5 Tips On How To Buy A Cheap Flight Ticket Without Breaking The Bank!

Planning a vacation shouldn’t cost you a fortune.​ With the right research and foresight, you can find a cheap flight ticket and travel without breaking the bank.​ Here are five tips for booking a budget-friendly ticket:

1.​ Be flexible: Flight prices change every day.​ Have the flexibility to jiggle around travel dates and times and you could save hundreds of dollars.​ Try to be open minded and consider going on different days or leave earlier or later to save on your ticket.​

2.​ Shop around: Everyone has their favorite booking site but many flight prices are different across various platforms.​ Don’t just stick to one, shop around to find the cheapest prices.​ Make sure to also compare fees between different websites for check-in and cancellation or even carry-on baggage.​

3.​ Timing is everything: Prices can often be cheaper on certain days of the week or certain times of the day.​ With more people traveling on the weekend, Fridays and Sundays tend to be the most expensive to fly.​ Also flying late at night or early in the morning can often save you a bundle.​

4.​ Explore other airports: Bigger airports often mean higher prices, so look into airports in the area to see if there are any cheaper fares being offered.​ Consider all potential airports, including smaller, local ones, or those in nearby cities to find the best prices.​

5.​ Take advantage of loyalty programs: Sign up for your favorite airline loyalty programs for even more savings.​ Often times, members get exclusive discounts, priority boarding, free checked bags and more.​ Most programs are relatively easy to join and there are usually no fees involved.​ Check out the sign-up bonuses too like free miles for joining.​

How to Get the Most Rewards Points

When it comes to travel deals you should always pay attention to how many points or rewards you’re getting.​ The more points or rewards you can rack up, the more discounts you can get on future flights.​ Here are some tips for racking up the rewards points quickly:

1.​ Use credit card points: Take advantage of the points earned through your credit cards.​ Many cards offer good rewards points including airline tickets, hotel stays, rental cars and more.​ Be sure to shop around and compare the different offers by browsing through all the available cards.​

2.​ Don’t forget about refer-a-friend bonuses: Not only will you get a bonus for referring a friend, but your friend can also get a bonus as well.​ Take advantage of all the available bonus points to get the most rewards for your buck.​

3.​ Join airlines loyalty programs: An easy way to earn points and bonus miles is by joining airline loyalty programs.​ You can accumulate points with each flight you take, and get discounts and additional airline tickets with those points.​ Make sure to check out all the offered bonuses and perks for being a member.​

4.​ Book your travels through loyalty programs: You can get bonus points if you book flights or hotels through the loyalty program websites compared to booking through a third party website.​ Try to go directly to the airline or hotel chain website to get the best deal and rewards.​

5.​ Use travel tracking mobile apps: With a travel tracking app you won’t miss out on any bonus points or discounts.​ They can help you track your points, monitor prices for flights, find the best deals and even suggest rewards activities near your destination.​ Apps like Lufthansa’s Miles & More rewards program enables its members to get the most of their rewards.​

Find the Cheapest Route

Don’t be discouraged if your final destination isn’t a direct flight.​ Often times, routing through different cities can be much cheaper than a direct flight.​ Consider the options when booking.​ Here are a few ways you could save money:

1.​ Book one-way flights: Booking separate one-way flights with different airlines can be cheaper than booking a round trip direct flight with the same airline.​ Airlines also often have weekly deals, so pick up a discount.​


Cheap Flight Ticket
Consider multi-city flights: Booking a multi-city flight can be worth the extra time and make it much cheaper.​ Spend a few hours in a city or take a day trip to explore and save money on your way.​

3.​ Take advantage of budget airlines: Budget airlines often offer significant savings.​ Compare the different prices and options they offer, their policies may differ from traditional airlines.​

4.​ Route it out: Be smart about how you route it out.​ Try to combine less expensive connecting routes with more expensive direct flights without breaking the bank.​ Plan carefully and compare prices across different booking sites.​

5.​ Fly with stopovers: Take advantage of airlines that allow free stopovers.​ Not only can you save some money, but you can also get some extra exploration time by visiting two or more places with the same ticket.​

Get Cheap Hotel Accommodation

Accommodation can also add up quickly during a long vacation.​ Here are some tips on how you can save money on your hotel stays:

1.​ Book in advance: Booking well in advance can help you find deals and discounts you may not have access to later on.​ Prices fluctuate every day, so the early bird gets the worm.​

2.​ Shop around: Like airlines, there are a lot of different websites that offer different prices for hotels and other accommodations.​ Search around for the best deals possible.​

3.​ Consider alternative lodging: Staying in a hostel, vacation homes or bed and breakfasts are all cheaper than hotels.​ You don’t have to sacrifice privacy or comfort but you will be spending significantly less.​

4.​ Take a deeper look at the amenities: Many hotels, especially the less expensive ones, don’t provide things like towels, bedclothes and even toiletries.​ Make sure to double check the provided amenities so you don’t have to go out and buy them.​

5.​ Join loyalty programs: Many hotels offer loyalty programs that you can join to get exclusive discounts, bonuses and offers that otherwise wouldn’t be available.​ Check with your favorite hotel or motel to see if they have any program available.​

Get the Most Out of Your Vacation

Even when traveling on a budget, you can still get the most out of your vacation.​ Here are some tips to enjoy your vacation while saving money:

1.​ Take advantage of free attractions: You can enjoy many of the attractions your chosen destination has to offer without having to spend a dime.​ Consider museums, hikes, beaches and parks, all of which are usually free of charge.​

2.​ Look for street entertainment: Many cities have street performers, parades, and festivals that you can attend.​ Search around for local entertainment and events to enjoy without spending a fortune.​

3.​ Have an outdoor lunch: Instead of eating at a restaurant, pack a light snack and find a park to enjoy your food.​ Not only will you save money but it can also be a great way to soak up the local culture.​

4.​ Use Uber or public transportation: Skip pricey taxi rides and opt for public transportation or Uber.​ Not only will this save you money, but it’s also an easier way to get around town without any hassle.​

5.​ Move during the day and stay at night: Book a hotel at the top of a hill or mountain and pack a picnic lunch.​ Spend the day exploring the area, but at night come back to your hotel and enjoy the view from your room – for free.​


  • Q: How can I save money on flights?
  • A: Shop around for the best fares and prices.​ Also be flexible with travel dates and times.​
  • Q: What is the best way to get rewards?
  • A: Join airlines loyalty programs and credit card programs to get the most rewards.​
  • Q: How can I save money on accommodation?
  • A: Book in advance and consider alternative lodgings like hostels, vacation homes, or bed and breakfasts.​
  • Q: What are some fun activities I can do on vacation?
  • A: Visit museums, hiking trails, beaches and parks, and attend street entertainment and local events.​