7 Tips To Finding The Best Deals On First Class Flights!

Traveling is an incredible experience, and often the most memorable trips come from paying top price for the best seat in the house.​ Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, booking first-class tickets can be the best way to get the most out of your trip.​ Here are 7 tips to help you find the best deals on first-class flights!

1.​ Check Out Online Deal Sites

Buying tickets direct from the airline can be expensive, but there are many online deal sites like Skyscanner, Expedia, Kayak or Hotwire that may have discounted prices for a range of destinations.​ These websites are especially helpful for international travel, as they compare the prices of multiple airlines to get the best deal for you.​

2.​ Use Your Credit Card Points

Many credit cards now offer bonus points every time you spend.​ If you’ve been collecting points for a while, it’s time to cash them in.​ Most of the major airlines will accept points as payment towards first-class airfare.​ Some even offer additional incentives – such as additional miles or free upgrades – if you book using your card’s points.​ You should always read the fine print to make sure you’re getting the most out of your points.​

3.​ Join Airline Loyalty Programs

Many airlines, such as American Airlines and United, offer loyalty programs for frequent flyers.​ Joining one of these loyalty programs makes it easy to rack up extra points and get discounts on first-class flights.​ You’ll also get access to exclusive offers, such as complimentary drinks and snacks, or priority boarding.​ Most of the major airlines have some kind of loyalty program, so do a bit of research and see which one is best for you.​

4.​ Use Coupon Codes

When you do buy your ticket, it pays to do a bit of extra research.​ Many travel companies and airlines offer coupon codes which can get up to 10% off your booking.​ Try searching online for the airline’s name plus ‘coupon code’ to see if there are any deals available.​

5.​ Sign Up For Fare Updates

If you know where and when you want to travel, signing up for flight alerts can be an effective way to stay on top of the best deals.​ Airlines often cut prices to fill empty seats, so if you sign up for emails from the airline you will be the first to know about these discounted fares.​ Most airlines also send out special offers to loyalty members.​ It’s a great way to save money and get extra perks on your next trip.​

6.​ Book Early

Booking early is one of the most effective ways to get the best deals on first-class flights.​ Airlines tend to increase prices as the tickets become more in-demand, and many of the best deals are released around six weeks before departure.​ Booking early also allows you to beat the rush and the radar of other bargain hunters.​


First Class Flights
Fly Mid-Week

Try to fly mid-week if you can—the demand for flights is generally lower at these times and airlines will often lower prices to fill up the empty spaces.​ Flying during the week also means you’ll avoid the crowds and there will be more options for upgrades and bonus points.​

Try Airline Alliances

You don’t have to always stick to one airline.​ Many airlines are joining forces and forming airline alliances, such as Sky Team, Oneworld, and Star Alliance, which offer customers the ability to make use of all of the airlines in the group.​ For instance, if you are a member of the Delta SkyMiles program, and you book a ticket on Emirates, you’ll receive Delta SkyMiles Points when you travel! Joining an airline alliance can open up access to new and exciting opportunities for cheaper flights.​

Look for Multiple Stop Flight Deals

Many airlines offer multi-stop flights in order to save their customers time and money.​ By routing through multiple stop-over points, you can usually get better deals than buying a ticket that goes directly from point A to point B.​ This can add an extra layer of excitement to your journey, and it’s a great way to save a few bucks in the process.​

Look to the East

Some of the least expensive flights often fly out of Asian countries.​ So if you’re planning a longer journey and have some flexibility, consider including a stop-over in places like Taiwan or Thailand.​ Not only will you save money on the ticket, but you’ll get to experience another culture and way of life.​

Try Flash Sales

Flash sales are a great way to get on board first-class flights for the fraction of the cost.​ Airlines often offer huge discounts on tickets in order to fill up their extra seats, so it pays to keep an eye out for these deals.​ Sites such as The Flight Deal and Secret Flying keep their fingers on the pulse and will alert you of any flash sales or discounted fares.​

Don’t Always Look at the Price Tag

The lowest price isn’t always your best bet.​ You’ll want to take into account other elements, such as airline safety ratings, customer service, and flexibility of rebooking in case of delays or cancellations.​ It pays to do some research beforehand to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.​

Make Use of Payment Plans

If you’re limited with budget but still want to take a first-class flight, some airlines allow you to pay upfront for the ticket and then break the cost up into smaller payments.​ This way, you can spread out the cost and pay for the ticket in installments.​ Some airlines may even offer rewards such as extra points for using their payment plan, so be sure to check if this is the case.​

Choose the Right Baggage

Baggage costs can quickly add up, so it pays to be savvy when choosing what to take with you.​ If you are only planning a short trip, don’t waste money paying for a bigger bag.​ Many airlines will allow you to check-in one piece of luggage for free, so make the most of this if you can.​ Also, don’t forget to check the size and weight restrictions of the bag you’re taking!


Q.​ How can I find the best deals on first-class flights?

A.​ There a few different ways to find the best deals on first-class flights.​ Checking out online deal sites, using credit card points, joining loyalty programs, using coupon codes, signing up for fare updates and booking early are all great strategies to get the best prices.​ You can also try airline alliances, multiple stop offers, flash sales, looking to the East, and making use of payment plans.​

Q.​ What should I consider when booking a first-class flight?

A.​ When booking a first-class flight, it pays to do a bit of extra research.​ In addition to the cost, you should also consider the airline safety ratings, customer service, and flexibility of rebooking in case of delays or cancellations.​ You should also check the baggage restrictions and size limits of the bag you’re taking.​