7 Tips For Finding The Cheapest Flights – Weekend Vs Weekday Comparison

Finding cheap flights can be a daunting process, especially if you’re trying to fit a weekend getaway into a tight budget.​ In this article, we will provide you with 7 tips for finding the cheapest flights, and discuss the main difference between weekend and weekday flights.​ These tried-and-tested tips will help you save on your travel costs and make sure you don’t overpay for any tickets.​

First off, knowing the right time to book would be the prime step.​ To score the cheapest flight, you should start looking for your ticket 4-6 weeks before your intended travel date, and aim for a reasonably flexible travel window.​ This will help you keep your options open, and when the time comes you will have plenty of inexpensive tickets to choose from.​

Next, compare prices of different airlines.​ This is relevant for international destinations, where different carriers will have different fares.​ Sometimes, a little extra time spent comparing prices can result in substantial savings.​ To make this process easier, you can use one of the many travel comparison websites that will help you quickly identify the airlines and the best prices.​

Third on the list is to check for additional fees.​ These fees can vary depending on the airline and may include amenities such as meal and seat selection.​ Checking for these additional fees and their respective discounts could result in some significant savings.​

Fourthly, if you’re flexible with your time and destination, opt for search alerting option to get cheap flights.​ This option is available on most search engines and allows you to receive emails when prices for your chosen destinations drop.​ This saves you the hassle of constantly monitoring the prices.​

Fifthly, don’t forget to look for discounts and coupons.​ While these may not be promoted widely, some airlines usually offer them periodically.​ Make sure to check their websites consistently.​ Also, you can follow budget airlines’ social media accounts for their flash deals and other discount offers.​

Sixthly, don’t overlook the major discounts provided by the airlines for traveling on weekdays instead of weekends.​ For example, the flights booked on Thursday or Tuesday are relatively inexpensive than those booked on a Saturday.​ Furthermore, Friday and Sunday flights are often discounted and have various additional perks compared to other days of the week.​

Finally, check multiple airports.​ There can often be a lot of gems hidden in airports that are outside of your budget-range.​ Always go beyond your destination airport and look for flights landing at alternative airports nearby and compare the price differences.​

Weekend vs Weekday Flights

Typically, weekends flights are more expensive than those on weekdays because many people want to extend their work week with a long weekend.​

Cheapest Flights
As a result, ticket prices increase exponentially.​ So if you’re planning on a weekend getaway and you want to find the cheapest flights, you should consider booking on a weekday.​

Another factor to consider is the timing of your flights.​ According to research, booking your Thursday or Friday evening flights for the weekend getaway usually will result in the cheapest tickets.​ Saturdays and Sundays, on the other hand, are traditionally the most expensive days to purchase a flight.​

Keep in mind, some specific flight deals, such as cheap flights to Las Vegas, may be available on weekends.​ So always look for promotional deals and special offers to save money, as those can be quite helpful.​ Furthermore, if you plan your weekend around the cheapest flights available, you can save money on that as well.​

Wednesday is usually the cheapest day of the week for booking flights, and most of the discount airlines are known to have low fares around that day.​ These are usually indirect flights and may require a few extra hours of travel, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive getaway, it’s usually worth the trade-off.​

Weekday flight deals are not only cheaper in terms of fares, but also for hotel and car rental services.​ If you have an option between traveling on a weekday or a weekend, always go for the former to save money.​ Lastly, plan your trip with accurate information and accuracy about the time of booking and airport locations.​

FAQ Section

Q.​ What are the benefits of booking flights on weekdays?

A.​ There are several benefits of booking flights on weekdays such as discounted prices for fares, hotel and car rental services, and flexibility in terms of time and travel destinations.​

Q.​ Where can I find the cheapest flights?

A.​ The best way to find the cheapest flights is to compare different airlines, check for discounts or promotional offers, and look for alternative airports that offer cheaper fares.​ You can also opt for search alerting option to get notified when the prices are dropped.​

Q.​ What is the best day to book flights?

A.​ According to research, Wednesdays are usually the cheapest days of the week for booking flights, although there are exceptions to this.​ Always make sure to keep your options open and compare prices on multiple travel comparison websites.​