5 Pro Tips For Finding The Best Cheap Flights To Suit Your Budget

Want to find the best cheap flights to suit your budget? You’re in the right place.​ Here are 5 pro tips to help you travel like a pro and find the best hot deals on flights that won’t break the bank.​

When it comes to finding cheap flights, flexibility is key.​ Consider including nearby airports in your search, as well as an open-ended destination, which can often result in greatly-reduced prices.​ Also, you may want to look at the cheapest days to fly — generally, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the best bets for lower rates.​

Be sure to get to know the different airfare search engines.​ With so many tools out there to choose from, you’ll want to research which ones offer the best deals and serve your needs.​ Some will offer rewards points, while others have options for flexible dates and low-fare calendars.​

Take advantage of hidden city tickets.​ This travel technique involves taking a flight to a certain destination, then leaving the flight at the second layover destination instead of at the final destination.​ It can produce great savings, but it’s best to use this approach sparingly.​

Check out price alert subscriptions.​ Google Flights and many other flight search sites offer notifications when prices change.​ You can also use sites like SkyScanner and Yapta to book flights and set price alerts.​

Be vigilant about finding promo codes and discounts.​ There are lots of resources out there tailored to finding the best budget-friendly flights.​ From student discounts to airline and combination discounts, the right promo code can often provide further savings off already low prices.​

Weigh in with the right luggage

It may sound counterintuitive, but consider packing light when you’re hunting for low-price tickets.​ Overweight baggage fees can quickly add up and increase the cost of your flight, so aim for simple, lightweight luggage that can easily be stowed away.​ Backpacks are great and the fewer pieces you can bring along, the better.​

Make sure to look into the different carry-on restrictions, too.​ Every airline is different in terms of what size and quantity counts as one carry-on item.​ You may want to aim for the middle of the road when putting together your carry-on bag to avoid being handed a hefty fee at the gate

Consider investing in a travel rewards credit card.​ With the right card in your wallet, you could be eligible for great bonuses like free airfare and discounted flights.​ Be sure to read through the fine print before applying, as some cards come with restrictions, annual fees or high interest rates.​

A travel card can also help you rack up rewards points for future trips, too — so if you plan on traveling often, you may want to look into cards that rack up rewards on spend.​ It’s all about weighing your options and finding the credit card that offers the best rewards for your needs.​

Seek special deals

Be sure to follow airlines and destinations on social media for special deals and announcements.​

This is a great way to stay on top of flight rates and even snag cheap flights if your timing is right.​ Smaller or regional airlines may also offer lower rates for certain routes, so it pays to do your homework and seek out cheaper carriers.​

Try and avoid booking at peak times.​ Many airlines still use dynamic pricing systems to increase prices around the most popular travel times — like the holiday season, weekends, etc.​ So, if you’re able to travel outside of peak times, or even off-season, you’re likely to get a great deal.​

Alternatively, last-minute deals are often available for travelers willing to book with short notice.​ It won’t always work out this way, but you may just be able to bag a bargain if you’re prepared to plan your trip within a few days (or even within the same day).​

Finally, signing up for email lists can be a great way to get special deals and discounts sent straight to your inbox.​ Make sure to pick airlines and destinations that provide great value for your travel needs to ensure you get the best deals for your budget.​

Planning ahead pays off

Sometimes (but not always) planning ahead can be the difference between a pricey ticket and a great deal.​ Booking flights early can often mean a major discount, but be aware that many airlines now offer their lowest fare rates only when seats are first opened, which could be six to nine months in advance.​

So don’t wait until the last minute to start searching.​ Mark your calendar accordingly so you know when it’s time to make inquiries and lock in the best rates.​ In fact, some sites now offer fare predictions to help you guesstimate the best time to buy.​

Another advantage of booking early is that your seat selection will be guaranteed.​ Airlines like to release their cheapest tickets first, and those deals are almost always pre-assigned seats — so it pays to get in early and choose the seat that fits your travel needs.​

For more information, it’s a good idea to connect with fellow travelers online.​ Join forums and Facebook groups and start asking questions.​ Locals may be able to provide great advice on where to get the best deals and which airline is best suited to your travel needs.​

Partner programs

If you frequently fly the same airline, you may want to look into their loyalty program and partner programs.​ Many airlines reward passengers with points and discounts each time they fly with them.​ And partner programs offer additional ways to redeem points — think hotels, car rentals or experiences.​

These programs can be a great way to save money and enjoy VIP treatment on your travels.​ Perks can range from priority check-in lines and special discounts to exclusive lounge access or even upgrades.​

You can also look into loyalty programs for hotels and car rentals, where you can collect points to redeem at optimum times for rewards and discounts.​

Top Tips

When you’re searching for the best cheap flight deals, there’s a slew of creative solutions out there.​Slice your costs without sacrificing the experience of your journey by: being flexible with departure/arrival times; researching the right airfare search engines for your needs; taking advantage of hidden city flights; using price alert subscriptions; and seeking out promo codes and discounts.​

Don’t forget the luggage factor.​ Pack light for cheap flights and look into the allowances and restrictions for carry-ons.​ And if you fly often, it can pay to get a travel rewards credit card to rack up bonus points towards future trips.​

Finally, plan ahead and make sure to follow airlines and destinations on social media for great deals, as well as seek out special deals on regional airlines.​ Sign up for email newsletters and use forums and Facebook groups to get insider tips on finding the best flights for your budget.​


  • Q: What are the best airfare search engines?
  • A: There are a lot of different airfare search engines out there, and it pays to do your research to find which one best suits your needs.​ Popular ones include Google Flights, Expedia, Kayak, Skyscanner, and Yapta.​
  • Q: Is using hidden city tickets a good way to save money?
  • A: Hidden city tickets are a great way to save money, but it’s best to use this approach sparingly.​ Be mindful that this isn’t legal according to certain airlines.​
  • Q: What is the best way to get bonus points for future trips?
  • A: Investing in a travel rewards credit card can be a great way to rack up bonus points for future trips.​ Read through the fine print before applying, as some cards come with restrictions or fees.​