Savvy Tips To Finding Cheap Flights For Your Ideal Dates!

We love to travel and fly to our dream destination, but there is no doubt that flights can be expensive.​ Here are some savvy tips to help you find the best and cheapest tickets for your ideal dates, to make your dream destination getaway possible at a much more affordable price.​

Start by booking in advance.​ Airlines tend to gradually increase ticket prices the closer we get to the travel date, so it’s best to book your tickets as early as possible.​ Additionally, if you’re planning to return on a different date, look for a roundtrip tickets as they tend to be cheaper than two one-way tickets.​

Choose your destination and days of travel wisely.​ The cheapest days to travel vary depending on the destination, so take the time to research the possible dates.​ Fridays tend to be more expensive than other days, while Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the cheapest days to travel.​ Try to be flexible on the days of your departure and arrival as it would significantly help you to find a better deal.​

Join airline loyalty programs.​ Many airlines offer frequent flyer programs that often include impressive discounts and promotions.​ Signing up for the loyalty program of an airline or your favorite hotel chain can make the difference with regards to cost savings.​

Be sure to also research other flights for comparison.​ Don’t just settle with the first thing you find.​ Comparison shop to find the best deal and don’t forget to consider other ways of travelling to your destination such as train or car.​ You might find that these alternatives are cheaper and better suited to your needs.​

Finally, take advantage of travel vouchers or credit cards that can give you the opportunity to earn discounts or airline miles for your next trip.​ Use these methods that airlines offer to save time and money on your next flight.​

1.​ Think Ahead and Plan Early

Planning and booking your flights early is the smartest way to get your cheapest flight ticket.​ Airlines understand that people looking to book flights in advance, so they offer more money saving deals to entice people to book with them instead of any other airline.​ Staying ahead of the game and booking your flights as soon as possible can save you a lot of money!

And, if you’re travelling with a buddy, opt for a joint booking as it can help you nab two seats on the same flight for a better price.​ Also, weekend trips are typically cheaper compared to midweek travels.​ So if you’ve got the flexibility of choosing your dates, then try to plan your trip around the weekends.​

Sign up for the frequent flyer and reward programs of different airlines too.​

Cheap Flights
These loyalty programs will often offer discounts and points that you can redeem for flight ticket discounts or free tickets in the future.​

2.​ Explore Different Ways to Travel

One of the best ways to get yourself a cheaper flight is to consider all the different ways it’s possible for you to travel.​ Airlines aren’t your only option.​ Taking a bus or train to your destination can often be smaller expenses than air travel.​ Additionally, renting a car might be another great way to go, depending how far you’re travelling, since you can split the costs with other people.​

Taking multiple connecting flights might also lead to lower fares.​ That’s because many airlines focus on selling individual flights to different cities and not round trips.​ It’s important to keep this in mind when buying tickets, as the cheapest option for your entire journey could be combining several connecting flights.​

3.​Use The Right Websites To Track Prices

For savvy travelers, using the right website or app to track and compare flight ticket prices is essential.​ There are a lot of flight tracking apps and websites that give you up-to-date information on the available flights and prices for any destination.​ Airfare watchdogs are also incredibly useful, as they alert you when a certain flight drops in price so you can snatch it up quickly.​

It’s wise to take the time to visit different platforms to compare flight prices, such as Skyscanner, Expedia, and Kayak, since they often provide different prices and offers from each other.​ Just make sure to check the fine print on each booking page, such as the restrictions and checked bag allowances that could affect your total costs.​

4.​ Consider Other Non-Traditional Airlines

Finally, don’t forget to consider the smaller, low-cost airlines when searching for cheap flights.​ Low cost airlines and budget airlines typically offer lower prices, so they may be the most suitable options if you wish to save money.​ Don’t be afraid to consider alternative airports if you can get there, as they sometimes offer cheaper tickets than the main airport of your destination.​

And if you’re travelling with a budget airline remember that ticket prices don’t include additional baggage or seating selections.​ That means that if you need additional items, such as hand luggage or prefer a window seat, you’ll have to pay more for it.​


Q.​ What is the best day of the week for cheap flights?

A.​ Mid-week flights tend to be cheaper than flights during the weekends.​

Q.​ What are the best websites to compare prices?

A.​ Popular websites include Skyscanner, Expedia, and Kayak.​

Q.​ Are budget airlines my only option for finding cheap flights?

A.​ Budget airlines are often the most suitable option for finding cheap flights, but don’t forget to consider other non-traditional airlines too because they may offer better prices.​