Gone With The Wind: Uncovering The Secrets To Buying Cheap Flight Tickets Online!


Confused about purchasing the cheapest flight tickets online? Gone With The Wind has got you covered! From a beginner’s guide to interesting hacks, we’ll help you reduce your ticket cost with ease.​ Don’t let the fear of an unexpected expense stop you from getting the perfect seat and enjoy incredible savings along the way.​ Here are some tips to keep in mind!

1.​ Start Early! One of the best ways to get cheap air tickets is to plan your journey months ahead of the travel date.​ Early-bird tickets are usually discounted to attract more business.​ So, mark your calendar and keep an eye out for promotions.​

2.​ Pick The Right Airport.​ Believe it or not, some airports are more expensive than others.​ So, while planning your trip, always consider airlines that offer flights at lower fares from alternate airports in close proximity.​ Transportation to the airport can be covered later and you’ll end up saving a good amount of money.​

3.​ Avoid Peak Season.​ To get the best flights deals online, never fly during a season when the demand is highest.​ Peak time usually means the flight cost will be highest, so book before or after the ‘busy’ times of year to cut on your expenses.​ Similarly, according to FareCompare, Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days of the week to fly, while Friday is the most expensive.​

4.​ Know The Baggage Rules.​ The airlines are charging for checking bags, so skip the extra charges by packing light.​ Also, know the size restrictions and fee waivers, such as military, student or child discounts.​

5.​ Sign Up For Deals.​ Many customers who sign up for airline newsletters or loyalty plans are blessed with exclusive offers for lower rates.​ You can also use online portals like CouponDunia or Grabon for more discounts and cashback.​

6.​ Gather Flight Information.​ Online sources like Kayak, Skyscanner and DoHop can help you to compare prices and find the best deals available.​ While booking, always check the company’s terms and conditions before committing to the flight.​ This will help you to save a lot of headache later.​


Cheap Flight Tickets
Flexible Dates.​ The internet is loaded with tools to help you pinpoint the cheapest dates for your flights.​ To maximize your savings, be flexible with your journey dates.​ A little added effort can make a big difference and save quite a bit of cash.​

Hidden Travel Features

If you’re really into the realm of getting cheaper tickets, then you might want to explore these hidden flight features ― which are surprisingly helpful and cost effective.​ Google Flights, for instance, works best for domestic trips with the ability to compare prices for flexible dates and airlines.​

Flight connections from less popular airlines, red eyes and flights that have a stopover in the middle of the route might cost less than going with one straight flight.​ Also, keep an eye open for aircraft change before the flight departure.​ This can make a big difference in price.​

Frequent Flyer Miles is another popular way to get upgrades and discount benefits.​ Spend enough time in the air and you’ll get rewarded later.​ This way, you’ll get status with airlines and enjoy upgraded services, such as the ability to change tickets or choose seats for free.​ The best part ― you can use delivery to save time and money by skipping the counter or kiosk.​

And it doesn’t end there.​ Websites like KAYAK has the ‘hacker fares’ option for travelers who don’t mind the drama of back-to-back flights and short layovers.​ This is perfect for those who prioritize convenience and are trying to get the cheapest tickets possible.​

Online Ticket Booking Process

The easiest way to book flights is through online sites, such as Expedia, CheapOair and Kayak.​ All you need to do is type in your destination, select the type of ticket you need and compare flights.​ Once you’ve chosen the flight, they’ll direct you to the payment page so you can complete the transaction and the process is done.​

Due to the nature of online services, customers can easily compare fares, book tickets at the last minute and even apply discounts.​ Also, the combination of flight and hotel can make things even more convenient.​ The sites make it easier to track and manage tickets, however, keep an eye open for hidden fees and taxes.​

Online bookings are beneficial for group travels too.​ While booking a group, fill out the information individually and on different booking sites.​ This way, the names will remain fixed and no one will face a seating issue.​

Payment methods also vary and there’s a wide range of options available.​ Whether you’re using a debit or credit card, PayPal or an E-Wallet, make sure to check the security and payment details too.​

Lastly, online ticketing services keep a record of your personal information, so it’s better to be aware of the privacy policies.​ Once done, the system will give you a booking confirmation via email and you’re all ready to go!

Tips For Senior Citizens

For senior citizens, getting cheaper tickets can be a little complicated since the fares are usually high for older people.​ As such, it’s important to look into various online sources and find the best discounts.​ Apart from online deals, there are certain airlines that even offer special discounts for senior travelers.​

Another way to reduce costs is by traveling with family members.​ When booking the flight, always consider the flight cost and the associated airport fees.​ Also, certain airlines provide favoritism to senior citizens, such as priority boarding, special lounge access and other amenities.​

For those who suffer from medical issues, it’s important to check the in-flight policies.​ Most airlines allow the transportation of wheelchairs and other medical equipment as long as the items are declared before boarding the plane.​ Similarly, inform the airline about any health issues beforehand so that people with special needs get the necessary help.​

Finally, check the travel insurance policy.​ Make sure that you have a policy that covers flight cancellation costs, medical expenses, lost baggage, and other scenarios.​ This way, you’ll be able to save a lot of money in case of an emergency.​


Is it difficult to purchase flight tickets online?

No, it’s easy to purchase flight tickets online.​ All you need to do is research, compare rates, and pick the best deal for you.​

What methods can I use for online payment?

Online payment methods include debit/credit cards, PayPal, and other E-Wallet services.​

Can I take my wheelchair on board?

Yes, the airlines allow the transportation of wheelchairs and other medical equipment, as long as the items are declared before boarding the plane.​

Are there any discounts available for senior citizens?

Yes, there are certain airlines that even offer special discounts for senior travelers.​