Finding Flights To Amsterdam Without Breaking The Bank: 5 Tips On How To Get A Great Deal

If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam and want to save money on flights, here are five tips to help you get the best deal possible.​ Travelling to a new destination on a budget can be daunting, but with careful planning and culrural research you can find fantastic deals.​

The first step to finding cheap flights to Amsterdam is to compare prices across multiple resources.​ Airfare prices are always fluctuating so it’s important to check different websites such as Skyscanner, CheapOair, and Expedia to find the best deal.​ Additionally, no one has the same flight experience, so consider smaller airlines as they may have significantly lower prices than popular carriers.​

Second, it’s important to be open to different airports.​ For example, while Amsterdam’s main airport is Schiphol, consider airports like Rotterdam The Hague as alternatives to arrive in the Netherlands.​ This is especially true if you plan to take a train or bus to reach your destination in Amsterdam.​ Additionally, airports like Eindhoven, Rotterdam The Hague, Eindhoven have good connections to the city, so you may save money by flying to one of these destinations.​

Third, when booking flights to Amsterdam, book as early as possible.​ Airlines generally offer discounts for booking well in advance, making it easier to find great deals when you book ahead of time.​ Additionally, if you plan to rent a car when you arrive in Amsterdam, consider booking a rental car soon after you’ve booked your flight.​ This will ensure you arrive with a car ready, avoiding pesky rental fees at the airport.​

Fourth, you may be able to save money if you travel at off-peak times.​ For example, popular short-haul flights to Amsterdam are usually more expensive on weekends, so consider booking flights during the weekdays.​ Additionally, if you plan to travel during holidays and near peak-seasons, consider flying on certain days or times that are not in high demand.​

Finally, consider using online services such as FlyForLess to help you find the best deals for your flight to Amsterdam.​ FlyForLess is a website that searches and compares hundreds of airlines to give you the best prices for flights.​ FlyForLess also offers helpful features such as an Airport Picker, which allows you to select the exact airports you want to search, and a tool that analyzes previous prices to give you an estimate on the best time to book.​

Fly Quickly and Comfortably

When looking for a great deal on trips to Amsterdam, it’s important to also consider the speed and convenience of the flight.​ Flying internationally can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you have limited time.​ Consider booking a direct flight to your destination so you can spend more time in the city.​ Additionally, make sure to check what amenities the flight offers such as WiFi or food, as these can make a long flight more bearable and enjoyable.​

Additionally, if you’re pressed for time, you can consider taking an express train to Amsterdam.​ The Netherlands is well connected to the rest of Europe and offers direct train connections to the city from several European countries.​ This can be a great way to make your journey more efficient and cost-effective, since train tickets tend to be cheaper than plane tickets.​

If you’re looking for a unique and affordable way to get to Amsterdam, you can also consider travelling in a shared van.​ This is a popular choice among travellers, as it’s a cheaper alternative to a direct flight or train, and it’s typically more convenient than taking a bus.​ Just make sure to check all safety regulations of the van before booking your tickets.​

Finally, consider what type of accommodation you’d like in Amsterdam.​ The city is full of vibrant and affordable hostels, boutique hotels, and Airbnb’s, so it’s important to find the right place that will not only provide a good night’s rest but also be budget-friendly.​ Plus, if you’re looking for luxury accommodations, several five-star hotels offer fantastic deals if you book early.​

Use Coupons and Find Hidden Deals

When planning an affordable trip to Amsterdam, don’t forget to take advantage of offers and discounts to cut your expenses.​ Online coupon sites such as Groupon and Vouchercloud offer amazing deals on flights, hotels, and car hire that you can redeem when booking your trip.​ Additionally, get creative and search for travel deals beyond the usual popular websites, as you may be able to find offers and promotions through smaller airlines, online coupon websites, or even travel bloggers.​

Flights to Amsterdam

Also, if you’re planning to stay in Amsterdam for an extended period of time, look into package deals and long-term stay discounts.​ Some Travel platforms, such as Expedia, offer special discounts when you book flights and hotels together, while many hotels offer discounted rates when you stay for a certain amount of days.​ Additionally, on certain days of the week, some airlines offer discounts for flights within the Netherlands that can be beneficial when travelling to Amsterdam.​

Finally, make sure to check airline loyalty programs for special discounts.​ Many airlines offer loyalty points or free upgrades to frequent flyers, so you can make use of these deals when booking your flight to Amsterdam.​ Additionally, some airlines offer sign-up bonuses when you join their loyalty programs, which can be a great way to make your trip even cheaper.​

Work Exchange and Haggling

When looking for a bargain on flights and other transportation to Amsterdam, don’t forget to consider work exchange programs.​ Work exchange is a great way to travel cheaply and you can usually find many opportunities in the city.​ For example, organisations such as Workaway and Worldpackers offer a variety of positions in Amsterdam that can help you reduce your travel expenses.​

Additionally, consider asking for a discount when booking flights and other travel expenses.​ Many airlines and hotels offer discounted prices for negotiations, so make sure to give them a call and ask if they offer any promotions or negotiated prices.​ Additionally, if you’re booking an Airbnb, make sure to ask your host if there is a discount for long-term stays.​

If you’re looking for creative ways to save money, consider Couchsurfing or house-sitting.​ Couchsurfing is a great way to save money and meet local hosts, as it takes some of the cost of accommodation off of you.​ Additionally, if you look into house-sitting you can find people in Amsterdam who are looking for someone to take care of their homes while they’re away.​ This way, you can reduce travel costs significantly and provide a service in return.​

Budgeting and Planning

Finally, to find the best deal on flights to Amsterdam, it’s important to budget and plan ahead.​ Determine how much you want to spend on flights and consider how much of your budget is necessary for travel.​ Additionally, it’s important to factor in expenses such as transportation, lodging, and activity costs.​ This way, you can get a better sense of how much money you’ll need to spend on your trip and plan accordingly.​

Additionally, take the time to research the city and plan your itinerary before you book your flights.​ This will give you an idea of how long you’d like to stay in Amsterdam and what areas of the city you’d like to explore.​ Also consider the local attractions and events that might interest you, as they could help you determine how long you’d like to stay in Amsterdam.​

Another important thing to consider when finding flights to Amsterdam is the weather.​ Your departure and arrival dates are also important if you want to have a comfortable journey.​ If you plan to visit during the summer, make sure to double-check the temperatures before you go so that you can be prepared for any weather conditions.​

Finally, consider your travel style and how much baggage you’d like to bring with you.​ Most airlines have a defined baggage allowance, so make sure to check their limits before you book your flight.​ Additionally, consider how much time and energy you’d like to spend at the airport, as faster flights may have a higher price tag.​


Is it possible to get a cheap flight to Amsterdam?

Yes, it is possible to get a cheap flight to Amsterdam.​ It is important to compare prices across multiple resources, be open to different airports, book as early as possible, travel at off-peak times, and use online services to get the best deals.​ Additionally, you can consider taking an express train, shared van, or using coupons and loyalty programs.​

How can I find the best deal to Amsterdam?

To find the best deal to Amsterdam, consider comparing prices on multiple resources, researching different airports, booking in advance, and travelling at off-peak times.​ Additionally, you can look for package deals, use coupons, take advantage of loyalty programs, and look for work exchange programs.​

What should I consider when booking a flight to Amsterdam?

When booking flights to Amsterdam, consider the speed and convenience of the flight, the type of accommodation you’d like, using coupons and finding hidden deals, work exchange and haggling, and budgeting and planning ahead.​ Additionally, make sure to check airlines’ baggage allowances and the local weather in Amsterdam before booking your flight.​