7 Tips To Help You Score Cheap Domestic Flights In India!

Travelling within India can become a costly affair if you’re not aware of the tips and tricks on scoring cheap domestic flights.​ Fortunately, when it comes to finding cheap flights in India, all you need is a few savvy hacks and some extra research to ensure savings and great flight tickets

Here are seven of the best tips to help you score cheap domestic flights in India:

  • Book flights well in advance to allow time to compare airfares.​
  • Sign up for the newsletter of famous domestic airlines to get the latest updates on promotional offers available.​
  • Choose an indirect flight as this can often be cheaper than a direct one.​
  • Try different combinations of origin and destination to find the best flight deal.​
  • Compare prices with other budget airlines as well.​
  • Be flexible with your travel dates.​ Look for flights during shoulder season, as fares are usually lower than peak season.​
  • Be sure to check out the best flight deals on various online travel portals.​

1.​ Book in Advance to Compare Prices

Booking round trip tickets in advance can be beneficial in many ways.​ You can compare prices of different travel fares as well as look for any promotional offers.​ When booking in advance you can choose your preferred flight with the preferred airline.​ Many airlines provide discounted airfares for tickets booked weeks or months in advance.​ That way, you’ll be able to save more money on air tickets.​

Moreover, as the prices might vary over time, you may also benefit from last minute discounts, if available.​ Some airlines also offer special discounts when you book round trip tickets, which could help you get more savings.​ If you keep an eye out for promotional offers, you’ll be able to snag some great deals.​

2.​ Sign Up for Airlines Newsletter

Signing up to the newsletters of popular domestic airlines in India can keep you updated about the promotional offers they have available.​ Discounts on tickets are usually part of the promotional campaigns these airlines run, and with access to such information, you can step in at the right time and make the most of the offers.​ This way, you can fly to your destination without spending too much money.​

Additionally, getting notified about airline sales can help you save big on domestic flights.​ You’ll be able to know when the airline has their discounts and promotional offers on and plan accordingly, which in turn can help you get great savings on your tickets.​

3.​ Look for Indirect Flights

Booking an indirect flight instead of a direct one can save you some extra bucks on airfare.​ Connecting flights involve surcharges, however when it comes to domestic flights within India, the overall cost can indeed be lower depending on the season and demand.​ Airlines like Air India, IndiGo and Spicejet offer connecting flights to different cities through their hubs that are particularly cheaper than direct flights.​

It is a great idea to make use of this feature and save up on airfare.​

Cheap Flights India
Besides, travelling via indirect flights not only help save money, but you’ll also get to experience the joy of travelling through different cities without any extra cost.​

4.​ Try Different Routes

Trying out different combinations of origin and destination is another great way to score a cheap domestic flight in India.​ If you’re willing to take the time and effort to do some extra research, you’ll be able to come across several routes and airlines, from which you can choose the best option.​ This would be best if you’re planning an itinerary and looking for budget friendly flights to multiple cities.​

You can always check out various routes and routes combinations on the flight search engines online and compare different airfares available from different airports.​

5.​ Look for Budget Airlines

Budget airlines are the go-to option for budget conscious travellers when it comes to travelling to different places within India.​ These airlines offer astonishingly low prices for domestic flights at specific times of the year.​ Some of the popular budget airlines in India are SpiceJet, AirAsia, GoAir and IndiGo.​

Fares include only the basic amenities, and it is recommended to check out the fees and other details before booking your tickets.​ However, if you’re looking for low cost airfares, these airlines can be the best option to save some money.​ And many times, a little research can help you get even lower airfares.​

6.​ Be Flexible with Travel Dates

When booking domestic flights, it is good to be flexible with your travel dates in order to find great deals.​ Airlines have different pricing strategies that vary depending on the season and the demand for flights.​ That is why it is important to compare prices during shoulder season or days with more demand in order to score the best air tickets.​

Moreover, it is also advisable to select flight times and dates that require the least number of trips.​ As flight prices can vary depending on the timing of the day, you may get great deals if you pick flights departing in the morning or late night.​

7.​ Check Flight Deals on Online Portals

You can also find great offers and deals for domestic flights in India by checking out the online travel portals.​ These portals compile flight information and airfares from every airline, helping you compare the all available options quickly and easily.​

Some of the popular online travel portals in India, such as MakeMyTrip, Yatra, CheapAir and Trawellday, offer amazing flight deals, discounts and cashback offers, so be sure to look for them when you’re making your booking.​ From booking round trip tickets to saving on airfare, these portals can help make travel convenient, affordable and enjoyable.​


1.​ How can I save money on domestic flights in India?

You can save money on domestic flights in India by booking in advance, signing up for newsletter of famous domestic airlines, choosing an indirect flight, looking for budget airlines, booking during shoulder season, and checking out flight deals on online travel portals.​

2.​ Which are the most popular budget airlines in India?

Some of the most popular budget airlines in India are SpiceJet, AirAsia, GoAir and IndiGo.​

3.​ What kind of discounts are available on online travel portals?

Online travel portals such as MakeMyTrip, Yatra, CheapAir and Trawellday offer amazing flight deals, discounts and cashback offers.​