Fly Cheap Now: How To Save Money On Southwest Flights


Are you looking for ways to save on Southwest flights? After all, who doesn’t want to fly cheap? From researching smarter and hunting for deals to flying at certain times and knowing flight rules, there are many proven tactics to save money on Southwest flights.​ Here’s your ultimate guide to fly cheap on Southwest!

Start by researching smarter.​ Knowing the best sites and airlines to use not only saves time but could also save you hundreds of dollars.​ With Southwest, one of the most popular sites to get the best deals is Southwest Vacations.​ Packages come with flights and hotel stays, plus you can save big by booking such packages.​

Always try to hunt for deals.​ Sign up for a fare alert to get notified when flight prices drop.​ Additionally, keeping an eye for promotional offers, early bird deals, group discounts, military discounts, and other help you save on flights.​ Luggage fees, food, and other items you’d normally pay for separately can be bundled with a package at a discounted price.​

Know your rules.​ Under the Southwest Airlines Rapid Reward Rules, you can earn rewards for flights booked and flown.​ Plus, children under a certain age don’t need to pay for the flight and personal items and carry-ons don’t cost any additional fees.​ Make sure to know the flight rules, travel policies, and cancellation guidelines which could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.​

Similarly, fly at certain times.​ Airlines reserve the lowest rates for flights in the off-season and mid-week or in the wee hours of the night.​ In addition, consider adding a layover for longer flights to break it into multiple segments; you could end up saving a lot of money this way.​

Be flexible with your plans.​ Southwest allows customers to change their flights without charging them any fee just as long as you change your flight prior to the check-in process.​ Keep in mind that prices could change if the days/times change and you might save more money if you fly at a different time.​

Be prepared to travel light and lastly, make sure to prepare for the flight.​ Pay special attention to the in-flight rules and regulations as you don’t want to be caught off guard by baggage fees or other unexpected fees.​ In other words, pack light and bring as less luggage that is permitted to save money.​

Be Smart With Points

One of the best ways to save money on Southwest flights is by using points.​ Credit cards, loyalty and rewards programs, and even the Southwest Rapid Reward Program are all great options for earning points and using them to save money on flights.​ Additionally, you can combine the points you’ve earned throughout the year to get even better savings.​

When it comes to the Southwest Rapid Reward Program, you could earn points for flights taken and save more money on international destinations.​ With every purchase, you can accumulate points which give you access to more rewards and money-saving opportunities.​ Keep in mind that points expire and so you should make sure to always use them when you can.​

Lastly, use the points you’ve earned to upgrade in-flight or add extra services such as seating prospects or Wi-Fi.​

Southwest Flights
Furthermore, you can also use the points to book rental cars and hotels.​ It’s always a good idea to redeem your points as soon as possible and save a lot on your flights.​

Avail of Discounts and Promotions

While loyalty and reward programs can help you save money on Southwest flights, assorted promotional deals like promotional codes, discounted packages, and more can also help you save a lot of money.​ Taking advantage of such promotions can significantly reduce the cost of flights.​ You can also check for student discounts and group discounts if those apply to you.​

Furthermore, sign up for emails to get notifications about new offers and discounts.​ Also inquire if there are any company discounts or corporate discounts available which could help you get a better deal and save a lot of money.​ Lastly, look for ways to bundle services — such as flight and hotel deals, entrance tickets, insurance, and more — and save more money.​

Combine Tips for Bigger Savings

For maximum savings, combining all the tips together can be incredibly rewarding.​ Start by signing up for a fare alert, stack points from different sources, redeem points, and use promotional codes.​ All these tactics combined will help you save a lot of money on Southwest flights.​

It’s always wise to stay informed and updated about deals and offers.​ Also keep an eye out for special promotions such as early bird deals, group discounts, first time flight fares, holiday discounts, business class upgrades, and more to get the cheapest deals on Southwest flights.​

At the same time, keep your eye out for surveys, promotional campaigns, and social media contests which could earn you bonus points too.​ Combine these tactics to find the best deals and get the maximum amount of flight savings.​

Keep Yourself Updated All the Time

Join airline newsletters and social media accounts to get informed about special discounts and new offers on Southwest flights.​ With newsletters, you are kept updated about all the current and upcoming flight offers.​ In addition, you can also follow your favorite airlines on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites to stay informed about the latest deals.​

In addition, keep an eye out on special events such as airfare sales, black Friday discounts, and other special occasions as Southwest might have certain discounts and special packages to those events.​ You can even set a fare alert so that you’re notified when the flight ticket prices drop.​

Also try using a Southwest app on your phone for even more convenience when searching for flights.​ Through the app, you can quickly scan for offers and special deals and get discounts when you make a purchase.​ Apps also make it easier to quickly compare flight prices and book tickets.​


Q: Is there a way to save money on Southwest flights?

Yes! There are several ways to save money on Southwest flights.​ From researching smarter to hunting for deals, to flying at certain times and managing your points and rewards correctly, a combination of these tactics could help you save a lot of money.​

Q: What are the Southwest Rapid Reward Rules?

The Southwest Rapid Reward Rules allow customers to earn rewards for flights booked and flown.​ In addition, children under a certain age don’t need to pay for the flight and personal items and carry-ons are not subject to any additional fees.​.​

Q: Are there discounts available when flying with Southwest?

Yes, there are.​ You can avail of student and group discounts, promotional codes, promotional offers, and discounted packages.​ Southwest Vacations is a great option to get the best deals.​ Additionally, you can also join the airline’s newsletter, follow them on social media, and use the app to get notified about the latest discounts and offers.​