Find Out How You Can Score Cheaper Flight Tickets By Flying At Night!

Jet lag? Insomnia? If you’re an adventurous traveler, chances are you’ve experienced these.​ But believe it or not, these ailments can actually help you save on flight tickets.​ Yes, you read that right! Flying at night can actually get you cheaper flight tickets.​ How-so, you ask? Read on to find out how!

Think about it–not many people like to take red-eye flights (for obvious reasons).​ Airlines don’t like to fly empty planes, so to fill in the seats they offer flights at reduced rates in almost all cases.​ In other words, flying at odd hours can get you cheaper tickets.​ In fact, one of the most affordable ways to fly is right in the middle of the night.​ You may lose a few hours of sleep, but you can potentially save a lot of money! Also, you don’t need to worry about jet lag as much since your body will sleep through the flight anyways.​

In addition to cheaper tickets, there are other perks associated with taking a late night flight.​ You don’t have to worry about long check-in queues, there is usually almost no delay on these flights, and you can reach your destination in no time.​ Plus, it gives you the added benefit of getting extra sleep once you board the plane so you can be well-rested for when you land.​

The downside to taking night flights is that you don’t get enough time to plan for them.​ Every traveler knows the importance of researching and booking a flight well in advance.​ Unfortunately, last-minute night flights don’t give you this option.​ You need to book the tickets as soon as you can for the maximum benefit.​

Night flights can also be uncomfortable in some cases.​ You may see some fellow passengers doze off and sleep with their mouth open, or worse, snore! Uncomfortable seats and limited leg space can also ruin your experience.​ So take all these factors into consideration before booking a flight at night.​

How to Find Cheaper Tickets?

When it comes to saving money on flights, the key is to plan ahead.​

Cheap Flight Tickets
As soon as you know your travel dates, use a price comparison website to compare flight tickets from different airlines.​ Comparing prices can potentially save you a lot of money.​ It’s also a good idea to follow flight booking websites such as Skyscanner or Kayak and sign up for their newsletters.​ This way, you’ll be the first to know when new deals become available.​

Think about investing in frequent flyer memberships.​ Some airlines offer discounts to members which can help you save on tickets.​ Just make sure to check what the membership entails before signing up with any of those programs.​

Last but not least, subscribe to online websites that offer discounts on air travel.​ Frequently visiting such websites can enable you to find last minute deals as well.​

Advanced Flight Options

If you are an experienced traveler, you can use some of the more advanced options for booking flights.​ You can try and match one-way tickets from different airlines to get a cheaper flight.​ Alternatively, you can look at different airports to find affordable flights.​ You can also try to take benefit from open-jaw tickets or multi-city tickets.​ Just remember to do your research well for this.​

One more option worth considering is combining flights with stopovers.​ You may need to take some extra time to reach your destination, but plan cleverly and you could save even more money on your flight ticket.​ For instance, if you’re going from London to New York, take a shorter flight from London to Canada or Mexico, and then a connecting flight from there to New York.​

You can also opt to befriend airline staff members.​ As strange as it may sound, a simple gesture such as bribery (yes, find out if it’s allowed) or offering to help the grounded crew occasionally can help get you a free or discounted upgrade.​

Important Tips For Night Flights

To get the most out of your night flights, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1.​Book your flight ticket in advance to get the best deals.​ If you book during the last minute, chances are you’ll end up paying more for the ticket.​

2.​Choose your seat carefully.​ Try booking an aisle seat so that you can get up and move around the cabin if required.​

3.​It’s better to dress comfortably while traveling at night.​ Baggy clothes, warm sweaters, loose t-shirts and track pants will help keep you comfortable during the flight.​

4.​Pack a few snacks such as granola bars, almonds, and dried fruit snacks.​ They can help you stay alert during the flight.​

5.​Bring your own entertainment with you such as music, movies, podcasts, or books.​ Kill the monotony by engaging yourself with one of these activities.​

FAQs ‘Find Out How You Can Score Cheaper Flight Tickets By Flying At Night’

Can I save money by flying late at night?

Yes, you can save money by flying late at night.​ Airlines don’t like to fly empty planes so to fill in the seats they offer flights at reduced rates at odd hours.​

What can I do to find the cheapest tickets?

To find the cheapest tickets, it is important to plan ahead.​ Use a price comparison website to compare flight tickets from different airlines and follow flight booking websites to stay updated about new deals.​

Can I make use of advanced flight options?

If you are an experienced traveler you can make use of advanced flight options such as combining one-way tickets, looking at different airports, taking advantage of open-jaw tickets, or taking flights with stopovers.​

What are some important tips for night flights?

Some important tips for night flights include booking the ticket in advance, choosing the seat carefully, dressing comfortably, packing snacks, and bringing entertainment.​