Book Your Flight Now And Save: Why Booking At The Airport May Get You Cheaper Airfares

Many travelers avoid booking at the airport in favor of using online platforms, but there’s an opportunity to save if you’re willing to try something different.​ Booking at the airport may get you cheaper airfares, and here’s why.​

If it fits into your schedule, flying on a red-eye may get you a better price on your ticket.​ Red-eye flights are those that take off in the evening or very early in the morning, and are generally cheaper than daytime flights.​ Airlines know there’s less demand for these flights, so they often incentivize travelers to book them by offering discounts.​ This is especially true if the flight is coming from an international destination – so if you’re considering a foreign trip, consider arriving at the airport early to book at the desk.​

Copa Airlines and Spirit Airlines (aka the budget carriers) are examples of airlines that offerdeal-hungry consumers lower fares.​ Both are available at airports, but cannot usually be booked online.​ You can search for these flights online, but must then go to the airport in order to book them.​ If you don’t mind doing the extra legwork, you may end up with a cheaper ticket.​

Airlines occasionally offer discounted tickets as part of a promotional effort.​ Some of these discounts are unique to the city you’re flying into, so if you’re already at the airport, you have a better chance of catching one of these deals.​ Most promotional offers require you to book and buy the ticket immediately to get the discount, so if you’re already at the airport, you’re more likely to get the deal.​

It is also true that unpredictable events like flight delays can occur when you’re booking.​ If you’re already at the airport and have a flight delay, you can talk to the airline’s representative in person.​ While the representative may or may not be willing to offer help, it’s often easier to have a face-to-face discussion rather than trying to explain the issue over the phone or via email.​

Finally, there may be some cost savings to be had for signing up for an airline loyalty program.​ This can be done at the airport, thus removing the need to manually opt-in with airline’s website.​ Plus, airline representatives at the airport may be more likely to give you a discount or a bonus for signing up.​ Who doesn’t love free flight miles?


It pays to comparison shop, and airlines understand this.​ That’s why some offer savings or discounts to travelers who book their tickets at the airport.​ You may be able to get more value for your money if you’re able to spend some quality time at the airport comparing different ticket prices.​ Many airlines have competitive fares among their routes, so you can focus on the times and destinations you’re interested in and try to find the best deal.​ The savings might not be large, but every penny counts.​

Plus, airports often make it easy to find flights that you wouldn’t discover online.​ For example, airlines might keep flights that fall into a particular time slot off of the internet.​ This could include red-eye flights, flights in the evening or weekend flights that have less of a demand.​ If you’re willing to do the legwork and check out the airport, you may find a sweet deal.​

Remember, too, that some airlines are only based at certain airports.​ Even if you can’t find it online, it’s worth checking out the airport to see if it’s offered there.​ For instance, say you’re looking to go to Japan.​ Despite what you may have heard, there is an affordable option, but it might not appear online.​ Instead, you’ll need to look for airlines at the airport that offer cheap flights to Tokyo, Osaka, and other Japanese cities.​

Airports often work with several different airlines to provide travelers with a wide variety of low-cost options.​ You may be able to find deals you wouldn’t have otherwise found if you’re willing to visit the airport and ask.​ With savings like these, it’s worth the effort.​

Hidden Length of Stay Benefits

Booking at the airport can also provide you with length of stay benefits that you wouldn’t get from online booking.​ Airline loyalty programs sometimes offer perks to those who stay an extended amount of time.​ These could include discounts when waiting for a connection or staying a certain length of time in a certain city.​ With these deals, the longer you stay, the bigger the benefit.​

Aside from airline loyalty programs, booking at the airport can provide additional discounts.​ For instance, your airport may provide discounts for extended stays in certain cities.​

cheaper airfares
These discounts aren’t typically advertised online, so if you’re willing to visit the airport, you might be able to find a bargain.​

Plus, airports have many other benefits besides discounts.​ For instance, they often have access to more options when it comes to car rentals, public transport, shuttles, or even bike rentals.​ You can also get great advice from the airport staff – something that isn’t available online.​ They might be able to help you if you need help figuring out the best travel route or book unexpected accommodations.​

On top of that, you can find more information regarding baggage restrictions at your gate, ticket checkpoints or even at the airline’s information desk.​ Ignorance might be bliss, but it won’t stop you from getting a hefty baggage fee.​ So if you’re not sure of the airline’s restrictions, ask the staff instead of showing up to the airport unprepared.​

Rewards and Bonuses

When booking at the airport, it pays to join an airline loyalty program.​ Most airlines have reward schemes and provide bonuses for travelers who regularly fly with them.​ So if you book your flights at the airport, you can sign up in person for the loyalty program and begin earning points or miles towards free flights.​

Airlines also often provide bonus miles or vouchers when you book your tickets at the airport.​ For instance, if you’re an American Express® cardholder, you may get a 10% bonus when using your card to purchase tickets at the airport.​ That can add up to some serious savings.​

Additionally, some airlines offer incentive programs for frequent flyer miles.​ The more often you fly, the more miles you get.​ Eventually, you’ll be able to accumulate enough miles for a free flight.​ That sort of deal is definitely worth your while if you’re a regular traveler.​

In fact, if you’re booking a flight for an overseas trip, you should consider taking a domestic flight first to accumulate more miles.​ Some airlines offer special discounts for domestic flights, and these discounts can be used to offset the cost of an international trip.​ It’s worth inquiring about these deals at the airport.​

For Group Bookings

Booking as a family or group can save you a lot of money, and airports are great for this kind of thing.​ You may be able to get discounts on tickets if you’re willing to travel with companions.​ Depending on the airline, there may be promos available like discounted tickets for friends and family.​

You can also inquire about cheaper tickets at the airport if you’re traveling with children.​ Many airlines offer discounted tickets for kids, so it pays to check out the airport if you’re travelling with the little ones.​ Additionally, some airports offer promotions for kids, like free ice cream or special seating areas.​

When looking to save money, book your flight at the airport and don’t give in to the temptation to just buy the cheapest ticket you can find online.​ You could be leaving a lot of savings on the table if you don’t take the time to visit the airport.​ With a little bit of effort, you could end up with a better deal than the one you found online.​

Unforeseen Situations

It’s true that you might have to pay extra if you’re dealing with an unforeseen situation at the airport.​ Perhaps you realize that you made a mistake on your ticket.​ If you booked online, the only way to get it corrected is to pay a hefty fee.​ But if you’re at the airport, you can speak to someone in person and make your case for why the ticket should be adjusted.​ You may be able to get your ticket modified without having to pay the change fee.​

Finally, if your flight is cancelled for some reason and you’re still at the airport, you can often negotiate a better deal than what you would get online.​ Airlines prefer not to have to deal with the hassle of booking new tickets online, so they might be willing to offer you a better deal if you’re willing to stay and wait for the next flight without having to pay for it.​


Q: Are there any discounts available for booking at the airport?

Yes, some airlines offer discounts on tickets when booked at the airport.​ Additionally, some airports provide discounts for extended stays.​ Many airline loyalty programs offer perks to those who stay an extended amount of time.​

Q: What should I look for when booking at the airport?

Look for promotional offers from the airline, as well as discounts for kids.​ Additionally, consider joining an airline loyalty program.​ Some offer bonuses for signing up, as well as discounts for friends and family traveling together.​

Q: What if I find a cheaper ticket online?

If you find a cheaper ticket online, it’s worth considering buying it.​ However, if you’re already at the airport, consider looking around for a better deal.​ You may be able to find discounts or promotional offers that aren’t available online.​