It’s Been Rumored For Years That Tuesdays Are The Days When Bookings For Flights Suddenly Get A Discount.​ Many People Swear By That One Night When Miraculously Flights Become Cheaper, Even If For Just A Few Hours.​ Is There Really Any Truth To This? We Investigate To Discover The Truth: Are Flights Really Cheaper To Buy On Tuesdays?

The simplest answer is that yes, flights may become cheaper on Tuesdays sometimes.​ But there’s more to it.​ Airlines, usually smaller ones, may offer discounts on certain days or at certain times.​ Airlines are notorious for providing discounts or even better prices when a passengers literally books last minute.​ Of course, the conditions for any of these discounts vary between airlines.​

One of the modern marketing tactics that airlines are currently using is a so-called ‘fare war’.​ Every now and then, there will be a sudden outbreak of airline price drops and it will be called a fare war.​ Airlines will become competitive against each other and attempt to offer cheaper prices than usual in order to draw passengers in (all of this is usually desperate attempt of course).​

The question is if there is any sort of fair warning for fare wars? Generally, no.​ However, Tuesdays probably offer the best chances for passengers to experience a discount.​ Why? As we all know, business trips usually happen during the beginning of the week, starting on Monday.​ Afterwards, many of the seats return empty and there’s no one to pay their price.​.​.​ unless, of course, they offer a discount.​

So, is it really worth it to wait for Tuesday and pray for a discount? The simplest answer is that it depends.​ It really depends on the route, time, price and even the airline.​ However, Tuesday does offer a better chance of finding a discount.​ Not a certain one, but a better chance nevertheless.​

It also depends on whether you want a last minute flight or not.​ Airline companies desperate to fill up their planes may offer more attractive prices if you book in last minute.​ Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that these kind of situations depend heavily on the market reality.​ If there’s no competition, there will be no discount either.​

What is the Best Day to Buy Flight Tickets?

Any day can be a good day to buy a flight ticket, as there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for this.​ You may find a good offer during the weekend, in the middle of the week or even on the last day before the departure.​ There can never be a perfect answer to this, as there are many variables involved such as airlines, airports, routes, discounts, etc.​

The best advice is that you should always keep an eye out for discounts, no matter what day it is.​ You can easily use apps, websites or even social media to monitor the prices and find the best options.​ Flights can often change and it’s important to stay informed.​ Never assume the same flight will always cost the same.​

It’s also important to compare prices, and not just stick to one airline.​ Airlines have different promotional ways, different routes, different prices for different days and times.​ Before actually buying the ticket, take a look at different airlines.​

Don’t forget to check the tickets, check the baggage fees and other important details.​ Nothing kills the joy of a great flight ticket than finding out that it doesn’t include the baggage that you need.​ It’s always best to check these terms properly before buying any tickets.​

In conclusion, the best day to buy has no conditional answer.​

Flights Cheaper Tuesday
You can always find good deals if you are aware of the variables in the flight market.​ Tuesdays are a common day to find discounted tickets, but they are not the only day.​

What Can Passengers Save by Booking on Tuesdays?

Passengers can save hundreds of dollars, depending on the ticket and the route.​ Of course, there are certain factors like the airline or even the destination that will affect the price tag, but usually booking on Tuesdays brings significant discounts.​

It’s all about catching the discount just in time.​ Most people buy their tickets on Labor Day or Memorial Day, but they may be paying more than they should.​ Airlines tend to increase their prices on popular holidays, so it’s best to keep watch and buy the tickets on a less popular day.​

When it comes to savings, it’s recommended that passengers make the Tuesday booking as soon as possible.​ Prices may become lower, but prices can also start increasing very quickly as well.​ Tuesdays usually bring the best bang for a buck, but it’s important to assess the situation and not miss any deals.​

Another important advice is to check several booking websites.​ Some websites may have exclusive offers, while others may be more expensive.​ If you compare prices, you can increase your chances of finding a great deal.​

Finally, don’t forget about the loyalty programs.​ If the airline has one, make sure to check all the offers available and all the discounts that you can take advantage of.​

Do Airlines Offer Specials on Tuesdays?

Yes, airlines may offer specials, discounts or other promo deals on specific days.​ Tuesdays are definitely one of those days.​

Smaller airlines expectedly use these ploys more often.​ Market competition dictates the discounts available, but airlines are definitely on the lookout to provide attractive prices and specials to passengers.​

Airlines have different offers depending on the route.​ It’s important to check the offers available and take your time to compare them.​ Offer conditions also vary depending on the airline, so don’t forget to read the fine print and understand the discount.​

Some airlines may even offer exclusive discounts only for passengers who book the tickets on specific days such as Tuesdays.​ However, it’s important to keep the other variables in mind as well.​

It’s also important to understand whether the discount is a simple marketing ploy or an actual offer worth considering.​ It’s always better to compare prices and see the offers before booking the tickets.​ This way, you can be sure to get the best deal possible.​

What are the Most Popular Discounts Available on Tuesdays?

The discounts available on Tuesdays depend heavily on the airline or the route, but there are some popular discounts that can be found.​ The most common discounts include reducing the price of the ticket, providing extra amenities such as snacks or magazines, or even flat-out giving victory miles points.​

A good example of a Tuesday discount is round-trip tickets.​ Since more leisure passengers buy tickets on weekends, airlines can offer discounts to promote passengers to purchase tickets during Tuesdays.​

Sometimes, airlines may offer discounts for specific routes during the week or they may offer discounts when booking with a specific credit card, but again, these conditions can change often.​

Another type of discount that can be found on Tuesdays is the so-called ‘happy hour deals’.​ These deals are usually limited in time and frequency, but they can provide great discounts to passengers.​

In conclusion, discounts available on Tuesdays depend on the route, airline and other variables in the market.​ Passengers should always compare prices and search for the best deals, no matter what day it is.​


Can I find cheaper flights on certain days?

Yes, flights may become cheaper on certain days depending on the route and the airline.​ Tuesdays usually offer better chances of finding a discounted flight ticket.​

What variables should I take into account when looking for a good ticket?

It’s important to be aware of the route, time, price and airline.​ It’s also important to compare prices and not just stick to one airline.​ Don’t forget to check the tickets, check the baggage fees and other important details.​

Should I wait for Tuesday when buying a ticket?

It really depends on the route, time, price and even the airline.​ Tuesdays do offer a better chance of finding a discounted ticket, although nothing is certain.​ It’s always best to compare prices and be aware of the market conditions.​