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Find Your Ideal Cheap Flights from LA to Vegas with Us

cheap flights from la to vegas

Discover the most economical flights from LA to Vegas with us. Enjoy cheap flights with amenities like ample legroom, personal TV, and efficient boarding processes. Experience the convenience of flights that leave on time and arrive early, with baggage promptly available upon landing. Benefit from direct flights without layover hassles and maximize your savings with our airline ticket deals that won’t disappoint.

Key Takeaways

  • Find the best deals on flights from LA to Vegas using our expert tips.
  • Save money by booking well in advance and flying during off-peak seasons.
  • Compare low-cost flights and traditional carriers to determine the best value for your needs.
  • Maximize flight comfort with amenities, avoiding extra fees by understanding baggage policies.
  • Evaluate travel time and convenience when choosing between direct flights or layovers.
  • Take advantage of frequent flyer programs, credit card points, and airline sales for additional savings.
  • Utilize flight comparison tools and maintain flexibility with travel dates to find the perfect cheap flight.

Scoring the Best Deals on LA to Vegas Flights

Everyone wants to find the most affordable flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas without compromising on quality and convenience. To ensure you score discounted flights from LA to Vegas, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Timing Your Booking: When to Grab the Lowest Fares

Based on our research, the best time to book LA to Vegas flights is approximately 71 days in advance. Additionally, departing on a Monday or Tuesday and returning on a Wednesday can lead to significant savings. Interestingly, January and February tend to be the cheapest months to fly, with prices as low as $42. Be flexible with your travel dates and times. Afternoon flights are typically pricier, so consider a noon flight instead.

Budget Airlines Versus Traditional Carriers: Which to Choose?

When choosing between traditional airlines and low-cost carriers, it’s essential to compare the services and amenities provided. For example, airlines like Alaska Airlines offer personal TV and comfortable seating which can enhance your travel experience. On the other hand, budget flights from LA to Vegas with airlines like Spirit can offer the lowest fares, but it’s important to take note of possible compromises when it comes to included amenities.

Airlines Fare Range Pros Cons
Alaska Airlines $50 – $120 Personal TV, Comfortable seating May have slightly higher fares
Spirit Airlines $19 – $50 Lowest fares available Limited amenities & extra fees

In conclusion, finding inexpensive flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is possible with the right strategy and timing. Keep the above tips in mind while booking your trip, and you can score budget flights from LA to Vegas without breaking the bank.

Understanding Flight Pricing Dynamics

off-peak LA to Vegas flights

In the quest for cheap flights from LA to Vegas, understanding the flight pricing dynamics is crucial. One of the most significant factors impacting flight costs is seasonality. By targeting off-peak LA to Vegas flights, travelers can reap substantial savings without compromising on their vacation experience.

Off-Peak Seasons: Save Big on Your Vegas Trip

While flight prices vary across the year, the off-peak seasons are synonymous with more affordable fares. January and February, in particular, standout for potential savings and reduced crowd levels. Travelers can save up to 47% on flights when booking at least 31 days in advance during these off-peak months.

Winter in Las Vegas offers cooler temperatures that range from 48.2 to 93.2 °F, fewer crowds, and lower prices on flights.

By carefully considering flight pricing LA to Vegas and choosing off-peak travel, tourists can still fully immerse themselves in the vibrant excitement that defines the ultimate Las Vegas getaway.

Month Average Flight Prices from LA to Vegas Potential Savings Crowd Levels
January $95 Up to 47% Low
February $105 Up to 45% Low
March $155 15% Moderate
April $175 No Savings High
May $150 15% Moderate

In summary, when searching for cheap flights from LA to Vegas, focusing on off-peak seasons is an effective strategy that can save both time and money. Budget-conscious travelers can take advantage of discounted airfare, while also enjoying Vegas without the overwhelming crowds that could hamper their experience.

Top Tips for Finding Budget Flights LA to Vegas

tips to find budget flights LA to Vegas

When it comes to finding cheap flights from LA to Vegas, flexibility is the name of the game. To help you plan your next budget-friendly trip, we’ve compiled our top tips to find budget flights LA to Vegas, as well as options for saving on flights LA to Vegas.

  1. Use flight comparison tools and filters to find the best rates. Check different airlines and booking sites to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.
  2. Consider indirect routes for additional savings. While they may take more time, flying with a layover could save you some cash.
  3. Book during off-peak times, such as early in the morning or late at night. These times tend to offer lower prices on flights.
  4. Keep an eye out for airline sales and last-minute offers that can slash prices even further.
  5. Explore the possibility of flying out of alternative airports like Santa Ana or Burbank, as they might offer cheaper deals.

Now that you have an idea of the various strategies to find affordable flights, let’s take a closer look at how different factors can contribute to flight pricing. We’ll examine the impact of booking in advance, selecting different airlines, and choosing the best departure days.

Factor Strategy Potential Savings
Booking in advance Book your flight at least 71 days prior to departure. Save up to 20% on airfare
Selecting an airline Compare prices and amenities from different carriers, like Alaska Airlines and budget airlines like Spirit. Find the best combination of price and comfort based on your preferences
Departure days Schedule your flights on weekdays, preferably Monday or Tuesday, and return on Wednesday for the best deals. Save up to 30% on airfare during weekdays compared to weekends

Remember, the key to saving on flights LA to Vegas is to stay flexible and be open to alternative options. By exploring different routes, airlines, and travel dates, you can find the best deals and have more money to spend on your Vegas vacation.

Pro tip: Sign up for airline newsletters and follow them on social media to stay updated on sales and last-minute offers. This way, you’ll always be in the loop when a great deal becomes available.

Comparing Flight Amenities: What’s Included in Your Low-Cost Ticket

flight amenities comparison

When searching for cheap airline tickets LA to Vegas, it’s important to assess and compare the onboard amenities provided by each airline. By identifying the differences in legroom, entertainment, and on-board services, you can ensure a comfortable journey without breaking the bank.

Legroom, Entertainment, and On-Board Services

Legroom can vary significantly between airlines, with some budget flights offering a more cramped experience. Entertainment options, such as personal TVs and a selection of movies/shows, are key factors, especially for airlines like Alaska, where customer satisfaction remains high. Onboard services, including food and beverages, differ by carrier, so it’s essential to review what’s included before booking your cheap flights LA to Vegas.

Airline Legroom Entertainment Food & Beverages
Alaska Airlines 31-32 inches Personal TVs with movies/shows Complimentary snacks and drinks available
Spirit Airlines 28 inches None Available for purchase
Southwest Airlines 32-33 inches In-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment portal Complimentary snacks and drinks

Baggage Allowance: Avoiding Extra Fees

Understanding baggage policies is vital when looking for cheap flights LA to Vegas to avoid unexpected costs. Traditional carriers generally have more generous baggage allowances compared to budget airlines. Always check the baggage allowance included with your ticket and measure and weigh your bags before departure to prevent additional baggage fees, which can quickly increase the overall cost of your budget flight.

  1. Research the specific baggage allowances of each airline.
  2. Ensure your carry-on and checked luggage are within the stated dimensions and weight limits.
  3. Consider purchasing additional baggage allowance ahead of time if necessary.

In conclusion, by comparing flight amenities and being aware of baggage allowances, you can secure cheap airline tickets LA to Vegas without sacrificing essential comforts. This knowledge will enable you to make informed decisions, resulting in a better overall travel experience.

Convenience Versus Cost: Direct Flights or Layovers?

When choosing between convenience and cost for your trip from LA to Vegas, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of direct flights and those with layovers. In this section, we delve into the factors determining whether to opt for direct flights or flights with layovers, with the goal of finding a balance between travel time and price.

Evaluating Total Travel Time and Impact on Price

Several factors influence the cost and duration of flights between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. While direct flights provide a faster, more convenient travel experience, their cost can sometimes be higher than those involving layovers. To better understand the trade-offs, let’s explore the implications of choosing either option.

Direct Flights LA to Vegas: For those who value time and convenience, direct flights are an excellent choice. With a flight time of just over an hour, you will arrive at your destination quickly, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey.

  1. Pros: Short travel time, fewer potential delays, and ideal for those on a tight schedule.
  2. Cons: Can be more expensive than flights with layovers, particularly during peak seasons and holidays.

Flight Layovers: For travelers with more flexible schedules and budget constraints, flights with layovers may offer substantial cost savings. However, these flights may also add several hours to your total travel time, turning an otherwise short trip into a longer journey.

  1. Pros: Lower prices, increased variety of airline choices, and the potential for significant savings if you are willing to spend more time in transit.
  2. Cons: Longer travel time, potential for delays and missed connections, increased possibility of baggage mishandling, and less convenient for those with limited vacation time.
Flight Option Average Flight Time Impact on Price
Direct Flights Approx. 1-1.5 hours Higher cost, with limited potential for savings
Flights with Layovers 3+ hours Significant cost savings, but travel time significantly increased

Ultimately, the decision between direct flights and those with layovers depends on your priorities, schedule, and budget. Our advice is to evaluate these factors carefully and make an informed decision that matches your unique travel preferences.

Maximizing Rewards: Frequent Flyer Programs and Credit Card Points

Enhance your travel experience while saving money by leveraging frequent flyer programs and credit card points when booking flights from LA to Vegas. By taking advantage of these rewarding systems, passengers can earn points or miles and redeem them for flights or upgrades, making the most of their travel budget.

Strategies for Earning and Redeeming Travel Points

There are numerous ways to earn and redeem travel points, unlocking incredible advantages such as preferred boarding or early booking options. Here are some crucial strategies to help you make the most of your credit card points and frequent flyer programs:

  • Choose the right program: Research different frequent flyer programs and credit cards, focusing on those that align best with your travel patterns and preferences. Look for programs that partner with your preferred airlines and offer the most valuable reward options.
  • Earn points through everyday spending: Many credit cards offer points or miles for every dollar spent, not only on travel purchases. Maximize your points-earning potential by using your credit card for everyday purchases, and always pay your balance in full to avoid interest charges.
  • Take advantage of promotions: Many frequent flyer programs and credit cards offer special promotions that can boost your points balance rapidly. Stay informed about these opportunities by signing up for newsletters and following your favorite airlines on social media.
  • Redeem points for flights or upgrades: Once you have accumulated enough points, use them to book flights or upgrade to a higher travel class. Be flexible with your travel dates and destinations to take advantage of the best point redemption promotions and make your points go further.
  • Track your points and expiration dates: Keep a close eye on your points balance and expiration dates to ensure you don’t lose valuable rewards. Consider using a points-tracking app or tool to help you manage multiple accounts easily.

By utilizing these travel rewards strategies, you can significantly reduce the cost of your flights from LA to Vegas, optimizing the value of your frequent flyer programs and credit card points. Embark on your journey with the confidence that comes from making smart travel decisions while enjoying all the excitement that Vegas has to offer.

Making the Most of Airline Sales and Last-Minute Offers

Stay alert for airline sales LA to Vegas and last-minute flight offers to snatch the cheapest flights from LA to Vegas. Sign up for airline newsletters, follow them on social media, and use flight alert tools to be notified of price drops. Be ready to book when a deal strikes since these discounts can come and go quickly, offering significant savings on your next trip.

Some effective strategies for staying informed about discounted flights from LA to Vegas include:

  • Subscribing to airline newsletters to receive exclusive promotions and discounts
  • Following airlines on social media to stay up-to-date with their latest offers
  • Setting up price drop alerts for your desired route using flight alert tools

To help you identify the best airline sales and last-minute offers, we have compiled a list of popular airlines that frequently have promotions for flights from LA to Vegas:

Airline Newsletter Subscription
Southwest Airlines Click ‘n Save
Alaska Airlines Insider Weekly
Spirit Airlines Air Deals Email
American Airlines AAdvantage eSummary
United Airlines MileagePlus News & Offers

“I managed to save over 40% on my LA to Vegas flight by keeping an eye on airline sales and last-minute deals. Don’t underestimate the power of being flexible and staying informed!” – Jessica, frequent traveler to Las Vegas

Remember, while it’s crucial to snag that airline sale or last-minute flight deal, it’s equally important to factor in the value of your time and any additional costs associated with layovers or extra fees. Always evaluate the total cost and convenience before booking your flight to ensure you enjoy a hassle-free and budget-friendly Vegas adventure.

Leveraging Flight Comparison Tools for the Best Rates

To secure the best rates on flights from LA to Vegas, utilize flight comparison tools that aggregate prices from different airlines and booking sites. These tools offer comprehensive data, allowing you to make informed decisions on your travel plans.

One noteworthy feature offered by flight comparison tools is the ability to apply filters to find the perfect flight tailored to your preferences. Choose from a variety of filter options:

  • Direct flights
  • Preferred departure times
  • Choice of airline
  • Specific price range

How to Use Filters to Find the Perfect Flight

By carefully applying filters, you can narrow down your search to flights that match your budget, preferred airline, and schedule. For example, selecting the direct flights filter will show you non-stop options between LA and Vegas, potentially saving you travel time and hassle.

Pro Tip: Be as flexible as possible with your travel dates, times, and airports to increase your chance of securing the best flight deals.

In addition to filters, flight comparison tools also provide valuable insights into flight duration, stopover options, and historical pricing data. This information can help you identify trends and anticipate potential drops in ticket prices, ensuring you snag the ideal flight that suits your budget and schedule.

Below is a table that showcases a comparison of flight deals from three popular flight comparison tools:

Comparison Tool Best Price (LA to Vegas) Airlines Included Other Features
Tool A $29 Alaska, Spirit, Southwest, Delta, American Historical price trends, email price alerts
Tool B $32 Alaska, Spirit, Southwest, United, American Flexible date search, last-minute deals
Tool C $27 Alaska, Spirit, Southwest, Delta, United, American Price prediction, fare alerts, combination flights

In summary, flight comparison tools are essential for identifying the best rates on flights from LA to Vegas. By utilizing filters, comparing features, and taking advantage of available data, you can save money and customize your trip to fit your preferences. Happy flying!

The Pros and Cons of Flexible Travel Dates

Flexibility in travel dates can lead to greater opportunities for cheaper flights from LA to Vegas. By considering less popular days and times for flying, you increase the likelihood of finding a bargain. In this section, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of having flexible travel dates for flights, as well as offer some additional tips for saving even more on your next trip.

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” – Margaret Drabble, The Ice Age

More Opportunities for Cheaper Flights

Although having flexible travel dates means facing some uncertainty, the benefits of finding cheap flights from LA to Vegas often outweigh the drawbacks. Let’s delve into some of the reasons why having a flexible schedule can work to your advantage.

  1. Midweek Flights: Generally, flights that depart on weekdays (particularly Tuesdays and Wednesdays) offer lower prices than those on weekends. This occurs because most travelers prefer to fly over the weekend, driving up demand and prices.
  2. Off-Peak Flight Times: Less popular flying times, like late-night or very early morning departures, tend to be more affordable than flights during the day. Passengers who are willing to fly at these times can save a considerable amount of money.
  3. Open Travel Windows: By keeping an open travel window, you’re more likely to spot a great deal when it becomes available. This can lead to significant savings, especially if you’re open to changing your departure and return dates.
  4. Alternative Airports: Sometimes, flying out of a nearby airport instead of the primary Los Angeles airport can lead to cheaper flight options. In Southern California, airports like Long Beach and Burbank may occasionally offer better deals.
  • Uncertainty: When you’re prepared to change your travel dates, it’s hard to make concrete plans for other aspects of your trip, such as accommodations and scheduled activities. This may result in some stress, especially if you struggle to find a suitable flight.
  • Last-Minute Expenses: If you’re waiting for the perfect price to book your flight, it could mean booking last minute. This could potentially lead to higher costs for other aspects of your trip, like hotel stays and car rentals.
  • Missed Opportunities: Being flexible with your travel plans can occasionally result in missed opportunities. Enticing deals might show up when you’re unavailable or after you’ve already booked non-refundable tickets, leading to disappointment.

In conclusion, having flexible travel dates for flights from LA to Vegas provides both advantages and disadvantages. However, if you’re open to embracing the uncertainty and remaining adaptable, you’ll likely find cheaper flights for your next trip. Balancing the desire to save money with the need for concrete plans is essential to make the most out of your travel experience.


Finding the ideal cheap flight from LA to Vegas can be a breeze with the right approach and resources at hand. By being flexible with your travel plans and timing, strategically using frequent flyer programs and credit card points, you’re one step closer to securing affordable LA to Vegas flights for an unforgettable trip. Remaining informed about airline sales and last-minute offers ensures that you won’t miss out on any budget-friendly opportunities.

Leveraging flight comparison tools and filtering options can further aid you in narrowing down the most cost-effective options, providing the perfect mix of convenience and affordability. Always pay close attention to baggage allowances and onboard amenities to avoid surprise fees and ensure a comfortable journey. Midweek flights or flights departing during less popular hours can also translate into significant savings.

In the end, uncovering the best deals on cheap flights from LA to Vegas doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With proper planning, flexibility, and persistence, budget-friendly Vegas trips are well within reach. So go ahead and confidently book that dream Vegas getaway, knowing that you’ve done your research and scored an incredible deal, all while maintaining an enjoyable travel experience.


When is the best time to book affordable flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

Aim to book your flights 71 days in advance to secure the best rates. Departing on a Monday or Tuesday and returning on a Wednesday can lead to significant savings. Also, consider flying in January and February, as these months tend to have the lowest prices.

What amenities can I expect on discounted flights from LA to Vegas?

Onboard amenities vary depending on the airline. Traditional carriers like Alaska Airlines often offer personal TVs, comfortable seating, and more generous legroom. Budget airlines like Spirit typically offer lower prices, but may have more limited amenities. It’s important to consider what’s most important to you when booking your flight.

Which airlines offer the best deals on flights LA to Vegas?

Budget airlines like Spirit often offer the cheapest prices on flights from LA to Vegas. Traditional carriers like Alaska Airlines are also known for providing affordable flights and can offer more amenities than some budget airlines.

How can I find budget flights LA to Vegas with flexible travel dates?

To find the most budget-friendly flights from LA to Vegas, use flight comparison tools and filters to compare prices for different dates. Midweek flights generally offer better deals than weekend flights, so consider adjusting your travel dates to take advantage of lower prices.

What should I be aware of regarding baggage policies on cheap airline tickets LA to Vegas?

Baggage allowances can vary depending on the airline. Traditional carriers often have more generous baggage policies than budget airlines, which may charge extra fees for bags that don’t fit within specific size and weight limits. Always check the included baggage allowance with your ticket and measure and weigh your bags prior to departure to avoid unexpected fees.

Should I choose a direct flight or one with layovers if I want to save on my LA to Vegas trip?

Direct flights typically offer the most convenience and shorter travel time, but indirect flights with layovers may provide lower prices. Evaluate the trade-offs between time and cost to determine which option best suits your needs and schedule.

How can I maximize rewards when booking flights from LA to Vegas?

Leverage frequent flyer programs and credit card points when booking your flights. Airlines may offer preferred boarding or early booking options to cardholders, and these points can be redeemed for travel expenses. Be flexible and look for point redemption promotions to get the best value for your rewards.

How can I take advantage of airline sales and last-minute offers?

Sign up for airline newsletters, follow them on social media, and use flight alert tools to stay informed about price drops and promotions. Be prepared to book quickly when deals become available, as these offers can come and go rapidly.

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