5 Insider Tips On How To Book Cheap Flights In The Philippines!

Travelling to the Philippines is becoming increasingly popular and one of the best ways to make it even more enjoyable and cost-effective is to book cheap flights.​ Finding an affordable plane ticket can help save you money on many aspects of travel: accommodation, meals, entertainment, and more.​ Here are 5 insider tips for booking the cheapest deals on flights to the Philippines.​

1.​ Compare Prices to Find the Best Deals

Comparing prices of flights from different airlines is a great way to get the best possible deals.​ Online booking sites like Skyscanner are the best way to start your search, as they give you up-to-date information on different prices and airfares.​ You can also sign up for email alerts to be notified when there are good deals available.​ Don’t underestimate the power of price comparisons!

2.​ Book Early

Booking your flights early is one of the best ways to secure yourself cheap flights.​ Most airlines offer discounts for pre-booking tickets, so buying a ticket several weeks or even months ahead of time can help you save significantly.​ It’s also worth noting that certain days can offer cheaper fares than others, so it’s best to plan for travel on weekdays instead of weekends.​ If you want to secure the best discounts, look out for early-bird deals.​

3.​ Be Flexible with Your Dates and Times

Being flexible with your date and time of travel can seriously help you to save on your airfare.​ Instead of having a set date of travel, look for flights around this time for the best deals.​ This way, you can compare prices to be sure that you’re getting the best bargain.​ More flexibility means more opportunities to search for cheaper flights.​

4.​ Check Different Airports

Did you know that different airports could offer cheaper flights? By checking some of the smaller airports in the area, you could be able to find flights at more affordable prices.​ It’s also good to keep an eye out for promotional fares offered at local airports.​ From time to time, some airlines can offer special discounts for flights from these airports.​

5.​ Be a Smart Traveller

It always pays to be a smart and savvy traveller.​

Cheap Flights
Making sure you’re informed about the different promotions and discounts offered by airlines can help you book cheaper flights.​ You can look out for special offers on the airlines’ websites, or even sign up for their email newsletters so you can be kept in the know.​ Be sure to check social media too, as this is often a great place to find deals and discounts.​

Consider Different Airlines

When you’re looking to find cheaper flights to the Philippines, it’s worth considering other airlines that might not be the biggest names.​ While major airlines might have a good reputation, they can also be more expensive than other, lesser-known airlines.​ So, before booking a ticket, take some time to compare different flights and airlines to find the best deal.​

Plan for Layovers

Booking a layover flight rather than a direct one is a great way to save money while travelling to the Philippines.​ A layover flight stops at one or more places along the way, and this can help reduce the overall cost of the flight.​ It can be an especially good option for travelling long-distances, as it can break up the journey and provide an opportunity to explore different locations.​ When booking a layover flight, make sure to check the extra fees and taxes that may be included.​

Look for Promotional Deals

When you’re looking to save money on flights to the Philippines, it pays to keep an eye out for promotional deals.​ This could include discounted airfares, bonus miles, or even free tickets.​ You can find out more about these offers on the airlines’ websites or on travel booking sites.​ Don’t miss out on all of the great discounts that are available for flights in the Philippines!

Plan for Overnight Flights

Planning your trip to the Philippines around an overnight flight can be a great way to save money on flights.​ Overnight flights are typically cheaper than their daytime counterparts, and can help reduce the overall cost of your ticket.​ For a comfortable flight experience, make sure to book a seat with extra legroom, and bring along some sleeping essentials so you can get some rest on the plane.​

Bring Snacks Onboard

Although they don’t always offer the best value for money, bringing snacks onboard can help you save money in the long run.​ Many airlines charge high prices for onboard refreshments, which can quickly add up.​ Instead, you can save by packing your own food and snacks.​ This way, you won’t be tempted by expensive inflight snacks.​ Packing some snacks for your journey is a smart and savvy way to save money on flights.​


What are the best days for booking flights to the Philippines?

The best days for booking flights to the Philippines are typically weekdays.​ Prices for weekend flights are usually higher than for weekdays, so it’s worth planning your travel around these days if you want to get the best deal.​

Are there any websites that offer discounts on flights to the Philippines?

Yes! Online booking sites like Skyscanner often offer special discounts on flights to the Philippines.​ It’s also worth keeping an eye out for promotional deals offered by the airlines directly.​

How can I find out about promotions and discounts?

Most airlines have email newsletters that are great for keeping up with the latest promotions and discounts.​ You can also check the airlines’ websites and social media pages for deals.​ This way, you can be the first to know about any special offers or discounted fares.​