A Tuesday Flight: How Much Money Can You Save?

Boarding the plane on a Tuesday morning, thinking about the cost of tickets and air miles — so much of travelling now can be done without having to spend a lot of money.​ How much could you actually save on a Tuesday flight you ask? The answer is, A LOT.​

Cutting out the cliche of expensive airline tickets, frequent flyer miles can be your saving grace when it comes to cutting costs while flying.​ Airlines have their own frequent flyer programs where if you fly with them often enough, you can save up to 10-30% on your future flight bookings.​

Incentive opportunities are plenty when it comes to airlines.​ With bank cards that allow you to accumulate points, you can use these points each time you fly and get discounts from the airlines, from your hotels stays, ticket upgrades and more.​

Be sure to check the airline’s specials and discounts that they usually offer around the time of a limited window, such as cyber Monday, holiday specials, business travellers’ discounts.​ Many airline programs offer discounted or even free flights if you fly through certain ports, certain routes or fly in the middle of the week.​

Having the flexibility to arrange your travels accordingly to utilise those discounts, can help you save even more.​ Taking into account 2-3 days before or after such days can team your discounts with the airline’s own promotions to give you an edge in savings.​

Apart from flying, making the decision to travel by train, bus or other modes can be worth looking into – many companies are offering reward cards that would enable you to get lowered costs for your journeys.​

Comparing and contrasting your options can always allow you to benefit in savings.​

Flight Money
With that much potential in savings, why wait? Make your next flight on a Tuesday and enjoy the savings!

Tips to Help Save Money On Tuesdays

Not only frequent flyer programs, miles and rewards, there are plenty of other methods to save money when you travel.​ Here is a list of tips to make it easier for you:

  • Make sure to compare different flight companies before choosing your flight
  • Opt for discounts offered from travel-discount sites
  • Sign up for credit cards or bank accounts that offer reward points for flying
  • Go for budget airlines to save substantially
  • Plan your route in advance to get the best deals

Benefits of Flying On Tuesday

Tuesdays can be the perfect days to save up on your air fare.​ On these days, the cost for air travel can be substantially lower, given the already low costs for ticket prices.​ Here are some benefits of flying on Tuesdays:

  • The majority of tickets will be cheaper on Tuesdays due to fewer number of passengers and flights.​
  • Traveling on a Tuesday can be beneficial because airlines usually offer special deals and discounts for mid-week flights.​
  • Tuesdays usually have the least amount of delays because there are fewer people wishing to travel at that time, allowing you to travel with ease.​
  • On Tuesdays, airports are often emptied out so you can skip the hassle of long lines.​
  • Having the opportunity of finding cheaper tickets means you can use the money saved for something else.​

What to Do Before Flying On Tuesdays

Travelling on Tuesdays can be great, but there are a few things to keep in mind before opting to fly at any time.​

  • Don’t make your flight on Tuesday the only criteria when booking flights, make sure the other aspects also meet your needs as well.​
  • Be sure to compare the prices of various companies as some might offer unbelievable discounts during midweek that aren’t accessible through any other means.​
  • Check the airline you’re flying with’s websites as this is where to find the most up to date in the deals, fares and discounts applicable.​
  • Be updated about airline policies, terms and conditions; search online and read user reviews – this will help you make the right decision.​
  • Be open to making tweaked changes to your route.​ Airlines keep their prices low for those willing to change their routes according to their parameters.​


What kind of discounts are available by flying on a Tuesday?

The discounts available by flying on Tuesdays depend on the airline you are using.​ Many offer discounted fares, special deals, rewards, mileage programs, and other incentives.​

Do I have to fly out midweek?

No, you do not have to fly midweek.​ However, Tuesdays tend to be one of the cheapest days to fly and there are many discounts that are available when flying on a Tuesday.​

Will I get an upgrade when I fly on Tuesday?

It is possible to get an upgrade when flying on any day, including Tuesdays.​ Some airlines offer upgrades based on their loyalty program, frequent flyers, and other criteria.​

What if the results come out the same when I compare prices on different days?

If the results remain similar, it is better to go with the best deal available according to your needs.​ Some airlines also offer discounts if you book on certain days and times.​