Cheap Flights To Europe Now: A 2020 Guide To Low-Cost Travel

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Eager to explore Europe with a tight budget? With the right knowledge and some planning, flying to Europe in 2020 is easier and cheaper than ever before.​ Here’s our guide to getting the best deals!

Start out by scouting airline websites for deals.​ Some airlines like Ryanair and Wizz Air offer some of the cheapest prices for domestic and international flights.​ Often the lowest prices are available for flights booked during off-peak times.​ It may mean having to leave your destination a bit earlier than planned or taking a less direct flight, but the savings are worth it.​

Make sure to book well in advance of your desired travel dates for additional savings.​ Airlines want to fill their planes up with passengers, so they often offer discounts to those who book in advance.​ It’s also important to get familiar with airline promotions and campaigns to get the most out of your budget.​

It’s also worth looking for special offers and discounts when booking flights to Europe.​ Many tours and travel companies offer deals that cover airfare, accommodation and ground transportation.​ These offers are available for travelers of all ages and budgets.​

Another great way to save on flights to Europe is to use travel reward programs.​ Many airlines have loyalty programs that allow customers to accumulate points that can be used to redeem things like flights, hotel stays, and more.​ If you fly often, it’s worth looking into these programs to see if they can help you save on your airfare.​

Finally, don’t forget about budget airlines.​ Companies such as Ryanair, Wizz Air and EasyJet offer budget-friendly flights to various destinations across Europe.​ Make sure to do your research and compare prices before booking to get the best deal possible.​

Unique Airline Promotions and Campaigns

Don’t forget to look out for unique airline promotions and campaigns before booking flights to Europe.​ Different airlines have different campaigns offering special discounts or additional perks for travelers.​ For example, some airlines have loyalty programs that reward travelers with points that can be used to purchase flights.​ Others offer discounts for flexible travel dates or discounts for members of certain organizations.​ Don’t be afraid to shop around and compare different airlines to find the best deal.​

It’s also worth paying attention to airlines’ social media accounts.​ Airlines often share their promotions and campaigns on social media, so make sure to follow your favorite airlines or destinations to stay in the loop.​

When you’re comparing prices, don’t forget to factor in hidden fees.​ Airlines typically charge additional fees for baggage, seating and other services, so make sure to factor these into your calculations when deciding which airline to fly with.​

Finally, be sure to check airline reviews to make sure you’re flying with a reliable carrier.​ Look for reviews from previous travelers to get an idea of how well the airline performs in terms of service, punctuality, and overall value.​

Accommodation and Additional Transportation

Once you’ve booked your flight, it’s time to start looking for accommodations.​ Again, don’t forget to comparison-shop for the best deals.​

Cheap Flights
Lodging costs vary significantly from destination to destination, so make sure to check multiple websites before booking.​

If you’re looking for an even cheaper option, there are numerous ways to save on accommodation.​ Hostels, for instance, often offer much lower rates than hotels.​ There are also sites such as Airbnb that offer homestays with local hosts.​ This is a great way to save money and get a more authentic experience.​

If you plan on traveling around Europe once you’ve arrived, then don’t forget to factor in transportation costs.​ Depending on your destination, there may be additional transportation costs associated with getting from the airport to the city center.​ Research the different transportation options in your destination ahead of time to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.​

It’s also worth considering the regional transportation systems, such as buses, trains, and trams.​ Many cities offer discount cards so that you can access cheaper transportation rates.​ Make sure to do your research and compare prices to find the best deals.​

Finally, if you’re planning on taking long-distance trips, then intercity buses can offer some of the best rates on ground transportation.​ Again, make sure to compare prices and services before booking any tickets.​

Additional Tips for Saving Money

You may be tempted to purchase additional insurance for your European holiday, but this may not always be necessary.​ Before buying any insurance, make sure to check your own insurance policies first.​ You may be covered for certain things, such as medical expenses or lost luggage, which could save you a considerable amount of money.​

Also, don’t forget to compare prices on currency exchange rates.​ If you need to convert your own currency, make sure to shop around and compare different options for the best rates.​ Additionally, many banks offer zero-fee transfers for certain currencies, so make sure to check with your bank before transferring any money.​

When booking hotel rooms, there are plenty of ways to save money.​ Consider booking a room with two beds instead of one, as prices per person are often lower.​ Additionally, many hotels offer discounts for booking multiple nights or for booking during certain periods.​ Always check for promotional offers before booking your accommodation.​

Be sure to explore the local attractions as well.​ Many cities and towns have great discount packages for travelers that are looking to explore their history and culture.​ Don’t forget to research local discounts as well, such as student discounts or other promotional offers.​

Finally, if you’re traveling with friends or family, you may be able to find discounts for group bookings.​ Many airlines, hotels, and attractions offer discounts for groups, so make sure to check for these before booking your trip.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.​ What are some of the best ways to get cheap flights to Europe?

A.​ The best way to get cheap flights to Europe is to book in advance, use budget airlines, sign-up for airline loyalty programs, take advantage of promotions and campaigns, and search for special offers and discounts.​

Q.​ Are there discounts for groups?

A.​ Yes, many airlines, hotels, and attractions offer discounts for group bookings.​

Q.​ Are there any other ways to save money when booking flights to Europe?

A.​ Yes, look into travel reward programs, compare different airlines and currencies for the best exchange rates, and take advantage of discounts and promotions offered by hotels and local attractions.​