Save On Your Next Trip: Tips For Finding Cheap Last Minute Flights Anywhere

Taking a spontaneous last-minute trip doesn’t have to break the bank! With a bit of research and knowledge about the airline industry, you can easily find cheap last minute flights anywhere around the world.​ Here are our top tips for finding the best deals on last minute flights.​

Compare Prices and Be Flexible: There can be significant savings when booking last minute travel as long as you’re willing to be flexible with your dates and destination.​ Make sure to shop around to compare different prices from various airlines before committing to a flight.​ Just by taking the time to do your research and shop around, you can easily save some extra cash for your trip.​

Look for One-Way and Round Trip Bookings: Search for both round-trip and one-way flights when seeking out last minute deals.​ Sometimes one-way flights are cheaper than round trips, and by booking two one-way tickets instead of one round-trip it can equal out to more savings.​

Keep a Close Eye on Price Fluctuations: Before making a reservation, be sure to check prices during different days of the week.​ Prices usually fluctuate from one day to the next, and sometimes an extra day or two of travel can save you hundreds.​

Utilize Cheap Airlines: Airlines like Southwest, Allegiant Air, and Frontier Airlines offer very budget friendly prices on domestic last minute flights.​ While they may not have the most reliable or pleasant services, the savings can be well worth it.​

Consider Alternate Airports: Most large cities have several airports, and the prices for flights can differ greatly between them.​ Do some research on what alternate airports may be in the area of your desired destination and check the prices.​

Take Advantage of Low Season Discounts: Airfare prices during the high season can be quite costly.​ So if you’re planning ahead for a summer vacation, opt for low season discounts and save yourself some money.​

Budget Accommodation

When planning for a last minute trip, you can save even more money by researching cheap accommodation options.​ Look for mid-range hotels, guest houses, AirBnB spots, hostels, and camping sites.​ Sometimes the cheapest and best option can be found through AirBnB if you’re willing to share a guest house with other travelers.​

Also make sure to check for advance booking and special offers around your destination.​ If you’re willing to plan ahead, many hotels offer significant discounts for early bookings.​

If you’re big on nostalgia, explore all the historical lodging options around you.​ Historical inns and cabins stretching back centuries can offer amazing getaways that are usually cheaper than most modern hotels or motels.​

Finally, some forever traveling nomads like to take advantage of house sitting opportunities to save on accommodations.​ Check for house sitting websites and reach out to homeowners who may need a few days of coverage while away from their home.​

Travel Experiences

When traveling on the cheap, try to focus on experiences rather than material items.​ Look for low-cost activities, such as guided tours, free admissions, picnics, street markets, and local food spots.​

Cheap Flights
Get to know the city and its culture from a local perspective by taking a walk or a bike ride, and don’t forget to visit the free attractions like art galleries, museums, and parks.​

Trekking or camping in the wilderness can be a great way to appreciate nature without spending a fortune, if you’re willing to put in the physical effort.​ Sign up for some budget travel tours, which usually come with excellent discounts.​ Some offer additional group discounts that can make your trip even more affordable.​

While it’s important to experience a new destination, don’t forget about your home turf when planning your getaway.​ Taking a road trip around your own city or state can make for an enjoyable and affordable journey.​

Finally, tap into the low-cost travel option of couch surfing.​ There are a lot of websites out there that connect travelers with local hosts, allowing you to stay in another person’s home for free.​

Restaurants & Groceries

Eating out during a last minute trip can be quite expensive.​ Take advantage of local groceries, bakeries, and cafes if you’re looking to stay on budget.​ Invest in ready-made food items as well as cooking and baking ingredients to make use of the free in-room kitchenettes.​

If you can’t resist a great meal out, sit down at cafes and restaurants during lunchtime for a much cheaper set menu.​ Also, look for restaurants and bars with happy hours and special offers.​

Other great ways to save on food are by eating street food and attending free food events.​ Since most cities and towns on the globe have a dedicated food or farmers market, try exploring these spots for a range of fresh, local, and affordable options.​

And if you’re traveling with a larger group of friends, try to book a group reservation at a restaurant to get some money off your meal.​

Money Saving Tips & Transportation

Book cab services like ridesharing apps to save on transportation, and look for discounts and loyalty programs.​ Use public transportation as much as possible and avoid private cabs if possible.​ Buses provide the best per-mile rates and can get you around the city quicker than a car.​

Don’t forget to look for special discounts and group rates inside attractions and museums.​ And if you’re a student, make sure to carry your school ID around; sometimes you’ll be able to get discounts and free entry on certain places.​

Check out discount programs like Groupon or Amazon Local Deals for exclusive discounts on certain restaurants and activities.​ And scope out the official websites of local destinations for free entry and subscription deals.​

Finally, compare between a single tourist pass and an array of travel cards to get the best bang for your buck.​


What are the cheapest days to purchase a last minute flight?

Prices usually fluctuate from one day to the next, and sometimes Wednesday and Saturday can be the cheapest days to purchase a last minute flight.​

Can I purchase travel insurance for a last minute trip?

Yes.​ Although some travel insurance companies require a set amount of days lead prior purchase, many companies offer services for last minute trips at a short notice.​

Is there a reliable way to find last minute deals for airfare?

Yes.​ Although there can be some great deals available for those wanting to operate on a spontaneous basis, research and planning can go a long way up to save you money.​