How To Unlock Cheaper Flight Tickets – Uncover Unbeatable Deals!

Unlocking cheaper flights doesn’t have to be an uphill task.​ With the right knowledge, strategies, and approaches; you can easily uncover unbeatable deals to any destination.​ Here’s how:

Plan Ahead: Start planning your trip as far in advance as possible to take advantage of the best prices.​ The earlier you book your flights, the better the chances of getting cheaper tickets! In most cases, prices increase the closer it gets to the departure date – so plan ahead and save big.​

Book Directly with the Airline: One of the best tricks to save money on flights is to book directly with the airline.​ Not only does it save you on hidden fees, but you might also get access to exclusive deals unavailable anywhere else.​ And don’t forget to take advantage of offers and promotional codes the airlines occasionally have.​

Set Price Alerts: Subscribe to email alerts to make sure you never miss a sale.​ Price trackers like Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Momondo are helpful in finding cheap flights with just a few clicks.​ You can choose to travel to your destination during off-peak season to unlock even cheaper tickets.​

Flexibility is A Must: Being flexible with your travel dates and destinations can help you get major discounts on flight tickets.​ More often than not, airlines offer cheaper tickets on days they don’t fly often.​ So if you can take a connect flight in the mid-week, you could save huge amounts of money.​

Schedule Layovers: Everyone’s journey and budget is different.​ Some opt for direct flights; others go for connecting flights with layovers.​ The latter could help you save a lot of money.​ So why not plan a layover and explore a new destination for yourself?

Don’t Forget Credit Cards: Many credit card companies like American Express and Visa offer discounts up to 10% on all flight tickets.​ So keep an eye out for credit card rewards and find unbeatable deals on flights.​

Other Tips for Unlocking Cheap Flight Tickets

Review the Baggage Policy: Before booking, double-check if the airline charges extra for checking in baggage.​ If they do, most give a discount on no check-in baggage.​ For lightweight trips, either pack everything in hand baggage, or take a flight that doesn’t charge extra for check-in baggage.​

Check for Group Discounts: Flying with friends and family?

Cheaper Flight Tickets
Most airlines give discounts when you travel in a group, so see if the airline you’re traveling with offers such a deal!

Fly Red-Eye: Most airlines offer discounted tickets for red-eye flights (night time flights).​ Instead of booking an early morning flight, try to find a good deal on red-eye tickets and save big!

Try Different Airlines: Sometimes a ticket price will be exorbitant with one airline, and unreasonable cheap with another.​ Check with all the airlines and compare prices before flying out.​ A wise shopper is always in search of the best bargain.​

Make Use of Flight Aggregators: There are plenty of flight aggregators out there such jetradar.​com, etc.​ They compare prices across hundreds of airlines and help find the cheapest flight tickets.​

Finding Cheap Flights within Your Budget

Off-Season: Most off-season or mid-season tickets are up to 30% cheaper than tickets bought during peak time.​ Look for the best travel period for your destination and save a bundle.​ So if you can bear the heat of summer, find a destination with warmer weather and get the best bargain.​

Choose the Best Airport: Depending on where you are located, you might be able to route a flight through an alternate airport.​ In most cases, the smaller the airport, the less expensive the tickets.​ Explore your options and save money!

Hill Stations: Looking to go to hill stations? If you know the approximate cost of flights, then you can countercheck it against the price of bus or train tickets.​ In many cases, the latter might be cheaper; so compare them and save money.​

Zero-Booking Fees: Dealing with ticket vendors with zero booking fees might save you some extra money.​ Finding airlines that offer such services via an online search shouldn’t be a hassle.​

Don’t Be Picky About Airlines: Religiously researching and hunting for airlines that you never expected to be cheaper can sometimes help you get the lowest fares.​ Some obscure budget airlines have flight tickets up to 70% cheaper than reputed airlines, you just got to be willing to go the extra mile.​

Types of Flight Tickets

Flexible Tickets: Aircrafts usually offer flexible tickets, wherein the passenger can switch to another flight of their choice, for free.​ If you’re looking to make many changes to your tickets, opt for flexible tickets to avoid rebooking charges.​

Refundable Tickets: Refundable tickets come with a guarantee that if you cancel, you’ll get most of the ticket money back.​ The remainder of the ticket price might be subjected to refund on change or cancellation fees.​

Non Refundable Tickets: Non-refundable tickets are the cheapest of all tickets available.​ Such tickets cannot be changed or cancelled after booking is made; the only way to get your money back is to make a claim with the airline.​ Such tickets usually come with a ‘no show’ clause, wherein the passenger isn’t entitled to a refund in case of no show.​

Unaccompanied Minors: If you’re flying the unaccompanied minor, the airline will ask you to pay an additional fee for a caretaker or guardian, whose job is to escort and manage the minor throughout the journey.​

Senior Discount: Some airlines offer discounts for elderly passengers above the age of 65.​ Make sure to check with the airline before booking your tickets for offers, discounts, or concessions.​


Which day of the week is the cheapest to fly?

The cheapest days to fly is usually on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.​

What airlines offer the best discounts?

Most domestic budget airlines offer discounted tickets on flights.​ You can also look for offers and promotions online for even better deals.​

What is the difference between flexible and non-refundable tickets?

Flexible tickets can be changed or cancelled without penalty; non-refundable tickets cannot be changed or cancelled and the money spent is nonrefundable.​