5 Proven Strategies For Scoring Cheap Flights For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a magical time that celebrates the blessings of good food, family, and friends.​ Unfortunately, the holidays can often bring overwhelming travel costs and leaving many of us wondering how to score cheap flights.​ Don’t despair.​ We’re here to help.​ Here are five proven strategies to help you secure cheap tickets to get to where you need to go for Thanksgiving.​

1.​ Investigate All Flight Companies

Take the time to explore all the options.​ Different airlines, even ones within the same alliance, may have different pricing for the same route, and you’ll never know unless you hunt down each airline’s deals.​ Sites like Skyscanner help you search multiple airlines to find the right ticket for you.​ Keep an eye out for hidden costs like booking or luggage fees too.​

2.​ Book Early

Booking early can make all the difference.​ Airfare prices tend to gradually increase as you get closer to the date, so start looking as soon as you can.​ But, don’t book too early either – some airlines release tickets 11 months in advance, but prices are much higher.​ Most airlines release tickets about four months in advance, so try to find a balance that’s best for your budget.​

3.​ Be Flexible About Flight Times

Try to be open-minded about when you travel.​ Airlines will often raise prices for direct flights during peak travel times, like the morning or early in the evening.​ Consider a red-eye flight or one with connections.​ Even better, search for flights “anytime” to compare the prices of different days and times.​

4.​ Look for Sales

Subscribe to the emails of your favorite airlines and keep your eye out for big discount days.​ Airline loyalty programs also offer great rewards if you fly often enough.​ Also, research the popular airlines in your area and sign up to their newsletters and social media channels to get exclusive updates of upcoming sales.​


Cheap Flights
Trick the System

There are many tricks you can use to your advantage and get a better deal on your tickets.​ Clear your cookies, search incognito mode, or obtain a foreign IP address and compare prices from different parts of the world.​ Another tip is to use private browsing mode and search for the same airline you found on another website.​ You may be surprised with how different websites come up with different prices.​

Enter Island Hopping

Maybe you don’t want to visit the same place twice over Thanksgiving.​ Island hopping in the West can be incredibly rewarding while still saving you money.​ For those fliers more comfortable with international traveling, there are lots of cheap airlines that can take you to multiple countries in a single hop.​ Take advantage of budget airlines like Suriname Airways, or visit multiple Caribbean territories at once with Caribbean Airlines.​

Experience Local Cuisine

Don’t skimp on the turkey when you travel.​ To get a true taste of Thanksgiving, consider traveling to the indigenous communities that make up a large chunk of US States like Arizona, New Mexico, and California.​ Experience firsthand how these communities serve traditional dishes like Apache Sheep Bread, Navajo Tacos, and Churro Sweet Soup Bread.​ The experience is much more valuable than the cost of travel.​

Visit The National Parks

You don’t have to break the bank to get a truly memorable Thanksgiving.​ In the US, there are scores of national parks that offer breathtaking vistas and wildlife adventures.​ These are often cheaper than other parts of the country and make for a great, inexpensive adventure.​ Take a drive through Monument Valley Utah to experience one of the most iconic settings in cinema.​

Visit Small Towns

Americans who want to be home for Thanksgiving don’t have to travel far; cozy towns across the US offer a perfect atmosphere just for that.​ Try heading East to the rolling hills of Pennsylvania or North to the crisp mountain valleys of Wisconsin.​ Spending Thanksgiving in a small town can be a real treat, and many come paired with towering Christmas trees for the holidays.​

See The Sights

Why not make the journey part of the destination? Whether you’re traveling out of the country or still in the US, hopping in the car to explore the sights (or flying to somewhere closer) can make for a truly memorable experience.​ Drive down the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur, Yosemite National Park, and Death Valley.​ Or, take a scenic train to the landscapes of the American West.​

FAQ section

Q1: What are some of the best strategies for finding a cheaper flight?

Investigating all flight companies, booking early, being flexible about flight times, looking for sales, and attempting to trick the system are all great strategies to help you get a good bargain on a flight.​

Q2: Where can I find cheap flights?

You can find cheap flights by browsing different airlines, booking early, choosing unconventional flight times, looking out for sales and taking advantage of loyalty programs.​ You can also check sites like Skyscanner or search for flights “anytime” to compare the prices of different days and times.​ Finally, you can trick the system by searching in incognito mode or obtain a foreign IP address.​

Q3: What are some things I can do for Thanksgiving to make it memorable?

You can visit national parks, island hop, explore local cuisine, visit small towns, or plan a road trip to take in the sights.​ All of these activities can make for a truly memorable Thanksgiving experience without breaking the bank.​