How To Uncover The Best Deals On Flights Using Google Maps!


Are you fed up with paying too much for your airline tickets? If so, there’s a little-known yet highly efficient way of finding the best flight deals using Google Maps.​ This guide will show you how discovering hidden discounts and low costs can become a breeze once you learn the tricks of the trade.​

The first thing you need to do is make use of the search feature.​ By entering your preferred destination and the dates you’d like to travel, you can gain instant access to amazing discounts and great deals that might otherwise go undetected.​ Google will show you a range of options, so you can compare and ultimately decide which deal is the best for you.​

Once you’ve settled on a destination and date, the second feature of Google Maps that you’ll need to use is the ‘Fare Calendar’.​ This helpful tool allows you to switch between dates to see which days are the cheapest to fly.​ This is a great way to save money and if you don’t have too much flexibility with your travel dates then you can still make the most of the deals out there without having to pay full price.​

Thirdly, to explore even more discounts and special offers, you can use the ‘Price Tracking’ feature.​ This handy tool will keep you up-to-date on any changes to our flight prices and by setting a customized airfare alert you can put yourself in the knowledge of the most current promotions.​

You can also utilize Google Flights’ ‘Airports Nearby’ tool to unearth cheaper tickets.​ It’s often the case that a flight out of a nearby airport can prove to be much cheaper than the one you initially planned.​ So be sure to check and compare.​

Finally, a valuable piece of advice is to always book your tickets in advance.​ This should guarantee you the lowest price, as prices are known to increase significantly closer to the actual date of your chosen flight.​ That way, you can sit back and relax knowing that you’ve unlocked the best deal.​

Saving Money with the Deals

The trick to uncovering the best deals on flights with Google Maps is to actively search, compare, and check for discounts.​ The good news is, you can save a lot of money when booking flights this way.​

When it comes to discount comparison, the best way to do this is by utilizing the ‘Fare Calendar’ feature.​ Switching between dates can often highlight exceptional discounts, so it’s well worth checking this option out before buying.​ Google will also show you which days are cheaper, and even the airports nearest to you that offer the best deals.​

The ‘Price Tracking’ feature is an ideal tool to keep up with the most current and updated prices.​ You can set up a customized airfare alert and that way have access to the latest promotions available.​ Keeping an eye out for fluctuating prices is especially worthwhile if you’re not too set on a specific destination.​

Google Maps can also provide the most updated airports in the area, so you can get the most out of your budget.​ Savvy travelers often take advantage of this feature and discover amazing discounts and deals that can’t be found in ANY other travel search engine!

Finally, one of the best tips to bear in mind when booking your flight with Google Maps is to always purchase your tickets weeks, if not months, in advance.​

Best Deals on Flights
Booking early can guarantee the lowest prices, and since prices have a tendency to increase closer to the departure date, it’s much better to play it safe and book ahead of time.​

Finding Last-Minute Low-Cost Flights

In spite of what many people think, finding last-minute low-cost flights is actually not as hard as it seems.​ From time to time, Google Maps will offer amazing deals that you won’t find on other search engines.​

If you are flexible with your travel dates then you could really benefit from utilizing Google Maps comparison feature.​ It will show you the cheaper days to fly, making it easier to find last-minute discounts.​ You can also turn your attention to nearby airports and save a substantial amount of money.​

Using the ‘Price Tracking’ feature will also come in handy for finding the lowest prices available.​ If you set up an airfare alert you’ll receive a notification whenever prices drop and that way, you’ll be able to make the most of it.​

Lastly, try setting up flights alerts.​ That way you’ll be ahead of the crowd and seize the opportunity to book cheaper flights as soon as possible.​ If you keep an eye out, there have been cases of people finding deals with discounts over 90%!

Tips to Save Even More Money on Flights

When it comes to finding cheap flights there are many tips and tricks that you can use to make even bigger savings.​ One of the best ways to get the best deal is to compare prices in different search engines.​

Google Flights and other big search engines offer sophisticated deals and offers, so don’t forget to check the competition and compare their offers.​ Who knows, you could save even more if you look through alternative search engines.​

Signing up for websites that offer flight deals is also highly beneficial.​ Subscribing to newsletters and social media feeds can keep you in the know of any promotional offers, so you can make the most of them.​

Another great way to get discounts is by booking flights with at least a year in advance.​ Not only will you get access to exclusive offers and discounted deals, compared to last-minute bookings, but you can also save a lot of money!

Finally, employers sometimes offer corporate discounts on bookings.​ If your company is signed up to any loyalty or rewards scheme, it’s worth checking with them first as you could save a bundle on flights.​


Q: How can I compare prices using Google Maps?

A: The best way to compare prices using Google Maps is to use the ‘Fare Calendar’ feature.​ This helpful tool allows you to switch between dates to see which days are the cheapest to fly.​ Additionally, it’s also helpful to use the ‘Airports Nearby’ tool to compare the prices of flights departing from the nearest airports.​

Q: Is there a way to save money in last-minute bookings?

A: Yes, there is! Booking your flights using Google Maps is a great way of saving money in last minute bookings.​ Google will often show amazing deals and discounts that you won’t find on other search engines.​

Q: Is it worth it to book flights in advance?

A: Yes! Booking your tickets in advance is always a great way of getting the lowest possible prices.​ Prices tend to increase significantly closer to the date of your chosen flight, so play it safe and book in advance.​