“5 Proven Tips on How to Find & Book the Cheapest Flight Possible!

Have you been struggling to find the lowest flight fares ever since the pandemic hit? Travelling, though incredibly enjoyable, can also be stressful.​ Not only this, but there’s nothing worse than realising you’ve spent hundreds more on your flights than it was necessary.​ That’s why, over the years, smart travelers have come up with surefire ways to book the cheapest flight possible.​ Here are five tips to unlock amazing deals without the added hassle.​

The first step whenever you’re searching for the best airfare deals is to be flexible.​ Start by eliminating flight times that aren’t necessary and keep your dates somewhat open.​ You could be surprised by how much cheap you can save if you’re willing to be flexible when it comes to your destination and the times you’ll be taking off and arriving.​

Not only should you keep your dates flexible, but you should also search different airports in the same geography.​ That way, you’ll be able to recognise the airport that makes the lowest fare available to you.​ Doing that means you can be more informed and make the best decision possible.​

Be creative with your searches, too.​ If you input your real search dates, avoid searching with the Airline names.​ Type in the most generic information as possible.​ The more precisely you fill in the required fields with information related to your flight, the thinner your promotions list.​

If it’s possible, it’s always better to try and buy a return flight because it’s cheaper than buying two one-way tickets.​ Even if you’re completely hesitant about a return date, it’s still more cost-effective to lock it in until you know exactly when you want to come back.​ Doing that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars.​

Lastly, connect with the airline itself; almost every airline has a separate channel of sales.​ You can take the opportunity to sometimes double-check the regular portals you are checking.​ It turns out that their own channels are often offering better prices than the regular ones.​ So, don’t forget to actively look for their offers too!

Benefit from Subscription Deals

Subscription deals from the airlines help many travelers save big time.​ Signing up for notifications from different companies can guarantee great deals and promotional offers right into your mailbox.​ Many exceptions can even come with perks like special offers or discounts for members.​

But no matter how attractive the deals might seem, you might not always notice them.​ This is because look carefully: the ‘notification label’ may be Generic, instead of the actual Airline name.​ That uses your curiosity and motivates you to open the email and see what’s inside.​

What’s more, when you get into the email, don’t forget to navigate through the terms and conditions.​ It’s very important to have the full picture before taking action.​ Make sure you’re aware of all the requirements that need to be met to take full advantage of the discounts.​ This is crucial, don’t forget!

It’s also helpful to be aware of the ‘last-minute flight deals’.​ Not everyone likes taking the risk of waiting until the last moment to buy a ticket, but this approach can actually pay off.​ Many times, Airlines can be desperate to get passengers on board, so they might put out attractive deals just a few days before the departure.​

Lastly, look into getting a credit card associated with the air carrier.​ These can sometimes come with some additional perks.​ For example, you might have access to exclusive offers and bonuses.​ What’s more, keep in mind that the points you get with the card will save you money on the next reservations.​

Choose the Right Time to Buy

Have you ever heard of the ‘perfect timing’? We often hear about this when it comes to making purchases or investments, and the same applies to booking flights.​

Cheapest Flight
Knowing the right time to make your purchase can be important for getting the best savings out there.​

Booking your flight on Tuesdays and Wednesdays can be very advantageous.​ Studies fear that these days are the cheapest for flights, usually with price drops of up to 17%.​ However, this mostly depends on the destinations.​

It’s also important not to wait too long with your purchase.​ Research indicates that the best time to buy tickets for domestic flights is 20 days before departure, and for international flights, it’s 60 days.​ Get your bookings in after that and you’ll pay a lot more.​

Something else you should be extra careful of is the holiday season.​ Try to avoid travelling around Christmastime; your tickets might be a lot pricier if you’re making a reservation in November or December.​

Make sure to avoid special events, too.​ No matter which part of the world you’re heading to, you’ll want to keep your eye out for concerts, festivals, and such that can take place in your destination – chances are they’ll drive the prices up.​

One quick tip: most airlines come out with updates and news in the afternoons.​ It’s a great idea to revisit your search just after 3 pm.​ Sometimes prices may be stirred up with new offers released by the airlines then.​

Use The Right Search Engine

Using the right search engine can be just as important as using the correct timing and being flexible with your dates.​ This is important because you might find a great offer on one portal, while the same offer might be available as double in another.​

Try using the metasearch engines because they can compare all the other search engines out there without bias.​ This helps you to make the ideal choice of booking that suits your needs the best.​ Typical search engines are known to be biased – they want to sell you something, after all.​

Keep in mind that during the pandemic, many hidden costs such as for baggage, security, and such, can arise during the booking process.​ Make sure to be aware of such charges if you need to make changes to your initial plan or arrange additional services.​

Be aware of the applications and plugins you can use to make a more informed decision.​ Often, they come with great tools and features such as automated alerts for the best airfares.​ You can even have them handle the entire booking process like a pro.​

Something else to keep in mind is to always pay with credit cards; they are far more secure.​ Additionally, check if your airline has a loyalty program.​ It may turn out that the points you implemented in the card can help you get incredible discounts on flights.​

Find the Best Airfare Deals

You’re probably already familiar with coupons, but using them during your booking process can be a great way to unlock amazing airfare deals.​ Often, these work when you are booking for specific destinations, airlines, and seat class.​

You already know that flight prices can all the time, and sometimes you can use coupons to make sure that you’ll get the best fare when the time comes to buy your ticket.​ These kind of coupons are used when you want to hold the price of your ticket until the time is right to purchase.​

Besides discounts on your ticket, you could potentially even find offers on your luggage fee or in-flight meals.​ Remember to be proactive with your searches and take the time to look for those coupons.​ You might be surprised by the savings you can unlock.​

Try to plan ahead with the coupons in mind, too.​ Many of those ticket discounts have restrictions and are not available within a certain time frame.​ Research shows that many coupon holders fail to redeem their ticket within the time frame allocated to them.​

Finally, being aware of the flash sales can help you take advantage of some amazing offers.​ This type of sale often involves very limited time frames so make sure to stay attuned to the most updated offers out there – you don’t want to miss out!


What’s the best day to book flights?

It’s been proven that Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to have the lowest airfare costs.​ Research, however, does indicate that the specific day of booking often doesn’t apply to international flights.​ What’s more, make sure to avoid booking tickets around the holiday season.​

How can I save money on flights?

Be flexible with your dates – avoid booking excessively specific times and destinations that are not completely necessary.​ Also, look into subscription deals, the right time to buy and use the right search engines to ensure that you’ll get the best value for money.​

What’s the best time to buy tickets?

For domestic flights, it’s at least two weeks before the departure, and for international flights it’s 60 days.​ Doing this can guarantee the lowest fares possible.​ Also, consider the ‘last-minute deals’ which often involve promotions to attract more passengers.​