5 Tips For Savings On Last-Minute Airfare: Are Flights Cheaper On The Day?

Planning a last minute getaway? Everyone wants to have a good time on vacation without breaking the bank.​ Savvy travellers know there are plenty of hacks to save on airfare, especially when booking at the last minute.​ Here are five tips designed to help you find your dream trip at the lowest price!

Check Last-Minute Flight Deals: Airlines know last-minute travelers are willing to pay higher fares to make it to their desired destination.​ They release special discounted tickets for those who buy tickets on the day of their flight and a few days prior.​ You can find these deals by checking airline websites directly or searching online flight search engines such as Kayak and Skyscanner.​ Many companies also have apps which show these discounts.​

Fly Low-Cost Airlines: While luxury airlines will charge higher fares for last minute flights, you can often find great savings with low-cost carriers.​ Many of these airlines offer fares 20-30% lower than traditional carriers.​ By traveling with them you may have to compromise on amenities like in-flight meals and first-class seating, but you can save things like checked baggage fees, seat selection fees and other costs.​ And if you choose to travel light, with only a carry on-bag, you won’t even have to pay extra for checked bags.​

Price Shop: When it comes to airfare, prices can fluctuate from day-to-day.​ One day a certain route may be more expensive than the next, so it pays to shop around.​ Look at more than one site when booking.​ Even if you find the same flight on multiple sites, it may have different prices.​ Make sure to check the fees and look for extra charges.​

Be Flexible: If you’re willing to be flexible with your travel dates, there is a much better chance you can find cheaper last-minute flights.​ Try different dates to see if it makes a difference in the prices.​ Additionally, be flexible with airports.​ Use airports close to your destination, even if they are not the main ones.​ Compare routing options as well.​ Sometimes, you’ll have better luck taking two connecting flights than taking a direct flight.​

Sign Up for Airline Newsletters: Most airlines offer their own newsletters, where they send out discounts, specials, and deals throughout the year.​ Sign up for emails from the airline and keep an eye on the prices.​ This way you can be sure to not miss out on any possibility for savings.​

FAQs About Savings on Last-Minute Airfare

Q: Are flights ever cheaper the day of?

A: Airlines do occasionally release discounted tickets on the same day as the flight, but these are usually limited in availability.​ It’s possible to find cheaper prices but you will need to act quickly when you see them.​ Keep an eye out for fare sales and sign up for airline newsletters to get updates.​

How Do You Manage Layovers and Connecting Flights?

When you’re booking a last-minute trip, layovers and connecting flights are often a great way to find the lowest fares.​

Last-Minute Airfare
When you’re looking at flight options, be sure to pay attention to the cost and how long each layover is.​ Some airlines offer shorter layover times, which may be a better option even if the fare is slightly higher.​ Additionally, try to book flights with the most flexible schedule, in case you miss a connection, you’ll have more flight options.​

Likewise, it’s important to check the cancellation and refund policy of each airline to make sure you’re getting the best deal.​ Some airlines will allow you to cancel within 24 hours of purchase and charge a flat rate for changes or cancellations after that time.​ This allows you to cancel if there’s a better deal the next day.​

Finally, check the bag fees on your flights.​ When you’re in a hurry, you don’t want to be caught off guard with unexpected costs.​ Know the airline’s policies and budget accordingly when factoring in the cost of your ticket.​

Tips to Fly Comfortably and Safely

If you’ve scored a great last-minute deal on airfare, it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable and safe while flying.​ Be sure to pack the essentials such as headphones, a laptop or tablet, snacks, a phone charger and cloth masks.​ Additionally, if you’re planning on using the wifi during your flight, get a seat near the plane’s back where the wifi router is located.​

When it comes to safe flying, be sure to follow the recommended protocols from the airline, such as social distancing, wearing masks, and washing your hands often.​ Also, look up the safety records of any airlines you’re considering and read up on the procedures they have taken to ensure safety and comfort during your trip.​

Developing a sense of comfort and safety during your flight will help you relax during the journey and have a better time at your destination.​ Keep these tips in mind no matter what last-minute flight deals you take advantage of!

Tips to Maximize Miles and Rewards Programs

If you’re a frequent traveler, one of the best ways to save on last-minute airfare is by using rewards points or miles from credit cards or loyalty programs like frequent flyer miles.​ If you have enough points, you can book your tickets for free, or at least get a discounted fare.​

You can also earn bonus miles and earn extra points with promotions.​ Airlines often run special promotions for bonus miles or discounted rates during certain times of the year or with certain loyalty partners.​ Signing up for their email newsletters and following them on social media can help you stay on top of all their promotions.​

You can also look into special fare cards that offer great perks such as upgrade options, priority boarding and companion tickets.​ These cards often come with annual fees, but if you’re a frequent traveler, the benefits can make up for it.​

Finally, don’t forget to double check the airline’s baggage fees and restrictions.​ Many airlines have changed policies in the wake of Covid-19, so it’s important to be aware of any changes in their rules.​ You don’t want to have to pay extra when you don’t have to.​

Tips to Find the Best Deals through Aggregator Sites

If you’re having trouble finding good deals on flights, you can always use a flight aggregator site like Google Flights.​ These sites compare fares between different airlines to provide the best deal possible.​ You can search by destination and date, and even opt for specific airports or other Criteria.​

Another great option is to use an app like Hopper, which will monitor the price of a flight and send you notifications when it drops in price.​ This is a great way to get the best deal, even on last-minute flights.​

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a luxury experience, you can always try a luxury travel concierge like Voyage Privé or VistaJet.​ They specialize in offering exclusive packages with added perks at a discounted rate, so they’re a great option for last-minute travelers.​

Finally, it may be worth it to book directly with the airline.​ Airlines will often offer discounts on flights purchased directly from them, so it pays to check their websites and mobile apps before booking.​