6 Insider Tips To Help You Score Cheap Airline Tickets

Airline ticket prices can look like an impossible hurdle to jump, especially when you’ve got a tight budget.​ But with a little knowledge and resourcefulness, you can beat the odds to land the perfect ticket.​ Here are 6 insider tips on how to do just that:

1.​ Set airfare price alerts.​ Keep an eye on airfare prices online with reliable websites and compare prices to find out where the most favorable deals are.​ Many travel sites offer ‘price alerts’ to inform you when there is a new offer or discount.​ You can also use these alerts to notify you when the best deals on hotels, car rentals and vacation packages are available.​

2.​ Fly during off-peak days and times.​ To score the best rates on flights, look out for red-eye flights and flights in the early morning and late evening.​ Most airlines feature discounts for flights outside of peak hours.​ You may even land cheaper seats if you choose a flight in the middle of the week rather than a weekend.​

3.​ Pick a budget airline.​ More and more budget airlines are popping up, and they offer considerably cheaper tickets.​ Do your research to compare prices of traditional carriers with budget airlines and select the one that offers the best deal.​

4.​ Keep an eye on seasonal sales.​ Airlines regularly offer seasonal promotions and deals.​ Being aware of seasonal sales can help you get the best possible deal.​

5.​ Use miles and rewards programs.​ Get miles and rewards every time you fly.​ Some credit card companies also offer rewards for purchases.​ Accumulate miles and use them when you need to book a ticket.​

6.​ Use flight consolidators.​ Consider checking sites that are flight consolidators to compare ticket prices.​ They offer discounted fares by bundling different tickets from multiple carriers, and can help you get more bang for your buck.​

6 Ways To Find Further Discounts On Airline Tickets

Landing a cheap airfare is not an easy feat, but there are often ways to help make it a bit more attainable.​ Here are 6 ways to discover even further discounts and offers with airline tickets:

1.​ Join mailing lists.​ Signing up for company mailing lists and newsletters can sometimes be the key to getting exclusive discounts and deals.​ Plus, you can get the heads-up on new deals before anyone else.​

2.​ Check different airport departures.​ Compare ticket prices and pick the best and cheapest one.​ Flights from other nearby airports might be cheaper due to its lower taxes or fewer traffic.​ Check multiple airports to get the best rates.​

3.​ Take advantage of coupon codes.​ Before booking your ticket, hunt around for coupon codes or vouchers that could make your fare cheaper.​ You can search online for promotional codes and discounts.​

4.​ Book connecting flights instead of direct flights.​ Direct flights cost more money – so try booking connecting flights instead.​ It might save you some money if you can’t find direct flights.​

5.​ Be flexible with your dates.​ Booking tickets a few weeks ahead or at the last minute sometimes don’t lead to the best deals.​ Being flexible with your departure dates could help you save a considerable amount of money.​

6.​ Consider off-season travel.​

Cheap Airline Tickets
Tourism rates are the highest in peak season, so consider travelling during the off-season instead if it fits your schedule.​ Prices tend to drop significantly during this time.​

How To Use Credit Cards To Score Cheap Airline Tickets

Credit cards can be a great tool for getting cheap airline tickets, especially if you take advantage of their rewards programs and points.​ Here’s how you can use your cards to get cheaper tickets:

1.​ Take advantage of sign-up bonuses.​ Lots of credit cards offer great sign-up bonuses for new members, such as cash back rewards or bonus points.​ Utilizing these bonuses can help you save a lot of money.​

2.​ Check your existing reward points.​ Look at any reward points you’ve already accumulated.​ Depending on the number of points you have, you may be able to use them for cheap airfare.​

3.​ Look out for special promos.​ Many credit card companies feature special promos with popular airlines.​ Keep your eyes peeled for any offers that could help you score cheaper tickets.​

4.​ Stack up the cashback rewards.​ If you use your credit card for everyday purchases, you can get cash back rewards.​ These rewards can accumulate over time and can be used to help pay for any airfare.​

5.​ Avail of member discounts.​ Credit card companies also offer exclusive discounts or perks exclusively for their members.​ Check these out when you shop for airline tickets.​

6.​ Use your miles for discounted flights.​ Signing up for airline miles can be a great way to stretch your budget and buy discounted flights.​ Some cards offer points for every dollar spent, and you can also convert those points into airline miles.​

Tips To Help You Get Cheap Airline Tickets For Your Next Trip

Grabbing cheap tickets isn’t as difficult as it seems.​ Here are some tips to help you get the best rates for your flight:

1.​ Be flexible with your timings.​ Look for flights on different dates and different days of the week to compare prices.​ You might be able to get a better deal if you can be flexible with your travel schedule.​

2.​ Do your research.​ Sift through multiple sites to compare prices and select the best one.​ Create a price alert to be notified when a better price comes up, sign up for promotion emails and try not to book in peak season.​ You can also try using different combinations of flights to get the best deal.​

3.​ Sign up for rewards programs.​ Sometimes, airlines offer special promotional discounts, the ability to earn points, and other exclusive deals for members of their rewards programs.​ Signing up for a few different programs can help you save more.​

4.​ Buy tickets early.​ Booking very early or very late might not always work out to be cheaper.​ Booking a month to two weeks ahead of your flight might be a better option, as airlines usually increase prices when tickets are selling fast.​

5.​ Try flight-search aggregators.​ Give flight-search aggregators a try: they are a great way to shop around different airlines for the best deal.​ You may be able to save a ton of money assembling a multi-city flight.​

6.​ Don’t be afraid to negotiate.​ Negotiating with an airline can be a great way to cut costs.​ Call them up and ask if they have any special offers going on and if there’s any way you can get some money off.​ It never hurts to try, and you just might get lucky.​


What is the best way to save money on airline tickets?

The best way to save money on airline tickets is to do your research, compare prices, set price alerts, pick a budget airline, take advantage of special offers and discounts, join rewards programs, flex your schedule, and consider off-season travel.​

How can I use my credit card to get cheap tickets?

You can use your credit card to get cheap tickets by taking advantage of sign-up bonuses, checking existing reward points, looking out for special promos, stacking up cashback rewards, taking advantage of member discounts, and using your miles for discounted flights.​