Maximizing Savings: How To Score The Cheapest Flight Possible The Closer To The Date

With the proliferation of flight booking websites, it’s possible to find great deals on flights for those who have the patience to search and do their due diligence.​ If you want the best deals for your flight, it’s important to plan ahead and understand the ways you can maximize your savings.​ Here’s how to find cheap flights the closer to a date that you need them.​

1.​ Have Flexibility With Your Travel Dates: Being flexible with when you’re flying can mean major savings.​ Don’t be rigid with your travel dates, fly during slower times such as during the week instead of the weekend.​ Checking what days are more expensive and which are cheaper can make all the difference.​

2.​ Check The Airfare Price Pattern: Go to the airfare matrix of the booking website and set a travel period of at least 3-4 weeks, as this will help you get to know of how the airfare increases over the days.​ Comparing to the previous week, it helps you spot the chewy days and determine the peak days of that week.​ This will be helpful when planning your trip.​

3.​ Keep Track Of The Fares In Your Chosen Destinations: Creating a fare alert in the search engine of the flight booking website can be of great help.​ This way you can get notifications whenever there is a drop in the fare as soon as they become available.​

4.​ Make Sure You Get The Biggest Discount: Keeping track of airline deals and promotions can be of great help when it comes to maximizing your savings.​ Be sure to check emails from flight aggregators for the best deals, or look for a last minute flight.​ Always remember to read the fine print – who knows, maybe there’s a sitting discount you haven’t heard of.​


Cheapest Flight
Book A Last Minute Ticket: Airlines may offer discounted fares closer to a departure date.​ Keep an eye on the sites and if possible, wait till the last minute to book the cheapest flight.​ Also look for other incentives like loyalty bonuses and discounts.​

6.​Manage Your Flights Well: If flight dates/tickets cannot be changed, be sure to cancel the ticket at least 30 days prior to the flight with the help of a refund voucher.​ Cancellation fees and refundable amounts vary from airline to airline – so good to know in advance.​

7.​ Travel Off-peak (If You Can): Off-peak travel means that you get to avoid the higher rates that come with peak travel.​ Research shows that flying on Thursday, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday are the days with the lowest airfares.​

Beware of Hidden Fees

It is impossible to avoid all of the hidden fees when booking a flight, but there are some that can be taken care of in advance.​ There may be a variety of charges such as additional taxes, baggage fees, seat selection fees, or extra charges for check-in at the airport, that can add up fast.​ Do your research and read the fine print before booking so you’ll be prepared for any additional costs.​

Book Directly Through The Airline

Booking directly through the airline will usually let you have the most options.​ You can subscribe to email lists through the airline and receive deals or make use of travel websites such as Skyscanner.​ Also, consider leaving a few days earlier or later to get the best deals and also opt for different airports for flying.​

Check Alternatives to Flying

Sometimes flying is not the only option.​ Buses, trains, or carpooling can be used if the distance covered allows it.​ Research all of your options in advance to see which one is the most cost effective and most convenient.​

Have The Right Gear

Make sure to bring the right type of baggage, clothing, and comfortable shoes for a long haul flight.​ Carry a few essentials such as snacks and a few other items in your carry on so you’ll be comfortable during the flight.​ Invest in some travel-sized items to create more room in your bags and keep distractions handy such as a book or a tablet.​


Q: What can I do to get the cheapest flight possible?

A: To get the cheapest flight possible, you need to be flexible with your travel dates, keep track of the airfare price pattern, check for airline deals, book a last minute tickets, manage your flights well, travel off peak if possible, be aware of any hidden fees, book directly through the airline, consider alternatives such as buses or carpooling, and have the right gear for the journey.​

Q: Is there any other way to get a cheaper flight?

A: Yes, consider taking advantage of loyalty programs offered by certain airlines or hotel loyalty programs that offer discounts when booking flights.​ Consider booking round trips instead of one-ways, and always read the fine print of airline tickets to make sure you won’t be charged any hidden fees.​