Discover The Surprising Tuesday Advantage: How To Get Cheaper Airline Flight Deals


Do you dream about having the next getaway without it costing an arm and a leg? Here’s a simple strategy that can help make it happen–discover the surprising Tuesday Advantage when buying airfares.​ There are a few key things you need to be aware of: all the reasons why Tuesdays offer cheaper deals, how to get hold of them and how to make the most of your Tuesday-bargain hunting.​

A big reason Tuesdays are great for discounted airfare is because there’s less competition.​ With many people usually buying airfare during the weekend, teams of airlines crunching numbers and tweaking deals are more likely to put great offers out there on a less crowded day in the hopes of getting them noticed.​ Tuesdays have become the go-to day for bargain hunters to seek out these deals.​

The Tuesday Advantage isn’t something that you read about in the travel guides.​ It can be hard to find out about all the great offers that could be available out there.​ To make it easier, sign up with airlines’ newsletters; that way, you’ll get all the offers straight to your inbox.​ Also look for online deal sites such as Travelocity, Skyscanner and Expedia that are constantly listing travel offers; they’re often cheaper on Tuesdays than other days of the week.​

Which brings us to the last important point: don’t wait for the Tuesday Advantage to come to you.​ The best deals to be had can be snapped up quickly, so you need to act upon them very fast.​ To find the biggest discounts as soon as possible, make sure you’re keeping an eye on the offers and ready to pounce as soon as you see an amazing deal.​

Tuesdays might be the best day of the week to find discounted airfare, but making the most of them is a real art form.​ If you can get right on the case whenever there are new offers and keep alert for the ones that truly are an incredible steal, then you’ll be one step closer to landing the plans of a cheap getaway.​

Gather All You Need to Know Beforehand

Knowing your way around an airline’s fares and offers is a sure-fire way to make sure you’re snapping up the best deals before anyone else.​ To be sure you’re up on all the latest deals and discounts, make sure you’re following the airline’s social media accounts and even review their website every now and again.​

It’s important to also have your information ready to go.​ Take down your frequent flyer’s number, gather your passport information and look out for any discounts or special offers.​ Of course, having all of this ahead of time helps make the process go that much faster; so don’t be caught out with information that you should have had on hand.​

There are multi-city check-in tools like Rome2Rio and Hiluluk that can help you plan the most efficient way to travel from one place to another.​ These tools are often useful for travelers looking for a multi-destination trip or when trying to get from one reduced fare point to another.​

Don’t forget too to keep your eyes peeled for current offers and discounts–some airlines can offer specials on their flight routes, be it short-haul or long-distance trips.​ If you think you might take advantage of a trip they offer, don’t wait for the last minute when it might be too late.​

Keeping alert for all the details of air travel isn’t rocket science–it just takes some savvy and direction.​ Have your information handy and be ready to act when offers come along; then you’ll be well on your way to greater savings on your next big travel adventure.​

Be Smart With Timing

Knowing when to buy is almost as important as knowing where to buy.​ For most airlines, Tuesday is the best day to hunt out those amazing discounts, but there’s no universal, one-size-fits-all formula.​

Take the time to review the different offers fly by from different airlines to figure out what works best for you.​ Look out for deals for shorter flights between major cities one day, and check later in the week for offers on longer flights.​

Airline Flight Deals
Additionally, try to aim for either late evening or early morning flights–this is when flights are usually cheaper.​

It’s worth remembering too that airfare deals differ depending on the destination.​ Research and discover when flight prices tend to drop for the places you want to go, keep an eye out for any sales and sign up for airline newsletters that keep you updated about current offers.​

You don’t always have to wait for a sale to get a good discounted airfare.​ Book in advance–say, seven to eight weeks before departure–to get great savings, or wait until the last minute if you’re looking for even better discounts.​

Airlines know how to keep airfare prices competitive, so keep alert and act fast when you see a great fare.​ By combining a little strategy with a good understanding of the market, you’ll come out with the best deal.​

Go Further by Knowing the Basics

To really get on top of the Tuesday airfare Advantage, it’s worth understanding some of the fundamentals involved in booking a flight.​ Knowing the basic terms used by airlines–like “mileage discount” and “restricted fares”–and understanding what each type of fare costs can help you get the best deal.​

Most airlines have an online search tool that allows you to compare fares and spot the ones offering the best fares.​ If you’re flexible with different dates and times, you can use these search engines to find flights with the biggest discounts.​

Most airlines also have their own reward system programs and conditions of travel.​ Many offer bonus points when you book return flights or buy a package.​ It’s also worth determining how many points or miles you need to be able to upgrade to a better seat or get free tickets, and set your sights on attaining that amount.​

Frequent flyers can often get great discounts too that are worth taking adantage of.​ Be aware, however, that these discounts often have time limits and conditions of use, so it’s important to check these details carefully.​

The best way to make the most of the Tuesday Advantage is to understand what you’re looking for and where to look for it.​ Researching and taking the time to explore the offers available can save you a lot of money in the long run and make your dream vacation much more affordable.​

Getting What You Pay for

It’s important to remember that a cheaper flight doesn’t always mean a better deal.​ Make sure you’re aware of all the finer details of your flight before you book.​

Check that the flight meets your needs when it comes to the amount of baggage and other add-ons like meals.​ Check if the airline is renowned for its excellent service and that the fare includes amenities like movies, WiFi and power outlets.​ Compare the seating area to make sure it’s comfortable and suited to your size.​

A great way to make sure you’re getting the best airfare is to compare different airlines across different days of the week; you’ll probably be surprised to find just how much you can save.​

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to budget airfare–each person’s journey is different, so you want to be sure you’re getting the best deal and the best service for the price you’re paying.​


How can I find the best airfare on Tuesdays?

Sign up to an airline’s newsletter, look for online deal sites such as Travelocity, Skyscanner and Expedia, follow the airline’s social media accounts and review their website regularly.​ Pay attention to current offers and discounts and be ready to act fast when they come up.​

How far in advance should I book?

It’s advisable to book seven to eight weeks in advance to get great savings.​ Alternatively, you can wait until the last minute if you’re looking for even better discounts.​

Are there any other tips I should know before I book?

Do some research and compare different airlines to be sure you’re getting the best deal.​ Make sure you’re aware of the terms used by airlines such as “mileage discount” and “restricted fares”, and check all the finer details of the flight such as the amount of baggage, meals, add-ons like movies, whether it’s comfortable and suited to your size, etc.​