‘Money Saved: How To Find Cheaper Allegiant Flights’

At Allegiant Airlines, every penny counts.​ And that’s why savvy travelers look for the best deals when they book the airline.​ So how can you score cheaper Allegiant flights? We’ve come up with 7 tips for saving the most money!

Firstly, when it comes to Allegiant flights, timing is everything.​ Try to book your flight a few months in advance for better deals.​ That gives you more time to do research—like checking up on coupon codes and promotional offers—so you can snag the best available price.​

To make sure you get the lowest fare, use a constellation of websites and apps to compare prices.​ Shop around and take advantage of the internet’s resources to help you find the cheapest deal.​

Fly during the off-season.​ During the summer months, it’s typical to see higher ticket prices.​ Spring and autumn, for instance, usually offer the lowest fares.​ Since those months are generally not as busy, you might be able to find even better deals.​

If traveling in a group, try to book all your tickets through the same reservation system.​ That way, they may be able to offer a bundle discount on the group fare.​ Just be sure to have everyone arrive and depart from the same airport.​

Be flexible with the departure and return times.​ Look for flights that depart on non-peak hours, like the redeye or early morning before the rush.​ These can be cheaper than the regular peak hour ticket.​

Allegiant Loyalty Program is a great way to get discounts on flights, upgrades and get perks from the loyalty program.​ If you’re a frequent flier, a loyalty program may be a great way to save money on Allegiant flights.​

Connections are often cheaper than direct flights.​ If you’re willing to take a break in between your flight, stopping at an additional airport could get you a much lower fare.​

FAQ Section

How do I get the best deals for Allegiant flights?

The best way to get great deals on Allegiant flights is to shop early, compare prices, fly during the off-season, book in a group, and be flexible with your flight times.​ The Allegiant Loyalty Program also offers great discounts for frequent fliers, and connecting flights can be significantly cheaper than direct flights.​

How to Score Last-Minute Savings

Surveys of airline passengers have found that booking last minute can lead to lower fares.​ One reason for this is that airlines may be more willing to offer cheaper fares to fill empty seats.​ However, be aware that prices can rapidly change at any time, so be sure to research your trip before making a purchase.​ You can also use third-party services like Hopper to track prices for you and alert you to the best times to buy.​

This strategy can be especially useful if you’re looking to fly at the last minute for some reason.​ Just be aware that many airlines don’t offer refunds or exchanges after you’ve bought your ticket, so you might be stuck with the ticket regardless of whether your plans change.​

Last but not least, remember that flight prices are all about supply and demand.​ Airlines are competing for passengers, so if you can be flexible with your preferred dates, you can often find cheaper flights.​

Allegiant Flights
Fly mid-week or plan your trip mid-month instead of during peak holiday periods for the best deals.​

Creating a Travel Rewards Account

Create a travel rewards account with an airline like Allegiant and you may have access to exclusive discounts.​ If you’re planning to take a lot of flights, it’s worth signing up for an account.​ Not only will you get access to special discounts on flights, but you may also be eligible for discounts on hotels, rental cars and more.​

Once you’ve created your account, be sure to keep track of the miles you accumulate.​ Most airlines have a loyalty program where you can redeem points for discounts.​ The more miles you accumulate, the more you can save on flight prices.​

Even if you’re not a frequent flier, it’s still worth signing up for an account.​ In some cases, the process is free, and even if there’s a fee, the benefits may outweigh the costs.​ So if you’re looking to save money on Allegiant flights, it’s worth considering a travel rewards account.​

Look for Bundle Deals

Pair up your flight with a rental car or a hotel stay to access bigger discounts.​ Airlines may have special discounted packages that may include a free hotel night or a complimentary rental car.​ If you plan to rent a car or stay overnight, looking for a bundle deal may be worth it.​ Again, have a plan and book as far in advance as possible to get the biggest savings.​

Alternatively, you may also want to look for budget hotel chains and independent rental car companies.​ These companies have great rates and may be a better deal than booking a bundle package.​ Just be sure to compare prices between the two before making your final decision.​

Finally, look for free amenities and other perks.​ Allegiant offers priority boarding, in-flight services like free snacks and drinks, and baggage check.​ These can add up to meaningful savings, so be sure to take advantage of them when you can.​

Check for Promotional Offers

Allegiant Airlines often has promotional offers and discounts.​ In the past, they have featured unique promotions such as savings off flights booked with their credit card, discounts on hotel stays, and even free meals.​ So keep your eyes peeled for any special promotions.​

Promotional offers may be limited in duration, so act fast if you see a good deal.​ Regularly check Allegiant’s website and sign up for their mailing list, if they have one, to make sure you don’t miss out.​

You can also check partner websites and social media platforms for more discounts.​ Many companies offer discounts to followers and subscribers, so make sure to follow Allegiant on Twitter and Facebook for the latest promotions.​

Cutting Transportation Costs

It’s not just the cost of flights you have to keep in mind.​ Allegiant makes it easy to save money on connecting transportation as well.​ For instance, you can save on taxi fares and rental cars by opting for public transportation.​

Many cities and airports offer affordable shuttle bus services that take you from one spot to another.​ You can also take advantage of ride hailing services like Uber or Lyft for cheaper fares.​ Do some research beforehand to save on connecting transportation costs.​

Some airports also offer express shuttle services that offer point-to-point transfers.​ These can be a great time-saver and a money-saver as well.​ So when you’re looking to save money on Allegiant flights, remember to factor in connecting transportation costs.​