How To Save Money On Spirit Flight Bookings By Booking Closer To The Flight Date

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Are you interested in learning how to save money when booking a Spirit Airlines flight? Do you want to get the best deal when booking a flight? If so, you’ve come to the right place.​ Booking closer to the flight date is one of the key ways to save money.​ Here are some tips on how to save money when booking your next Spirit Airlines flight.​

First off, utilizing the Best Price Guarantee paid off for many people.​ Spirit Airlines offers this guarantee that basically says if you find a lower price, they will match it and refund you the difference in price.​ This could be helpful if you search closer to your flight date and find a lower fare from a competitor.​

If you’re marginal to risk-tolerant, booking inside the 14-day window before takeoff could yield significant savings as airlines tend to open seats if they haven’t been filled.​ Checking during this window could be a worthwhile option as you might get lucky and score a better fare than when booking far out in advance.​ Besides, Spirit Airlines also offers a Further Flexible Booking Benefits program which offers travellers a percentage back of their fare should they book close to the flight.​

This strategy applies for both outbound and inbound legs of a round trip.​ You can always purchase the outbound fare when prices are low, and then wait for the inbound to go down and take advantage of savings.​ Don’t forget that fares move due to market demand and external factors so you can never predict when you’ll find offers that are good when booking closer to the flight date.​

In addition, if you don’t have a strict time formulated for when you want to travel, you can always browse for the cheapest flights and then even rebook for free if the fare drops under Spirit’s Free Flight Change policy.​ So as you can see there are many ways to save on your next booking if you book closer to the flight date.​

The most important thing to remember when looking for cheap flights is flexibility.​ Flexibility in terms of travel dates, flight times, and destinations is indispensable.​ Try suggesting alternate dates to find the best deals.​ Also, rather than buying a direct flight, try to look for multiple legs because they tend to be cheaper.​

Finally, take advantage of the free flight notifications sent by Spirit Airlines and other low-cost carriers.​ By taking advantage of these notifications, you’ll be the first to know when the offers come out.​ All these tips and tricks can save you a lot of money when booking your next Spirit Airlines flight, so keep them in mind when looking for cheap flights.​

Shift in Seasons and Availability of Seats

Another great way to save money when booking a flight with Spirit Airlines is to look at any shift in seasons and availability of seats.​ When peak season comes to an end, fares tend to plummet, making flights much more affordable.​ Also, with the coronavirus causing their biggest slump in demand in decades, airlines are suffering.​ This means many flights aren’t as full as they normally would be during peak times, that could allow you to take advantage of the empty seats.​

Low-cost carriers like Spirit Airlines use this to their advantage and seek to fill their seats in many ways, from discounted prices to special offers.​ So consider booking your flights earlier than usual to take advantage of any discounts or special offers that will be available, and you’re sure to save some money on your airline tickets.​

Additionally, Spirit Airlines allows you to be flexible when choosing flight times, meaning you are open to variable flight times.​ So if you want to save money, pay attention to this aspect and try to book flights around the same departure and arrival times and you’ll usually find cheaper rates.​

Moreover, the number of seats available also affects the price of a ticket, so rather than buying multiple tickets for each of your family members or friends, try to book all of them together on the same flight if the flight is not too full yet.​ Most airlines will usually offer a discount when booking more than one ticket together.​

Perhaps the most important aspect is to stay vigilant and subscribe to any mailing lists or notifications for special offers from Spirit Airlines.​

Save Money
This will ensure that you receive any offers being sent out which you can take advantage of and save money.​

Be Aware of All the Different Fees

When booking a flight with Spirit Airlines, it’s important to be aware of any fees associated with it.​ All airlines have some type of fees that they don’t advertise when you book.​ It’s best to become aware of any possible fees before you book, so that you can avoid any unnecessary costs and save money.​

For starters, if you are booking your flight from outside the US, international taxes and fees may apply.​ If you’re flying within the US, most airlines will charge a fuel surcharge fee.​ Spirit Airlines also charges a fee for checking in your bags, so it’s important to know if your bags will fit into the overhead bin so that you don’t have to pay this fee.​

In addition, if you have an open jaw ticket, meaning your departure and return cities are different, you will incur an additional fee.​ It’s best to book a round trip ticket if this is the case, because you can save money by avoiding this extra cost.​ Moreover, Spirit Airlines has a name change and flight change fee as well, so be aware of this when booking your flight and you could save some money.​

Finally, there may be additional fees associated with your ticket if you book with a partner airline.​ Sure, partner airlines can offer cheaper tickets compared to booking directly with the airline, but they will often have additional fees that you need to be aware of.​ So always do your research before booking your flight.​

Take Advantage of Loyalty Programmes

If you’re a frequent flyer with Spirit Airlines, as most of us are, make sure to sign up for the ultra-low-cost carrier’s loyalty program, Free Spirit.​ This loyalty program allows you to accumulate rewards when booking flights with Spirit Airlines.​ Collecting points can be very rewarding and you can redeem them for future flights and save money.​

Each time you fly with Spirit Airlines, you accumulate points which build up in your account.​ The amount of points you accumulate depend on how far you’ve flown.​ As you earn more points, you can redeem them for a flight, or even upgrade to a higher class of service or discounts on meals and entertainment.​

In addition, members of the Free Spirit program can take advantage of exclusive offers, discounts, and other deals that non-members don’t have access to.​ All you have to do is choose your flight and provide your loyalty number in order to receive the perks.​

Also, members are often the first to be informed about offers, sales, and updates.​ You can also get access to exclusive low fares which are only available to loyalty members.​ This can save you a significant amount of money, so make sure to sign up to Spirit Airlines’ Free Spirit loyalty program.​

In conclusion, there are many ways to save money when booking close to the flight date with Spirit Airlines.​ From taking advantage of their Best Price Guarantee to utilizing their loyalty program, you can get the best deal for your money and save a lot of money when booking your next flight.​ So keep these tips in mind and you’ll be sure to save money on your next Spirit Airlines reservation.​

FAQ Section

Q: How can I save money when booking a flight with Spirit Airlines?

A: There are various ways to save money when booking a flight with Spirit Airlines.​ You can take advantage of the Best Price Guarantee to match any lower fares.​ Additionally, try booking within the 14-day window before the flight to score lower fares, or take advantage of the Further Flexible Booking Benefits program if you book closer to the flight date.​

Q: Does Spirit Airlines offer any loyalty programs?

A: Yes, Spirit Airlines offers a loyalty program called Free Spirit which offers members exclusive offers, discounts, and other deals.​ You can also accumulate points each time you fly with Spirit Airlines, which can be used to redeem flights or upgrade your class of service.​

Q: Are there any extra fees when booking a flight with Spirit Airlines?

A: Yes, there are a few extra fees that you should be aware of when booking a flight with Spirit Airlines.​ There is a fuel surcharge fee, as well as a fee for checking in bags if they don’t fit in the overhead bin.​ Additionally, there is a name change and flight change and extra fees for open jaw tickets.​

Q: What other tips can I apply to save money?

A: Be flexible with your travel dates, consider booking multiple legs for flights, and subscribe to any mailing lists or notifications offered by Spirit Airlines or other low-cost carriers.​ Lastly, stay vigilant and aware of any fees that may be associated with your booking.​

Q: How can I sign up to the Free Spirit loyalty program?

A: Signing up to Spirit Airlines’ Free Spirit loyalty program is easy.​ Just visit their website and click on the join now button and fill out the required information.​ You can start collecting points immediately and take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts.​