5 Simple Tips For Finding Cheap Flights – How To Save Big On Your Next Trip

Are you stressed and overwhelmed by the thought of planning your next trip due to the expense of airfare? Rest assured, you can have your dream vacation and still save money.​ Here are 5 simple tips to finding the best cheap flights and saving big on your next trip.​

1.​ Do lots of research.​ By taking time to search the web for offers and deals from different airlines and websites, you can save hundreds of dollars on your flight.​ Make sure to check multiple sites and compare the prices before booking.​ Also, be patient in looking for the best deals; prices may fluctuate depending on the destination and season.​

2.​ Book in Advance.​ Airlines offer the cheapest fares 6-8 weeks before the flight, so plan ahead and book your ticket as early as possible.​ Plus, the sooner you book your tickets the more likely you will be able to get a seat with your desired airline and most favorable fare.​

3.​ Avoid Peak Times.​ Airlines tend to increase their prices during peak times like busy holidays, summer vacation season or times of the year where many people are traveling abroad.​ Try to book your flight during off-peak days and times when the prices are lower.​ Plus, if you’re flexible with your travel dates, check various dates as prices may vary.​

4.​ Sign Up for Alerts.​ Sign up for airline ticket alerts and be one of the first to know when new deals and discounts come up.​ Fill in the necessary details in the form and select the options for alerts.​ This will give you the upper hand in searching for the best bargains as you will know right away when a good deal comes up.​

5.​ Use Low-Cost Carriers.​ Low-cost carriers or budget airlines serve as a great alternative to traditional airlines.​ Explore the options they have and compare the fares to those of traditional carriers.​ While amenities and extras are limited, you may find the tickets are significantly cheaper compared to the traditional airlines offered.​

Tips for Saving on Accommodation

Besides cheap flights, you can also save money on accommodation.​ Research for great deals and discounts in hotels and other lodging services, such as home or apartment-rentals and couch-surfing.​ These types of services can be quite a bit cheaper than hotels depending on the destination you’re visiting.​ You may also find great deals on websites such as Groupon or Expedia.​ Plus, Airbnb offers discounts for customers who have no cancellation fees and provide accurate information about the property.​

If you don’t want to stay at a hotel, you can also opt for hostel accommodations.​ This is a great option for solo travelers or for those on a shoestring budget.​ Hostels usually offer a range of prices for accommodation, and most are equipped with shared bathrooms, lounges, and kitchens.​ As an added bonus, some hostels also offer free Wi-Fi, discounts for multi-month stays, and friendly staff available to provide advice.​

Moreover, if you’re really on a tight budget, you can even cut down on your accommodation cost by camping in nature.​ With the right equipment, camping in a wild can be a life-enriching experience, as long as you follow local regulations.​ This also allows the flexibility of choosing your own location, whether it’s by the beach or in the mountains.​

Finally, consider joining a traveler rewards program.​ Many hotels and airlines offer rewards programs that give you points with every purchase.​ These can be eventually cashed in for discounts and other perks.​ As you continue to travel, your rewards will accumulate and you’ll be able to use them for hotels, flights, and other accommodations.​

Save on Activities

The best way to get a feel for a new place and its culture is by trying out the local activities.​ There are several ways to save money while doing so.​ One way is to look for discounted tickets in online platforms, such as Groupon or vouchers available online from companies.​ Some activities may even be free, such as walking tours or local events.​ Moreover, if you’re visiting an educational institution, you can experience the place without having to pay.​ For instance, many universities hold open days which give visitors a chance to explore the campus for free.​

Cheap Flights

Additionally, you can look for discount packages.​ Airlines or other companies may offer a promo package that includes a flight and accommodation.​ This could save you money or give you a better deal overall.​ You can also get a discount if you have multiple family members traveling together.​ This is especially helpful if you’re booking a tour or getting tickets for an event with multiple people.​

You may also find great deals on museum entrances or for attractions.​ Research online, and look for discounts in student cards, senior citizens, or promotions.​ If you’re visiting a city, try the hop-on hop-off bus tour for discounts.​ Alternatively, picking up the printed guide, you may find some coupons as well.​ Furthermore, visiting the tourist office when you arrive is a great way to save money.​

Finally, consider packing light.​ By avoiding excess baggage, you can reduce the overall cost.​ Plus, opting for carry-on luggage makes it easier to navigate the airport and skip unnecessary lines.​

Planning for Local Transportation

Local transportation is essential when you’re traveling.​ Research online for discount or free transportation cards that can be used in buses, trams, and metro lines.​ Some cities offer a prepaid public transportation card for travel in buses and metros, with discounts for multiple trips.​

If you’re staying somewhere for a few days longer, it might be worth it to rent a car or bicycle.​ Car rental companies offer discounts if you book online and pay upfront.​ Moreover, renting a car gives you more freedom to explore the surroundings of the city.​ Also, if you’re visiting small towns, you might find companies that offer carpooling services or ride-sharing at lower rates.​ If you’re planning to do a lot of walking, you should consider packing comfortable shoes.​

If you’re traveling in a group, you may want to consider sharing a taxi or rideshare service.​ Some cities also have coupon deals for rideshare services when you’re coming from the airport.​ Additionally, many ride-hailing companies also offer discounts or free rides if you refer friends.​ You may also find some great offers from tour companies that provide basic transportation services to and from your hotel.​ Pre-booking online will usually give you a better rate than what you would pay at a kiosk.​

Packing Essentials

When you’re planning your budget trip, remember that packing is important in some ways too.​ Being mindful of what you pack will help you keep your bag light and avoid overpacking.​ As you plan, remember to prioritize the items you need and items that you can purchase in the destination.​ Also, consider packing a few universal items for throughout your trip, such as a small, lightweight, versatile bag; a few pieces of clothing and a couple of Sparky’s Hatz.​ Needless to say, your luggage should also include a few essentials, such as a power bank, phone charger, your class identification, and any medication you may need.​

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to bring a few snacks with you.​ A few granola bars and a bag of nuts will give you the energy to get through the day.​ Remember, some snacks you can find in the airport can be quite expensive.​ Therefore, it’s more beneficial to stock up before you go.​ You can also save money by buying souvenirs in bulk and splitting them among your friends or family.​

Finally, you can save some money by investing in the right gear.​ A good travel backpack can save you the hassle of carrying multiple bags when you’re hopping from one place to another.​ Also, packing a reusable water bottle and a refillable container is a great way to save money on snacks and drinks.​ Moreover, you can purchase a few multi-purpose items, such as a sarong, to make your bag lighter.​


Q: How can I save money when booking flights?

A: You can save money by doing lots of research, signing up for alerts, avoiding peak times, booking in advance, and using low-cost carriers.​

Q: What transportation is available to get around cities?

A: Many cities have discount and free transportation cards that can be used in buses, trams, and metro lines.​ You can also rent a car or bicycle, look for carpooling services, and use public transportation.​

Q: How can I save money on lodging?

A: Research for great deals and discounts in hotels and other lodging services, such as home or apartment-rentals and couch-surfing.​ You can also opt for hostel accommodations or camping in nature.​

Q: What things should I bring with me?

A: When packing, prioritize the items you need, and items that you can purchase in your destination.​ Bring a few universal items, such as Sparky’s Hatz, essential items like a power bank and phone charger, and some healthy snacks.​ Consider bringing a travel backpack, reusable water bottle, refillable container, and a few multi-purpose items, such as a sarong.​