Don’t Break The Bank: How To Find Affordable Flights To Pakistan

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Planning a trip to Pakistan? You don’t have to break the bank to do it! With a little bit of savvy planning, you can find affordable flights to Pakistan without sacrificing quality.​ Here are some tips to help you get the best deal:

Right off the bat, signing up for newsletters from the airlines you plan to fly with is a great way to get alerted about deals and discounts.​ Once you’ve subscribed, watch out for promotional emails and look into the kinds of offers they’re providing.​ It’s also a good idea to check-in online at least 24 hours prior to departure, as this ensures that you’ll get the best available seat and avoid paying any extra last-minute costs.​

Booking off-peak is another great way to save money.​ Most airlines offer discounted fares during off-peak times – like during the winter months.​ Compare the flight prices from different months and you’ll start to see that the trends vary.​ Visiting during winter can also save you money on accommodations and activities, so it’s a win-win situation! Additionally, shopping around multiple airlines is a must.​ Don’t just book flights on a single airline – compare prices and look for the lowest fare.​ Consider buying a roundtrip ticket to save on return trips, too.​

If you’re a student, businesses such as STA Travel offer exclusive student discounts when it comes to flights.​ However, keep in mind that you’ll need to show your student ID and other relevant documents at the airport.​ You can also take advantage of travel cards that offer discounts on flight bookings.​ Check out loyalty programs, too – with many airlines offering rewards for frequent fliers, you might be able to use those points to get free tickets or discounts.​

Booking well in advance and making use of services that provide an online booking platform give you the advantage of getting the best deal.​ Keep an eye out for package deals that offer flight and hotel combo prices.​ You can also look into international carriers that offer flights to Pakistan – sometimes they tend to be cheaper than domestic airlines.​ Overall, it’s easiest to find the best price when you plan ahead and compare multiple airline options.​

Finally, search for discount codes and look for promotional discounts on websites and social media.​ Take your time to get the best deal – it might take a bit of extra research, but the payoff is definitely worth it.​

Be Flexible

If you’re looking for a really great deal, it often helps to be flexible with your dates.​ If you’re able to adjust your travel days, you’ll have a better chance at getting a great deal.​ If you’re set on certain dates, consider looking at different airports.​ You could find a good deal by flying to a bigger airport instead of the one closer to you, and then taking a train or bus to your destination.​

It doesn’t hurt to also play around with the departure time.​ If you’re able to fly during the early morning or overnight, those flights tend to be cheaper – since most people don’t like flying at those times.​ Additionally, look into one-way flights or flights with multiple stops – as they can often be much cheaper than a direct flight.​

Lastly, travel during off-peak seasons and try to avoid holiday and vacation times.​ Taking into account school release times, business conferences and other festivities, different countries experience peak times during different seasons.​ Flying four months after the peak season has ended can give you great savings.​

Weekend Fares

Weekend fares and bundle bookings are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to booking flights.​

Affordable Flights to Pakistan
Airlines such as United Airlines and Lufthansa offer fares and bundles that can save you up to 80% on flights.​ Keep an eye out for these offers – as they are quite hidden, since they’re basically never advertised.​

As stated earlier, loyalty programs can also offer specials like weekend fares, so consider signing up for these.​ Again, you don’t have to sacrifice quality by flying in an uncomfortable, budget aircraft.​ Flights like these are often available in well-known carriers with high safety ratings, so you don’t have to worry too much about the safety of the flight.​

Most of the time, the fares need to be booked at least 14 days in advance, so keep this in mind when planning your trip.​ Furthermore, there may be restrictions on certain routes with regard to departure times, so check with your airline for more information when booking a flight.​

Booking Platforms

Using a booking platform such as Skyscanner can be a great way to compare flight prices across multiple airlines.​ With Skyscanner, you’re able to input the destination, dates and other travel requirements and you’ll receive a wide range of prices from different airlines.​ As mentioned earlier, this is a great way to find the best deal out there and book the most convenient flight.​

Booking services such as Expedia and Kayak provide similar options.​ With these sites, you can compare flight prices, read up on reviews, and get a better sense of what to expect while making your booking.​ Sites like these have a lot of information on the available flights and they can also provide helpful recommendations to save money.​

When booking online, take the time to browse around and find the best deal.​ You can often find a lot of great last-minute deals on different sites and apps.​ Additionally, many airlines offer discounts for apps such as Hipmunk and Hopper, so be sure to check those as well.​

Look Out For Deals

Social media is a great place to look for deals and discounts.​ Airlines post savings and discounts on their own pages, occasionally partner up with influencers, and even advertise with sponsored posts.​ Following the airlines that you’re considering is the best way to get instant notifications about new offers.​

Additionally, there are a lot of online travel agents (OTAs) who post exclusive offers on their websites, as well as on their social media accounts.​ For example, KAYAK have historically offered discounts on multiple flights, so keep an eye out for these.​ You can also follow different travel influencers, as they often offer promotional codes and exclusive discounts.​

Even if you’re planning your trip last-minute, the internet is a great place to search for discounts and deals.​ With all the available resources, take your time to find the best-priced flights and the most suitable options.​


1.​ Are there any student discounts for flights to Pakistan?

Yes, companies such as STA Travel offer student discounts on flights to Pakistan.​ You must provide proof of your student status, however.​

2.​ Does booking roundtrip flights save money?

Yes, purchasing roundtrip flights typically saves money in comparison to booking two separate one-way tickets.​

3.​ Are there any special offers on flights to Pakistan?

Yes, airlines often have promotional offers when booking flights to Pakistan.​ Look out for international carriers, package deals, frequent flier points, discount codes and weekend fares.​