5 Tips On How To Get Cheap Flights To Italy – Save Big On Your Dream Vacation!

Are you looking to take a once in a life time dream trip to Italy? The good news is that you can see the country and save money on flights with these five tips.​ Whether you are an experienced traveler or this is your first time overseas, here you will learn how to save big on your dream vacation.​

Firstly, consider using budget airlines.​ Many of the most popular budget airlines have low-cost flights to Italy.​ You can often find cheaper flights if you fly with no luggage or just carry your handbag, but check the individual airline’s rules.​ Some also offer discounted tickets for senior citizens, students, or those with military service.​

Secondly, take advantage of airline sales and deals.​ Most airlines post notifications of special sales on their website or through social media.​ Sign up for the airline’s newsletter and follow their accounts, so you can get the best deals and discounts when they are available.​ Additionally, check with online search engines like Skyscanner that compare fares from all the major airlines.​

Thirdly, consider non-direct flights.​ The most direct flights to Italy usually cost the most money.​ If you are willing, you can often get cheaper prices for flights with one or several stops.​ You might even be able to save money by taking two separate flights.​ Make sure to take into account the cost of getting connected flights and waiting times, to ensure that you still get the cheapest option.​

Fourthly, search for discounts.​ Once you have chosen the flight, there may be additional discounts available such as loyalty programs.​ Many websites offer discounts and bonus points which can be used towards your ticket price.​ Additionally, you can look for coupon codes offered by online travel agencies during special holidays or seasonal promotions.​

Finally, book early or wait until the last minute.​ Many times you can get discounted fares by booking far in advance, two or three months before your trip.​ However, you may also find cheaper rates if you wait until the very last minute flights are released.​

Cheap Flights to Italy
Booking early or at the last minute can both save you money, so consider this when making travel plans.​

1.​ Consider Different Airports

Before you start booking your tickets, you should consider your options.​ There are several airports in Italy, and they are located in different regions and at different distances from your destination.​ The cost of a flight depends largely on the airport you arrive to, so choose wisely before deciding on your flight.​ This also means that different airports can offer you different flight deals.​ Keep this in mind when booking your travel, and don’t forget to check the minor airports.​

2.​ Travel Outside the Peak Seasons

When planning your trip to Italy, it is best to avoid travelling during the peak seasons.​ This is a period of time when prices for flights, hotels, attractions, and other services tend to be higher than usual.​ Try to avoid travelling during the summer (June – August) and winter (December – February) holidays.​ In addition to saving money on your flights, travelling during the low season gives you the advantage of getting around Italy without the huge crowds.​

3.​ Consider Alternate Modes of Transport

Another way to save money on your trip to Italy is to look into alternative modes of transportation.​ Choosing buses and trains instead of flights can often save you money.​ In many cases, buses and trains are a much more affordable and convenient option than flying, and the cost can be considerably lower.​ Consider your options carefully and compare the different prices to get the best deal.​

4.​ Consider Online Flight Clubs

For those who want to save even more money on their flights to Italy, joining online flight clubs could be the right option.​ Groupon and Skyscanner offer discounts through their online clubs.​ You can find discounts on flights and accommodations as well as discounts on car rentals.​ This will save you even more money and allow you to experience Italy on a budget.​


Where can I find discounts?

You can find discounts by signing up for an airline’s newsletter or following their social media accounts.​ Additionally, you can look for coupons on online travel agencies or join an online flight club for additional discounts.​

When is the best time to travel to Italy?

For the best prices on flights to Italy, avoid travelling during peak seasons such as summer (June – August) and winter (December – February) holidays.​ Travelling outside of those periods can save you money on flights and accommodatiosn.​