Discover Secrets To Scoring Cheap Flights To Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas, the world’s premier casino destination.​ Whether you’re here to gamble, catch a show, or simply see the sights, it’s important to save the most amount of money while having the best experience.​ But with airfares to Vegas skyrocketing, how do you make sure you stay within your budget? We’re here to help! Here are some simple strategies for scoring cheap flights to Las Vegas.​

Utilizing budget airlines like Spirit or Frontier for domestic flights, or low-cost carriers such as Ryanair and EasyJet for international flights, is one sure way to decrease your flight costs.​ While these budget airlines may not offer amenities you would get from traditional airlines, they have many flights available from multiple cities, and oftentimes offer deals and discounts.​ Additionally, the convenience of having multiple flights from different cities to a destination like Vegas might make these airlines well worth the slightly lower level of luxury.​

Another way to save money when booking flights to Las Vegas is to look out for promotions and sales.​ Airlines often announce sale periods throughout the year when you can take advantage of greatly reduced prices.​ You can keep an eye out for these sales with the help of online search tools which can tell you when the best time to purchase tickets is.​ Additionally, you should take the time to compare ticket prices and get the best deal for your money.​

By signing up with an airline’s loyalty program, you’ll not only be able to track your progress in gaining miles and other rewards, but you’ll also be eligible for exclusive deals which may help you get discounted flights to Vegas.​ On top of that, some airline loyalty programs provide status-based perks like free baggage or access to the airline lounge which additionally help enrich your trip experience.​

Another way to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible is to look at alternate airports.​ Many cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix have several airport locations you can choose from which may offer cheaper flights than the more popular airports.​ Just keep in mind to factor in the additional cost of transportation or a car rental to get to the alternate airport of your choice.​

Finally, arguably the oldest trick in the book these days is to simply book far in advance.​ Airlines will always charge more for last minute bookings, so the earlier you book your flights, the better rate you’ll likely get.​ Rates may also fluctuate depending on the day of departure, so ensuring your schedule is somewhat flexible can also help you out.​

Additional Tips for Traveling Cheap to Las Vegas

First and foremost, you should always book direct flights when possible.​ If your route requires more than one stop, there’s a great chance you’ll have higher fares.​ Additionally, opt for middle seats.​ While window and aisle seats may be more desirable, they more often then not cost more.​

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to research the different airline baggage rules regarding checked and carry-on bags.​ Upon doing so, you’ll be able to pack in the most effective way and save on any additional bag fees.​ Also, if you’re on a budget and funds are tight, consider using credit card points or rewards to cover your flight costs.​

Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

Don’t forget to use coupon codes while booking your flight.​ Using a coupon is not only for first time travelers, the same coupon codes can also be used to book consecutive trips.​ There are websites and search engines which can show you the best deals and coupons online.​ A few minutes of research can make a big difference in your total fare cost.​

Once your flight is booked, make sure to look for other discounts or combo offers.​ Sometimes, you might be able to get a discount on hotel bookings, car rentals, or show tickets.​ Also, look out for promotional discounts of at least 10-15% that some airlines offer.​ By taking advantage of these offers, you make your trip to Vegas more economical, and you can even get away with more spending money!

Best Time to Book Flights.​

The typical industry wisdom is that planning your journey ahead of time and booking at least 21 days before your departure date will lead to the best-priced fares to Las Vegas.​ That’s because airlines often increase the rates nearer to the departure date.​ So, if you’re flexible with the days of the week that you fly, or can leave a few weeks ahead of time, you’ll be likely to find a great deal.​

Furthermore, there’s also wiggle-room in terms of dates.​ The so-called golden rules are to book 24 weeks in advance and to depart either on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday.​ However, it’s impossible to be sure about the best time frame for every flight.​ So, use your best judgement and weigh up the pros and cons of different prices.​

When you do decide to book, don’t forget to double check the cost after you’ve selected your seats on the plane.​ Airline websites and apps often try to upsell you with extras that you don’t need.​ For those looking for the cheapest flights to Las Vegas, just remember to proceed with caution so that you don’t spend more than necessary.​

Contact Last-minute Deals

If your schedule is flexible to a certain extent, then you might want to contact last-minute deals.​ A number of sites such as Priceline.​com, Vacation Superstore, or Lastminute.​com offer unbeatable last-minute deals for flights and hotels that you can book in the eleventh hour.​ When you explore these options, you can often find packages on sale at fraction of the original price.​

These low-cost packages come with restrictions of course, as they’re not regularly available and must be accessed through password-protected sites.​ On the plus side, they can turn out to be beautifully cheap.​ So, being flexible and staying up to date on the offers can be quite an option if you’re looking for the best possible prices.​


Q: How can I use credit cards to benefit my flights?

A: Many credit cards offer the ability to earn airline miles and other rewards with each purchase.​ These accumulated points can then be used to pay for flights or other travel-related expenses.​ Additionally, some cards come with special offers and discounts that can help bring down ticket fares.​

Q: What are the advantages of airline loyalty programs?

A: Airline loyalty programs offer various benefits such as free checked bags, discounted rates, and priority boarding.​ Additionally, they can be used to track a customer’s progress towards gaining discounts, free flights, and other rewards.​

Q: How can I make sure I get the best deals?

A: The best way to make sure you’re getting the best deals is to look around for the best prices.​ Compare prices from multiple airline websites, don’t forget to take advantage of coupon codes, and look out for any promotions.​ Additionally, making sure you book your flights in advance also helps.​