Save Big On Airfare: Uncovering Why Mondays Are The Best Day To Book Flights!

Mondays are the golden days to score big when it comes to airfares.​ Instead of dreading the start of the new week, why not use this day to your advantage? With so many tools and tips out there, learning how to save money on airfare tickets can be easier than you think.​ Getting the best bang for your buck and getting off sky high prices can seem daunting, but understanding why Mondays should be the day you book your flight is an essential key to traveling without breaking the bank.​

If you’ve never considered booking your trips on Mondays before, you may be wondering why this day has been coined as the best day of the week to book flights.​ Flying on certain days of the week can reduce flight costs, while other days can increase your overall cost.​ Mondays, especially when booking early in the morning, have proven to be the best days to book flights.​

Why? Because there is less competition for trip-goers.​ Airlines roll out new fares on Mondays, and the competition is usually at its lowest which means that you’ll be able to snatch up the best deals.​ This sweet spot can save you some major cash.​ Waiting too long to book, on the other hand, could mean higher prices due to increased competition.​

There are a number of online tools and resources that can help you better understand when the best time to buy is and how to get discounted fares without the stress of scouring through the web.​ Services such as Price Watch let customers track specific routes and alert them when prices have dropped.​ This allows customers to be notified conveniently when the best times to book are.​

Another great tip is to compare prices on different airlines.​ A great way to save even more money is to pack lightly and fly with an airline that may have a slightly higher ticket price but includes a free checked bag.​ If pacticing the art of the “packing light” isn’t your style, many airlines have deals and discounts that can be applied to your ticket if your luggage is within a certain weight-limit.​

The bottom line is this; when it comes to saving money on airfare, plan ahead and understand when is the best time to buy.​ Keeping these cupcake tips in mind when it comes time to book your next flight can save you a lot of dough.​ Do yourself a favor and make Mondays your days to book.​

Tips For When To Fly

Need help deciding what days of the week to fly? Here is an example of a few upper crust days.​ Avoid flying out on a weekend when possible.​ Flying on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday could lead to the greatest savings.​ When choosing to fly out on a weekday, early morning departures can lead to big savings, as these times usually have fewer bookings and less demand for tickets.​

Flights over the weekend however, can often be more aggressive in price.​ Mid-morning flights can offer cheaper prices as long as the departure and return times between the weekend days do not vary too much.​ When flying out for fun or leisure travel, weekend departures may be your best bet.​

Mondays Flights

Planning and researching your flight routes can pay off in a major way.​ Keeping up to date with the best prices can be a challenge, but once you understand the basics of when to fly, you can snag the best deals and quickly become a pro.​

When Is The Best Time to Buy?

Now that you know when to fly, understanding when is the best time to buy is important for serious savings.​ Most airlines roll out their ticket prices and discountsaround 3pm on Tuesday or Wednesday.​ Wait until 3pm on Tuesday or Wednesday to purchase your tickets as these times prove to offer the lowest fare cost compared to any other time of the week.​

Another tip for buying tickets is to purchase in advance.​ Waiting until the last minute or a couple of days prior to departure will not get you the cheapest prices.​ It is best to purchase your ticket at least three weeks before your trip and preferably earlier if you can.​

Try to avoid purchasing tickets on the holidays.​ Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day will usually have the highest flight fares as more people are typically travelling during this time.​ Also, in peak season in the Summer or Springtime, ticket prices may be more expensive.​ To get the best deals for these times, plan in advance when possible.​

Maximizing Airfare Savings with Apps

Airfare search engines and booking sites can often be overwhelming.​ Utilizing smart applications or “apps” can help maximize your savings.​ Popular apps such as Kayak, Google Flights, and Skyscanner allow users to obtain data so that they can make quick and informed decisions.​ You can filter your results to search for flights with the fewest stops, the lowest price, flight times and more.​

In addition to helping you find the best flights, these applications can also alert you when prices drop and when there may be deals for certain routes.​ Google Flights allows customers to create a fare alert in order to stay up to date with the changing fares.​ Consumers have the choice to search for cheaper tickets in the near future or to watch for flights that become available within a certain timeframe.​

Airports such as Chicago O’Hare International Airport have their own mobile apps that can also be used to your benefit.​ Such application keeps passengers up to date and in the know when it comes to flight timings, delays, and security wait times at the airport.​

FAQ’s Regarding Airfare Savings

Can I save money on airfares with last-minute booking?

No, it is usually more expensive to purchase tickets at the last minute.​ It is best to plan ahead and purchase your tickets at least three weeks in advance.​

What day of the week is the best to purchase tickets?

Tuesdays and Wednesdays around 3 pm have proven to be the best days to purchase tickets.​ By booking on these days, customers may get the best price as the airlines roll out new fares and the competition is usually at its lowest.​

Can I get discounts if I fly with a certain airline?

Yes, many airlines offer discounts or promotions which can be applied to your ticket.​ Check for different promotions they may have or if they are giving discounts if your luggage is within a certain weight limit.​ It’s worth doing your research for optimal savings.​