5 Tips For Finding Cheap Last Minute Flights

Looking for budget airfares at the last minute? Well, you’re in luck.​ With the amazing offers available today, you can book your flights to anywhere in the world without breaking the bank.​ Here are five tips that will help you find the cheapest last minute flights and score the best deals.​

1.​ Sign up to airline newsletters.​ Airlines are always offering discounts to those on their mailing list, ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars off flights.​ When an airline sends out their newsletter, make sure you open it and stay up to date with any deals they’re offering.​

2.​ Be flexible.​ Try to choose dates in the middle of the week.​ Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the cheapest days of the week to fly, and airline ticket prices are often the least expensive then.​ Due to the higher demand of weekend travellers, prices on Friday and Saturday are usually higher.​

3.​ Utilize flight comparison websites.​ Instead of wasting time browsing different airline websites to compare prices, flight comparison websites will let you search multiple sites at once, enabling you to find the best deals in a matter of moments.​

4.​ Book one-way flights if necessary.​ One-way flights are often cheaper than return, so if you only need to fly one way, book separately.​ Compare prices between airlines to get the best deal.​

5.​ Check both airports.​ Another great way to find the cheapest last minute flights is to check both the airport you’re leaving from and the airport you’re flying to.​ You may find cheaper tickets by flying into another nearby or regional airport.​

Checking for Deals

Finding the best last minute flight deals can be tricky, but checking regularly and taking advantage of great discounts can leave you with extra money in the bank.​ When price shopping, always remember to check different airlines as prices can vary drastically.​ Many airlines offer discount programs for frequent flyers, so take advantage of these special offers.​

Make sure to check different travel websites as prices can also differ.​ It can often take a bit of research and a bit of patience, but you’ll eventually find the best rates available.​ Additionally, inquire about any cancellation fees when booking your flight.​ An airline can cancel a flight for a number of reasons, so make sure you’re aware of any cancellation charges associated with your flight.​

Signing up for newsletters and using airline apps can help you stay up-to-date with any price changes and discounts offered.​ There are also many flight fares websites that search hundreds of websites simultaneously and send out email notifications when they spot cheap airfares.​ As soon as you find a deal that works for you, grab it before the offer ends.​

Planning Ahead

Often, airlines will announce their most recent flight offers two to three weeks prior to the departure date.​ If you’re okay with not knowing your exact destination, opt for a surprise flight option or random destination generator, which will give you a random destination to explore.​ Booking ahead will help you score some brilliant deals.​

When booking online, always double-check the airline’s name and flight number before making payment.​

Cheap Last Minute Flights
Pre-paying for your seat can help you save a few bucks, but always make sure there’s a refund policy in place, in case you need to cancel the flight.​ Similarly, you can pre-book hold luggage for an additional charge.​

While pre-booking can save you money, it’s also important to read any terms and conditions for additional charges.​ Cancelling a flight can often result in high penalties and those costs must be taken into account too.​ Lastly, always make sure your passport is valid and up to date before flying!

Finalising the Flight

If you’re booking your last minute flights online, always make sure the website is secure to avoid payment fraud.​ If you’re overseas, consider using a travel guide or a local tourism service to help you find the best deals.​ It may also be a good idea to open a bank account so payments can be cancelled or delayed if there’s a problem with the booking.​

Consider using a mobile app to track your flight in real-time and find the best routes.​ You can also search for the nearest restaurant or hotel, depending on your location, to get the best from your travelling experience.​ If you get lost or require any assistance, utilize the airline’s customer service number.​

Finally, check the restrictions and policies of the flight before flying.​ An airline may not permit certain liquids, bags, or items in baggage, so make sure your bag meets all the requirements.​ Similarly, check what documents are required for the flight, including a valid passport, flight tickets, and visas.​

Using Travel Agents

If you’re finding it hard to find the perfect deal, you might want to leave the job to the professionals.​ Consult a travel agent who specialises in last minute flights and they’ll find you the best deals available.​ You’ll have to pay a fee for their services, but it’s probably worth it when you find the perfect flight.​

You can also search for a local travel agency instead of using an online service.​ Speaking to a live agent can often give you better advice and faster results.​ The best option might be to combine both agents and online services – that way, you’ll save time and money.​

Travel agents can often find flights way cheaper than those published on airline websites.​ Although the agents will add a commission rate plus additional fees, you may still save some money in the long run.​

Deciding What Flights to Take

When you’re searching for cheaper flights, try to go for redeye flights instead of flying during the day.​ Flying at night can save you a lot of money.​ Similarly, if you’re planning a short domestic flight, consider flying with a smaller airline as they offer more competitive rates.​ For longer flights, the added facilities offered by big airlines may be worth the extra cost.​

Remember that last minute flights often come with higher rates, so it might be a better idea to consider booking ahead.​ If you’re okay with the price, then go for it – last minute flights can often be the most memorable.​

Finally, check for any additional taxes or fees, as they can substantially increase the cost of the ticket.​ You should also research any location restrictions and permits that may be required for your journey.​ Taking all these elements into account can help you land the best possible deal.​


  • Q: Is it cheaper to book last minute flights?
  • A: Last minute flights can be expensive, but there are still ways to find cheaper tickets.​ Airlines often offer discounts and special offers to their mailing list members, and pre-booking your seats can help you save a few bucks.​

  • Q: What is the best website for comparing flight prices?
  • A: Flight comparison websites are a great way to find the best prices.​ Sites like Skyscanner and Expedia compare hundreds of airlines in a matter of seconds, giving you the opportunity to compare rates and choose the best offers.​

  • Q: What is the best day of the week to book flights?
  • A: Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the cheapest days of the week to fly.​ Prices are usually higher on weekends due to the higher demand, so try to choose dates in the middle of the week if you’re looking for a cheaper flight.​