5 Smart Tips For Finding Incognito Cheap Flights!

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Cheap flights are the lifeblood of comfortable travel.​ Few things can make a trip as enjoyable as the pure joy of knowing you got a great deal on the flight.​ The trick is to find cheap flights that usually don’t advertise themselves.​ Here are five (5) smart tips for finding incognito cheap flights that you can use for your next journey.​

1.​ Rely on your destination’s local airports.​ Not all tickets point to the big international hub of a city — instead, fly in and out of local airports that are often cheaper and yet offer the same convenience.​

2.​ Don’t forget about alternate routes.​ If you’re going from New York City to Rome, for example, consider checking out cheap flight options to Amsterdam or Oslo and then booking cheap connections from those cities to Rome, rather than flying directly from New York.​

3.​ Check hidden flight options on booking sites.​ The good news is, there are actually some places to hide these cheaper options — booking sites like Kayak, Skyscanner, and FlightConnections all have secret boxes that let you hide the more expensive flights and only look at the cheaper ones.​

4.​ Don’t be afraid mix and match.​ Just because you’re flying with British Airways doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match flights with other airlines who are cheaper.​ So if you can’t afford the entire flight with British Airways, see if you can mix and match with another airline.​

5.​ Subscribe to budget airline newsletters.​ Although subscription fees may eat away at the occasional discounts, or special promotions, budget airline newsletters are chock full of other ways to save money.​ Traveling with a combination of budget airlines could help you with a multi-destination trip.​

Read Reviews

The best way to start off your quest for a cheap flight is to read reviews.​ Start with reviews from your own country, the one where you live, and then expand your reach to other countries.​ Reading reviews helps to identify what the ‘normal’ cost of a flight should be and identify outliers.​

Check reputable websites like Skytrax, Aviation Safety Regulations (ASR), and SeatGuru to read reviews on airline safety records, customer service, and bookings.​ After all, a safe and enjoyable flight is the priority.​

When you find an airline that looks good, examine the flight’s website and its policies on luggage, cancellations, and seating.​ Read reviews carefully.​ This should take precedence over finding the cheapest tickets available.​

Don’t be afraid to go further and read comments and content in travel forums.​ Just make sure the comments are recent and reviews are from real customers.​ This may be time consuming but it will help you to avoid unexpected surprises.​

Finally, check additional ratings websites (like AirlineQuality.​com) to get a complete picture.​

Cheap Flights
These reviews can include ratings for the aircrafts, in-flight services, check-in processes, etc.​

Be Flexible

If the reviews check out, and you’re comfortable with the airport and flight service, it’s time to book.​ The next step is to make sure you’re flexible about your dates.​ Heading out to your destination during off-peak times is an obvious way to benefit from lower fares.​

But if your dates are already planned, what else can you do? To find cheap flights, you may need to look at alternative airports nearby.​ An example of this is flying into Dublin, Ireland instead of London, England for a cheaper fare, or flying into an outer borough instead of Manhattan.​

Traveling during the week tends to be cheaper than weekends, while cheaper fares are often found early morning or late at night.​ Airlines like to keep seats full, so airlines often lower their prices as the date of a flight approaches to fill up remaining seats.​

Finally, consider alternate dates.​ So if Friday and Saturday nights are too expensive, try Thursday and Sunday nights, or simply shift your flight times forward or back a couple days.​ It won’t make the big difference, but every penny counts.​

Book Directly & Utilize Rewards

Unless you’re using a travel agent, booking your flights directly with the airline is the best way to ensure a good price.​ Avoid third-party sites and reach out directly to the airline so that you know every detail of the flight is accurate and true.​

When going through with airline bookings, don’t forget to use the rewards programs.​ Airline loyalty programs are always rewarding their loyal customers.​ If you manage to accumulate enough points, you can easily cash them in for vouchers, miles, exclusive tickets, or seat upgrades.​

These rewards may even help you save money when attempting to mix and match discounts with alternative routes.​ Loyalty programs also offer frequently discounts on their newsletters.​ For example, airlines like American Airlines are offering limited time deals that may help you save even more.​

Also, there are loyalty programs for travelers who don’t want to be tied down to any particular program.​ You can use apps like Longest Way Home to collect points and miles across multiple loyalty programs (with tracking and reminders) to help you maximize rewards.​

Yes, loyalty programs indeed allow us to rack up rewards and benefits from various frequent flyer programs, and can help take the sting out of the cost of credit cards.​

Search for Deals & Negotiate

Now it’s time to dig out real deals and minimize what you’ll pay for a flight.​ Start by setting price alarms on websites like Skyscanner, so you know exactly when a ticket has dropped in price.​ That way you can be the first one to jump on the opportunity and benefit from the bargain prices.​

Also, social media can be extremely helpful when searching for deals.​ Sometimes, airlines will offer discounts that can only be seen through their social media platforms.​ Check their Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and other social media outlets daily.​

Finally, make sure to be flexible and aggressive about finding cheap flights.​ Negotiate on the price with a travel agent or airline, and you might just be able to snag yourself a real bargain.​ Look for ways you can maximize the savings and be creative.​

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for finding cheap flights?

Some tips for finding cheap flights are to look into flying to local airports instead of major hubs, consider alternate routes, check hidden flight options on booking sites, mix and match flights with different countries, and subscribe to budget airline newsletters.​

Are there ways to save money on airfare?

Yes, there are ways to save money on airfare.​ Make sure you’re flexible about your dates, look into alternate airports, shift your flight time, and book directly with the airline.​ You can also utilize loyalty programs and rewards to maximize savings.​