a rush to book.​ Give it a couple of days, keep checking the prices and then book the one with the lowest.​

3.​ Use the Flight Notifications

Take advantage of receiving email notifications from Google flight once the prices are changed.​ With this notification, you’ll get an up-to-date information about the latest flight deal.​

4.​ Flexibility Is the Key

Be flexible with your booking dates if you want to save money.​ Flight prices tend to fluctuate over the course of time.​ Check different dates and pick up the one lighter on your pocket.​

5.​ The Timing Matters

The timing of your flight can also have an impact on your flight fares.​

Cheap Flights
Remember that the flights in the morning or late night are usually the one with the cheapest airfares.​

6.​ Deals and Discounts

If you’ve set a budget, subscribe to the newsletters of airlines to find potential deals and discounts.​ You can also check the membership benefits which can help you save money on airfares.​

7.​ Search Categories Wisely

Do a thorough research when searching for flights.​ Instead of searching only for direct flights, consider searching nearby airports or for one connection flights.​ They are known to be cost-effective.​

Unconventional Tip – Suggestion

Apart from the conventional flight searches, you can also opt for suggestion.​ You can enter your origin and destination and tap on the ‘explore more’ button.​ This will show you a chart with flight information such as round-trip, one-way, non-stop and more.​


Given the immense number of travel options, it’s really difficult to find the ideal deal but don’t get despondent.​ There are various flight comparison websites to help you out and find the best deal.​

Price Drop Protection

Make sure to check if the resource you are using offers price drop protection.​ A few flight search engines provide a feature which refunds the difference when you book a flight with them and the airfare gets dropped afterwards.​

Catching Last Minute Flights

Although not always the case, but you can also count on Google to find you some last minute flights.​ Just enter your origin and destination and select the option of ‘last-minute’ to see the available flights which are up for grabs.​


Q: What should I use to get the best flight deals?
A: You can use Google Flight to get the best flight deals with cheap airfares.​

Q: Is there any price drop protection?
A: Yes, many flight search engines provide the price drop protection when you book a flight with them and the airfare gets dropped afterwards.​

Q: Is there anything I should keep in mind while booking a flight?
A: Yes, keep in mind the time of the flight, flexibility with booking dates, and to check the membership benefits to make sure you get the best deal.​