Save Big On Your Next Flight: 5 Unique Tips To Find Cheap Airline Flights

Booking airline flights can be tricky.​ You don’t want to be left holding a huge travel bill.​ A penny saved is a penny earned, after all.​ Saving money on flight tickets is possible if you know what tricks to use.​ Let us outline five useful tips for how to save big on your next flight.​

One tip is to book as early as possible.​ Aim for a minimum of two months in advance.​ Many carriers provide discounts for tickets purchased weeks ahead of time.​ Last-minute travellers often get stuck with full-price tickets.​ So don’t delay, and book your tickets when dates are certain.​

Be savvy with your stopovers.​ It is often cheaper to break your journey with a stopover.​ When booking a flight with a stopover, opt for a less busy route.​ Airport hubs are going to be pricier, but if you look for routes with fewer layovers you may find a surprisingly cheap deal.​

Track fares with apps.​ The secret to cheaper fares is getting the timing right.​ To get the jump on when prices dip, download flight apps to keep track of prices.​ With the help of the right app, you can get great deals sent directly to your phone.​ This could mean significant savings!

Try a red-eye flight.​ If you’re really looking to save, a red-eye flight may be the way to go.​ Airtight competition between airlines means cheaper fares late at night.​ Book a red-eye if you are travelling on a tight budget.​ Plus, you’ll get a full restful day at your destination.​

Be flexible.​ In order to score a great deal, you need to be a little flexible.​ If you’re willing to go any time of the week, you are likely to encounter cheaper fares.​ If you have a favourite airline loyalty program, you can shop with them for special rates or promotions.​

Don’t exile yourself from season deals.​ Airlines also offer great discounts during is certain times of the year.​ Many airlines offer seasonal deals, so be sure to watch out for these.​ Planning your travels around these months can save you a small fortune.​

Know Your Budget

To start, find out how much money you have to work with.​ Set yourself a budget and stick to it.​ You need to work out the total cost of your trip.​ Knowing your budget is the starting point for finding the cheapest flights.​

Start searching early and give yourself enough time to find the best deals.​ For international travellers, try including multiple cities so you could get a better deal.​ With a solid budget planned, start your search online for flight tickets.​

There are many online platforms available that offer discounted flights.​ Use comparison sites to search multiple airlines.​ This facilitates the process of finding the best prices.​ Being a smart shopper pays off: compare budget airlines as well to get the best deal.​

Check out the major carriers too.​ For international passengers, airlines sometimes offer discounted tickets if you fly on certain days.​ Look out for any red flag when entering your payment details.​

Cheap Airline Flights
Never be too lax with your personal information.​

Reward yourself to a business ticket.​ Try to get a business-class ticket despite your budget constraints.​ Deals vary, and you could be surprised to find how inexpensive business-class flights can be.​ Business-class seats offer something extra and provide a restful flight.​

Finally, ask your travel agent for more information.​ Most travellers don’t know about all the deals airlines offer.​ Licensed professionals who work in the travel industry tend to have better access to cheaper deals.​ Be honest with your budget, and a travel agent may be able to work miracles.​

Take Advantage of Deals

Be aware of the times when airlines tend to offer their best deals.​ Weekdays are generally cheaper than weekends.​ Late-night flights are remarkably cheaper than during the day.​ Airlines also offer discounts when you choose the most convenient time slots

Use mileage bonuses smartly.​ If you are a traveler who often stays in the same hotel chain, the mileage bonuses card will come in handy.​ Companies like airlines and hotels all offer programs with special benefits.​ If you tend to book the same airline, this card will save you plenty of cash.​

Don’t discount flexible bookings.​ If you’re okay with flying from airport to airport, or if you can switch your dates around, be flexible.​ If you have had enough of travelling to a particular destination, aim for an airport nearby and save a little on your travels.​

Take cultural and religious holidays into account.​ Finding the cheapest flights could also depend on the cultural or religious events.​ Airlines may offer discounts time to time.​ If you have the space to be flexible, keep an eye out for any cheaper flights during special moments.​

Rely on miles and rewards cards.​ Using the reward points on a miles card can be significantly cheaper than the regular advertised fare.​ When taking into consideration all the saved pennies along the way, using a miles card can be worth it.​

Another deal trick is to use airport loyalty card.​ Loyalty programs often incorporate early bird discounts and exclusive deals.​ Being a loyal customer could save you the most money.​ Aim for a spot at your preferred airport in order to get the best and most frequent discounts.​

Choose the Wisely

When you’re looking for the lowest fares, try going against the grain.​ Choose ‘weird’ times and dates that are not popular.​ This could save you a considerable amount of money.​ Flight tickets that are sold in unappealing times tend to be sold at a cheaper price.​

Consider a vacation package.​ By booking a vacation package, you could acquire a discounted flight rate.​ Bundling your flight and hotel deal in one package means you will get a deal with a discount price.​ You’ll get a cheaper flight and you’ll end up spending less than if you’d bought both separately.​

Pick a different airport.​ If you’re okay with flying to and from a different airport, you could be surprised at the savings waiting for you.​ Search at nearby airports and compare the prices.​ Don’t forget to take public transport or the costs of a taxi into account when weighing alternatives.​

Rely on public transportation.​ If changing airports means public transportation, this could be the cheapest way to get where you need to go.​ Depending on the city and country, buses, trains and metro may be great alternatives that can also offer special discounts.​

Finally, try to fly round trip rather than one-way.​ For those travelling for long-term, or even on a business trip, consider round-trips rather than one-way trips.​ Oftentimes, round trip tickets cost less than purchasing two one-way tickets.​ Be sure to compare the difference to get the best deal.​


What is the best way to save money on flights?

Book your flight as soon as you can, be savvy with your stopovers, track fares with apps, try a red-eye flight, be flexible and don’t forget seasonal deals.​

What is the best way to find a great deal on a flight?

Start by knowing your budget, take advantage of deals, choose wisely, and assess vacation packages for discounts.​ Look at multiple airports, consider public transportation, and try to fly round trip whenever possible.​